Philips HP4829

- Type: Hairdryer

- Power: 2000 W

- Additional modes: cold air supply

- The number of modes: 2


Nov 12, 2013 by

has a foldable handle, compact (takes up little space), small and lightweight, suitable for gift, attractive price, convenient to travel

the opinion is

A friend asked for a birthday present a Hairdryer, but it had to be easy and convenient. Not an easy task. The range is huge, and I have only a thousand rubles.Went shopping for a long time closely and chose. As a result I found this Hairdryer. Specifications I was completely satisfied. Moreover, that high power at a low price, he also has multiple speeds and temperature modes, which is very convenient when drying your hair, in case of emergency. The TV is not hard - it is a very important advantage, especially for those who have long hair! That is, you don't have to take breaks to rest. The cord is medium length and it is enough for a decent distance, I do focus on this, as I have in the bathroom outlet and not have to turn in the hallway. The TV size is not large and has a foldable handle that makes it even more compact. Thus, it does not take much space. In addition, it is very convenient for people who constantly travel or are traveling. In addition, included is a special bag-cosmetic bag (see photo) that immediately noticed the happy owner of the gift. So the positive emotions you provided. Specific defects are not yet found. Term use for less than a year, so in order not to anticipate events put 4.

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