Philips HP8251

- Type: Hairdryer

- Power: 2300 W

- Additional modes: supply cold air ionization

- The number of modes: 6


Aug 11, 2015 by

quite powerful, ionization, simple and easy to use

not noticed

So, it took a hair dryer to dry long hair. I bought a phillips 8251. From pluses: pleasant Golden color of the Hairdryer, very lightweight ( compared to the same phillips salon dry pro 2300) , worse dry (about 15 minutes on hair below the shoulder blades), a handy button with ionizatsii ( not really electrified hair), is a function of drying with cold air, several nozzles and a round brush for styling included. Of the minuses: not noticed. The only but - cut my hair and it turned out that not very convenient for drying short hair in such a dryer, preferably a hair-brush. But this is my own fault.

Sep 1, 2013 by

there are different modes, ionization, very powerful, simple and easy to use

very noisy

Very long time choosing a Hairdryer. I bought the model Philips SalonDry Pro HP 8251/00 after reading the positive reviews online. In the end, I can say that Yes the model is good, although any miracles from him is not worth waiting for. Conventional dryer.Small defects can only note the noise, especially at very high power too much noise.From pluses - it is very powerful (for home use more accurately. Some modes. Is a function of ionization, which is certainly a plus. Mode of cold air. It's not heavy, which makes the styling process is quite simple (I have four of a kind and complicated hair - thin, plus a bit of twine, so that the styling takes 40 minutes), hands are not tired. Long cord.Included as well was an added nozzle fan Assembly - it was never used because just don't understand how to use it (it doesn't spin), and a small circular comb (it, I, too, was not useful, as are professional).Overall happy with the purchase. For home use what you need.

Mar 19, 2012 by



+ long cord 2.5 m cap hub (smooth hair) ionizer-super luster beautiful design not peregrevaetsya LED indicator for ionization includes hairbrush round-a trifle, but nice)) the hair is not dry. - I would like more powerful, or turbo mode (to be honest, for some reason I thought he was there()I bought myself this miracle in the online store,for reviews. My last Hairdryer a little child knocked on the floor... had to buy a new one.He was with me not professional power 1700. I thought that 2300 is finally off the hook.It turned out,the output FR is the same...dries slowly.For this price you something better to take.

Apr 19, 2011 by

Just a super Hairdryer.Very powerful,hair suchit very quickly.Due to ionization the hair is not elektrizujutsja.Comfortable.It is quiet for a hair dryer.An essential app for every day.Has multiple speeds for convenience.Also hair has a cold air stream.For experimentarian s hairstyles there is a tip difuzor,but more suitable for korotkie hair,long somoe hard to cheat on difuzor.Well, a very beautiful and nice color.

Apr 18, 2011 by

So in fact:- excellent quality - very comfortable - my hair through the day and this does not affect the health of the hair, although with the old Hairdryer, this problem is present.- in my opinion, is very quiet, does not heat up during operation - due to ionization I forgot what electrified volosiv General, I am very pleased. This is the best Hairdryer that I've had. I think it's the perfect balance of price and quality.

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