Philips HR 1377

- Chopper: is, volume of 1.5 l


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This device use for 3 years. Last year, as a baby puree cooked foods almost every day. Use a blender 5-14 times a week. Blender combines 3 devices: blendercoders kombinerer Advantages: 3 in 1, is less than a kitchen kombinere pen (white eventually stain from beets and carrots, and wash the main part is not)allows you to quickly grate and slice a large number produktoprovoda shreds vegetables, fruits and even masos him to quickly make soup pureology to make harvesting (apricot, berries) Disadvantages: do Not wash the lid from the bowl, just wipe with a damp cloth (I and all my friends who have this blender, my at your own risk. because after the meat, shred the fruit, just wiping with a cloth is unsanitary. So far no one has broken. Application. Such a device to appeal to those who often cooks in large quantities. For example, will help to cook the soup (chop onions, rubbing carrots and beets, cut the cabbage into strips). To be honest the quality of cut is inferior to the manual, but when cooking large volumes, you can safely ignore it. The secret of preserving berries without heat treatment. A Cup of berries to grind into a puree in a blender, add one Cup of granulated sugar, stir until complete dissolution of sand, boil for banks, polietileno cover to hold it in boiling water for 5-8 seconds. Pour puree on the banks. Store in the refrigerator. Such blanks can be stored in the refrigerator for 4-6 months. My mom uses when cooking Lecho, cut them pepper. For sauerkraut, cut the cabbage into strips, rubs carrot. Important!!! Do not cut the entire volume of the workpiece at once, let the blender cool down for 30-50 minutes. I love cooking milkshake with ice cream and banana.. Recipe: ripe banana 1-2 PCs (150-170 gr. pulp), milk 250 ml., morojenoe 80 gr., if you love any sweeter not sour syrup 1-2 teaspoons (can be without it). Banana ice cream with blender to bring to a puree, add milk and syrup, mix in a blender. A cocktail for 2 servings. So the blender rubs the vegetables and cheese. So blender cut onions. Some of the dishes I made using blender Phillips. Spring salad with yogurt. Fruit dessert with whipped cream. It is true that for whipping, prefer the mixer (it is more powerful)

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