Philips NT9110

- Wet cleaning: there

- Number of nozzles: 2


Aug 31, 2015 by

you can take on trips, not high price, easy, quick and painless

Some men face the problem of unwanted hair in nose, ears. Some people use scissors for this, some does not do. But there is a good apparatus called a trimmer that quickly and painlessly will help you to forget about these problems.This trimmer, the Philips model I chose as a gift (since I knew this thing needed for that person). You might think what a shame such a gift to receive, but if You are a native speaker, he will say Thank you.Gift never dust falls, is used in their destination. I'm glad I was able to find the right gift.Can be washed under water. Ordered through the online store Comfy.

Mar 19, 2014 by

you can take on trips, not high price, easy, quick and painless

Totally agree with all the reviews. An excellent machine. Wanted to buy , but to trust to the sellers in shops don't dare, so I climbed into the web in searches of some information. Poorly there with her, with this information... I had to trust my own eyes and analytical abilities, which led me to the trimmer Philips NT 9110. Too at first had some fear to get hurt. But all went well.Small. Comfortable in the hand. Pleasant to the touch. Without wire. Quiet. To clean. And most importantly, the pain from tweezing excess hair is in the past!!!

Jan 5, 2014 by

convenient, fast, painless

We always suffer when choosing gifts included Internet enter into a search engine and look, but the trim you just don't *pop*. And a gift always want to give that he needed and preferably inexpensive. Trimmer Philips NT 9110 is a great gift for your husband, the right thing for every man. Works trimmer painless, performs its functions flawlessly, quickly,is not afraid of water + brand reliable!Very handy thing, he tried everything, gave my wife's birthday. Like a trifle, but a very useful thing,before pincetto all pulled out, painful and long.Soon February 23 women great gift, no doubt your men will be pleased to receive it.Thank you all, I will be glad if feedback will be helpful.

Dec 23, 2013 by

Good day, dear!I want to tell about one's intimate tool, called trimmer (Philips) designed for cutting hair in nose and ears. Intimate, because men quite not comfortable talking about it out loud.... open. And for women there are special priborchiki.View from below on the carpet Experience in the use of the same device available. About a year used the trimmer the other type (jokingly named me centrifugal) and it was terrible. Scared of its buzz and scary, maybe, like every woman before using the epilator. Snatching 50% of the hairs from the nose quite painful, but, damn, I am a MAN. By the way, to pull out the hairs he started after six months of use. But this is now.So, and probably would have continued if not for a lovely wife. Decided to buy a new one. As usual in our family, my wife picked it out, but for me the most difficult to buy. Just kidding, of course, the complexity of the selection and always on top of her.So let's begin.Trimmer (Philips) made according to the principle of clippers for cutting hair in a barbershop. Two plates with teeth that move so that the teeth create the effect of the scissors and cut passing between the hairs. These tiny plates close sponge of soft plastic, which ensure the security of this m... procedure. And the outer edges of the teeth are rounded as possible. I don't know why, but the working part of the device is not heated as "centrifugal" position. In other words, the device is safe as possible.The view from the top Another important point is not enough, wet cleaning. At the time of the procedure or after the procedure, just put the working surface of the device under running water and, voila, the device is clean and ready for further use. No need dry cleaning, purge, brushes, etc. believe, is a huge advantage (brush, true, complete present, but it is not being used and sitting in the box).From the point of view of amenities are very well done bending head, which is the whole mechanism. Bending allows you to shave the hair from the back of the nose just as comfortable as all the rest. Thanks to all these fishechkami, the whole procedure takes 3-5 minutes. Perhaps, therefore, not heated.Side view I should add that the device is covered with a rubber layer, which gives, and, probably, neither of which is not attached, just drawback is certainly not considered.P.S. Forgot to warn: in the set there are also two attachments for eyebrows (3 mm and 5 mm), which use most likely will not (a unibrow is everything, a joke!)Look in the box (battery in the picture not included, she is already inside) And so to summarize, for those who don't like to read, or rather hurry to buy this device.Pros:bezopasnoye to clean.not nagrebetskaya causes voluminosa:not yet obnaruzhenie, this review will help you determine the difficult choice.Good luck and good mood.

May 27, 2012 by

you can take a trip, low price, convenient, fast, painless

Hairs in the nose, unfortunately, are growing not only men but also women. This little problem made me very strained. Before I pulled out the extra-sticking forceps, tears in the process was ensured . I planned to buy a trimmer for removal of hair in nose and ears. After reading the reviews, chose this model. Not a high price (650R.) also played a role. In General, I bought . The device works on AA batteries, it lasts for a long time, I'm over half have never changed. For the first time shove this terrible buzzing thing in the nose was scary as hell . However, no pain was observed! The trimmer does not pulls and cuts the hairs, working principle, probably, like an electric razor.Realizing that it won't hurt, broke and cut all in the nose at zero . Class, clean, tidy and in a matter of minutes! But then the next time you use accidentally pushed the trimmer to the skin and I it a little bit, not to hurt, just surprise and I am more scared. Since then, no hard exercising .Included are two attachments for eyebrows, but honestly did not use never, no need. To clean the device very easily with the brush provided in the kit, and rinsed under water.The results, I have held exactly two weeks, then the hairs grow back. But now that's not a problem, two minutes, and I'm the beauty in General, good stuff, recommend for sissies like me .

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