Philips QC5000

- Beard trim: no

- Number of nozzles: 1

- Number of length settings: 8


Jun 17, 2012 by

lightweight and compact, growing comb, even a beginner will master

mains operation

The machine picked up he borrowed from a friend to cut child. Since I'm not a professional in haircuts, and it says that requires no prior experience, I decided to test. Loved the adjustable nozzle length of the hair, particularly the length of 21 mm. used another clipper, so there is a maximum of 9 mm, a very short haircut. And then the optimal length. In General, the nozzle of the hair length is adjustable from 3mm to 21. The machine itself is cute, however not very much that works from the network, it would be more convenient to use with battery. Cord this confused, slightly restricts dvijenia, and the impressions are positive, I think to myself such to buy. Although it is possible to compare with other Philips machines.

Sep 8, 2011 by

lightweight and compact, growing comb, even a beginner will master, running on the network

Buying hair clippers hair, we were puzzled only when we have born son. Every month to the hairdresser to wear it is not very desirable. Decided I would do it yourself with a haircut, but at the same time learn. How to choose not know. So I bought the Philips QC 5000. All she is good, but there are machines with floating head. But, the more comfortable I realized in the process of cutting. But don't do so badly and this. Because we use it for cutting synulki. And we cut it regularly with 4-month old. I would not say that it is silent, its buzz is not very like our baby. It is easy to master even an Amateur. The main thing is not to fear. This machine comes complete with a comb and brush for ocici. I adapted to store plastic handbag. The blades in the Philips QC 5000 is self-sharpening and do not require lubrication. The crest of the rise is regulated very simply and conveniently. He has eight settings from 0 to 21 mm. long Cord. Husband I did not cut it I'm afraid!, but to correct a haircut in a week or two or three after visiting a hair salon is I can.

Dec 5, 2010 by

lightweight and compact, growing comb, even a beginner will master, running on the network

I'm not a hairdresser, but to cut men's haircuts have learned with the help of machines by Philips. First, of course not very good, but now that I have the hang of it, I can not get enough of their acquisition. The machine is so convenient and easy to use that the last time my husband contrived and cuts himself, I only help okantovany to do. Very light, comfortable, not to say that quiet, but my one year old son is not afraid of the cars, when I first decided to cut his hair at zero. I was not afraid to give him to touch her, to hold in hands and even try on the tooth, because it is absolutely safe. The floating nozzle is convenient because feels all the bumps of the head and evenly cut out all parts. And, most importantly, financial savings on haircuts, let me lay out each month on hairdressing for two men a tidy sum and the money you can afford a child to buy fruit.

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