Philips QC5010

- Beard trim: no

- Wet cleaning: no

- Number of nozzles: 1

- Number of length settings: 8


Feb 29, 2016 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, a floating head, self sharpening blades, good blades

it is difficult to make a perfect edging

Good day to all visitor!It so happened that I cut all their relatives, friends and acquaintances at home.From that moment on (about 10 years) in my hands visited a lot of clippers.About it as to say nothing good can, constantly breaking down and repairing most of them could not be.It is the machine "Philips" has interested me with its compactness and weightlessness, so I opted for it. Set at the time of purchase was the standard:brush (not very convenient to use), adapter, manual-towel", warranty for three years, and actually own the machine. Main features:installation Type: telescopic nachikinsky: comb (3-21 mm)Installation length haircuts: 3; 6; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21 maksimalnoe value hair length: 21 mm, type of control: adjusting crestomatia blades: stainless stulpicani: sotsyalniy nedoponimanie features: self-sharpening of noisomeness: ultralight constructively: do not require skaskiw manual typewriter for a hairstyle of hair proved excellent! It works very quiet and ergonomic, vibration is almost no and you do not get tired in the process of cutting.Hair cuts any length and stiffness. A very convenient feature of the machine - it does not require lubrication and sharpen knives.The knives are still sharp and cut evenly.Also liked the bit is one, and the provisions for cutting hair, you can put seven, depending on the desired long (3 mm - 21 mm). Cleaning of the machine after cutting is very convenient to hold, the knives and the nozzle is removable, so removal of hair from hard to reach crevices without causing problems. Head of fragile plastic, so I strongly recommend to store it in a safe place where it won't break.Otherwise, the trimmer without a functional nozzle can be thrown out.It will fit only to cut "under zero" or to do "edging". About "edging" it is necessary to tell separately.No matter how you try and correct the haircut well do not work.Shaved hairs not perfect, 1 mm still remains and the area of the border have additionally prorabotat.************************************************************************************************************************************Vyvod: Excellent machine for home use, good cuts and not zazhevyvaet hair, it can help to create a good haircut.For systematic use in the salons and Barber shops for it as the motor can not cope with the regular load, but for home use machine Philips QC 5010" fit could not be better.Thank you all for your attention !♥Have a good mood and inspiring purchases !!!

Feb 13, 2016 by

Greetings to all!My husband is of medium thickness hair,moderately hard.Hairdressers in most cases, sheared under a certain head,neither a model hairstyles by type "poluboks", etc. are not practiced!All very quick and simple - within a month,the two went updated cut!At home the Council have decided to purchase the clippers, with the aim to save on the hairdresser and allow to perform the same "fraud" themselves at home!It was 2007, we went to the hardware store! Reviews we of the hour is not read,came in and bought Philips model QC5010 120 UAH.Guys, the car was very good, it's been 9 years and we still cut it.But,not without damage of course,more on that below...First time I was afraid to cut my husband,thinking will not work! Slowly but surely I drove through the man's head, collecting a hand to cut hair. But it was very simple, the machine cuts itself,you only need to send!Also there was a time when haircut, I accidentally scrolled handle, and lost the installed position of the nozzle, I immediately noticed and turned "penetration" with the smallest slice.Still looking at what side, up or down spin around handle...you cut from one and a half years,the child was not afraid of her ,but I was used to. Because of his young age began to be cut under the cartoons from persuasion!Over the past two years, our head has lost one tooth, and after broke in two places.Unfortunately we could not find it separately in the sale, so I had to fix, my husband glued the nozzle in which the gas mixture))Now observe extreme care and due to the missing tooth will pass so to speak more carefully... Note advantages: the Big plus of this model is of course a floating head! Nozzle when the cut follows the curves of the skull and cuts good hair.The machine is ready to cut, just need to dissipate the knob to set the appropriate level from 3 to 21 mm and the nozzle will take a specific position. After a long time operation of the blade is not dull absolutely.- With the help of this machine, you can achieve the perfect haircut! To use it is a pleasure! There are no disadvantages,but there may be a significant disadvantage - can break the nozzle if the nozzle does not come up, then the machine will simply not functional!The nozzle is valuable, the average fragility of the product in this machine!Other models do not consider until our car is still alive will get a haircut before the victory...

Nov 2, 2015 by

All newbie, Hello! I want to tell you about the excellent clipper hair Philips HQ 8505. As a gift, I bought her husband on February 23 in 2012. Hair after the haircut, he quickly grow, run every month in hairdressing he was tired. Haircut at home is much easier, faster and of course cheaper. The machine, sold in a box, included charger, brush, manual and certificate. HQ 8505 rechargeable, very convenient 8 hours before the clippers loaded and I can work with. A charge to keep for a long time, and from the cord.Hairdressing education I have, the first time it was scary to cut (already got the hang of it, it turns quickly and accurately).The machine cuts great, not pulls hair, glides smoothly, does not leave separately unshorn hair. Even if you have no one to cut you can do it yourself.The machine has one removable (plastic) comb and 11 locking length settings on both sides.Nozzle adjustable finger up and down to the desired length (from 0.5 mm to 21mm). The blades are self-sharpening stainless steel, of a width of 41 mm. Convenient form, well placed in the hand, non-slip, easy. Cut husband's monthly and she still regularly serves us.After work, easily cleaned with a brush, you just need to remove the nozzle and open top cars.Shaver Philips HQ 8505, a great purchase for yourself or as a gift. Those wishing to purchase suggest!

Oct 8, 2014 by

Hello! Recently I had to work machine Philips QC 5010. The machine is about 10 years. Rarely used. What I can do about it note:the First thing I noted - the Philips machine is very easy. In comparison with my Moser generally weightless.Very ergonomic, does not cause discomfort.Very quiet.Almost does not vibrate.Hair cuts Conveniently, the nozzle is only one, length is adjustable knob on the body of the machine.You can make very tolerable trim. For home haircuts, naturally.The cable is a bit short. Add 50 centimeters, at least - would be ideal.Don't know how many revolutions the motor produces, but it seems that they are few. When cutting thick dense hair the machine "chokes". Leaves entence (not much, but still).Philips writes that the blades are self-sharpening. Nonsense. But for occasional use, you will die faster motor than the blunt blade. It also says the machine does not need oiling, but I would still highly recommend doing it at least occasionally. Will not be worse. Conclusion and summary recommendations: Its value (1100r) fulfills. No more and no less. For rare cuts (1-2 times per month) - you can safely take.When buying always check the machine. In addition to external integrity, you need to turn on the machine to the network and listen. If you hear extraneous sounds or floating speed - delay machine aside and try another instance. Of course, in some Eldorado to try the machine on the hair and nobody will give you, but after listening to it before buying you can fully protect yourself from possible hemorrhoids from returning-examination.

May 26, 2014 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, a floating head

First of all, the machine has attracted the attention of a relatively small price, nice design and compactness (the absence of a large number of nozzles).This clipper hair bought for infrequent home use to cut my grandfather and sometimes my friends ' kids (as happened later).Advantages:the machine is the plastic body. Good shape, comfortable in the hand, not heavy.Head of hair with limiter variable length allows you to save time and nerves without changing nozzles, and only switching the length of the hair on the handle.Floating head greatly simplifies the process.Powerful. Running on the network. For me rather an advantage, because it comes with a socket. The long cable allows you to crawl from either side.Easy to clean. The standard brush.Disadvantages:the biggest disadvantage is that if the hair soft, he quickly hammered the nozzle and constantly have to remove and clean it in the process of cutting.With rather infrequent use of a little dull.In General, the purpose of the machine performs. Constantly remove and uytrecht remnants of hair I have used. I would like the set to see some case for cars, but then so have kept in a box. So for this price machine recommend.

Mar 17, 2014 by

weight, quality and reliability, floating head, self sharpening blades, good blades

(no deficiencies)

Me and the little men in my family often had to visit the Barber to align themselves in proper order. This, of course, took a lot of funds considering that males are four people, and visited the Barber at least 2 times a month. Wife decided to give us the clipper Philips QC 5010, so we can cut themselves. The machine is simple in operation and is effective against hair which length to 21mm. Blades to sharpen themselves automatically when cutting. The device is powered from the mains electricity. There is a flexible styling comb. Head slides smoothly in the process of cutting, repeating the shape of a human head. Using the device Philips QC 5010 for two years. Each of the men in my family already got used to the machine and cut each other's hair, although the device allows for independent and haircut. The black color of the device. The device is not expensive, but regardless of the duties performed efficiently. Haircut Philips QC 5010 produces evenly and efficiently. The basis of the device for cutting is cutting the hinge block. The device does not cause pain or discomfort. And the process of shearing lasts no more than 10 minutes. Thanks to the Philips QC 5010 we stopped to visit a professional hairdresser. Advise other men to do the same. It can advise all men of this website.

Feb 2, 2013 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, self-sharpening blades

How many disturbances and unflattering statements about the hairdressers I've heard when dad or husband came home. They do a trip to the salon is a victory over them. And then there's the "buy" them with the "three hairs"))) In General, they did not want to walk over there, stood in a pose, as they say. On the same day went and bought the machine for cutting hair. Who should trim them? - of course I do. Clipper Philips QC 5010 - I liked how "personal parikmaheru" my two favorite men. Lightweight, easy to use, no pile of these replacement tips - the lyuchshe its quality, in my opinion. Switch length haircuts on the handle. Blades sharpened and grease is not necessary. I got used to it very quickly. And now cut under poluboks not is absolutely no problem antenac also leaves. The power of networking , I believe the pole, because the machine with built-in batree would be harder. Three years use, everything is fine. My men are satisfied that it is not necessary to go anywhere, the salon "at home", as they say, all the requirements to the haircut they are always taken into account and the Barber with them nice and helpful!

Jan 11, 2013 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, a floating head, self sharpening blades, good blades

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I'm not a hairdresser,But my boys stritch learned. A very good machine.Is now in its fourth year, is very convenient,compact no uncomfortable removable nozzles, it will handle even a beginner. Well, form a wide plus that a haircut can home at any time, as well as cost savings.A haircut costs 200 RUB. the car I bought somewhere around 2000rub, for three years it was worth it. Now cut father-in-law, brother, friends money of course I can't take, but a warm thank you and the chocolate is always pleasing, overall satisfied. And my husband still shaves when she arrives from a trip.In General I am happy with the machine. all super!

Jan 11, 2013 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, a floating head

This car I bought for cutting husband. Very tired of his beloved machine with interchangeable nozzles from the category of "cheap and cheerful". I considered many options, and all, of course, I had to try: how comfortable to hold in hand. And I got offered it, I immediately realized that it's my machine. It was easy and convenient. I chose her, and not lost. Machine running on a network, so that for home use it is quite good. Loved the adjustable nozzle from 3 to 21 mm, so for longer cuts machine will not work. Husband I cut from 6 to 12 because it suits me.To cut it is very convenient. Silicone head glides well and follows the shape of the head, even if you are not a professional, 2-3 use of, grooming you'll have a great. Use it more than 1.5 years and I love it in all respects, easy to cut and easy to clean (with a special brush included in the set). Put the machine a solid 5, it really deserves. Recommend for men's haircuts at home.photo 1 - car;photo of 2,3 - cap;4 - brush;photo 5 - select the length of the haircut.

Aug 8, 2012 by

weight, quality and reliability, one nozzle, a floating head, good blades

not found.

In my family, three men. All cut your hair short. I used to buy some clippers with interchangeable tips, but they constantly broke. Then I decided to look for something more expensive, professional so to speak, peered Philips QC 5010. Neat device, soft and comfortable in the hand, the head one, are governed by only centimeters, the wire is long, even too as the battery, I do not accept personally, they sit always at the crucial moment, the quality of cars is excellent, although I did not expect for several years ( more than 5 that's for sure), our family saves on hairdressing, I only go there. Men cut herself at home and they are very happy. The machine smoothly and quickly glides through the hair without jerking, and without causing any pain and discomfort I have one head takes about 10 minutes. Suggest this machine to all all all. Especially true in the summer, cut your boys before you travel on the sea, so that the head would dry faster. the price is about 1000 rubles.

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