Philips QC5125

- Beard trim: no

- Wet cleaning: no

- Number of nozzles: 1

- Number of length settings: 11


Dec 2, 2015 by

reasonable price, high quality, comfortable

This clipper hair was bought in the shop of home appliances "national company" in R. 1690 (for such "inventions" - a penny). Went to the store prepared - pre-read reviews about certain models. Country of manufacturer: China, developed in the Netherlands. Use, the machine is long paid for itself.The manufacturer says:the Haircut was prosetin comb for all levels ы11 of length settings: from 3 to 21 mm and 0.5 without grabsteine only seregka castilianization blade from stalia it's on now. Haircut has become really easier, I had a bad experience with a previous car (don't remember which brand), we simply gave up.One comb! Finally! How tired of all these nozzles, a constant problem is how they fold to take up less space? Then all of them cleaned. Comes to mind thought: "maybe half throw?" But here is convenience: one comb + 11 length settings!By the way power supply is a huge plus! It was not you that to in the middle of the haircut sit down the battery (although you had to charge it)? To get a haircut in the woods we're not going. Now everywhere there are outlets.The blades are "sharp". My husband has thick hair (past the machine just "refused" to cut), and this, after a year of use - remained sharp as the first time! Blades do not require sharpening, and the mechanism - grease!The first time I picked up and couldn't believe it. Light as a feather. Haircut if trained takes 15 minutes! Since last I suffered (literally) about an hour!If something happens to her I am very upset... and I'm going to buy the same! Anyone who saves the family budget who are tired of the cons listed above who just loves to get a haircut at home suggest this model!By the way, my husband at work think he is getting his hair cut at the barbershop.But if you have long hair, here is the review of hair-brush Rowentaы about another Rowenta hair dryer

Jan 9, 2015 by

Of course the machine was bought for cutting hair spouse and therefore I write a review based on his experiences well, and mine,as his personal Barber.)The machine was bought a long time ago,three years ago, and initially her work was not any claims.Sheared properly,it is very convenient to choose the desired size for cutting(from 3 to 21mm.).Power only from the network,the weight of the machine 400 grams.Housing plastic,material of blades is stainless steel.Conveniently clip behind the ears,the machine is quite comfortable in the hand.Recently I began to write a lot of "antenat" when cutting,have to take multiple times.Can dull(???).For home use is quite suitable,did not break once!

Jun 26, 2014 by

A lot of cars I had, not the blade, but keeps longer than others, the whole family does, and I have 2 sons myself I should cut, so it is very convenient, the wife already checks after the haircut, is it normal for my hair. It is not necessary to lubricate, long blunts (some self-sharpening blades), so a lot of advantages. Especially like that it is not necessary to change the nozzle, almost unheard of work and budget for such characteristics. For families a very good thing, but to the professional it, of course, far away. Recommend, you can still buy 5115, she, too anything.

Apr 15, 2014 by

reasonable price, high quality, blade maintenance, low noise, convenient

We bought this machine about a year ago. The store had quite a large selection of clippers, but to spend a large sum of money it is not wanted, so I decided to choose this because of the small price (about 1000 RUB.) and fairly well-known and reliable manufacturer. Any novoroty in the machine no, everything is clear and simple. But in my opinion, for home use don't need anything more. Here what exactly are the benefits I found in the machine:Long snowdome sitting in rocodone to change doonelodge to clean (brush included)Good cuts, hairs will not ostavlyaite not noisy of the disadvantages could be the lack of power from the battery, but to me personally this is not never useful (there's always a socket to hand. So can anyone recommend this machine! The ideal ratio price-quality

Feb 28, 2014 by

always at hand, comb with level from 3 to 21 mm available price, blade maintenance, low noise, convenient

I love all of it

This clipper hair I was persuaded to buy husband. In my family two men, not counting the brother and the father, son and 2.8 G. I disagreed, said I can not, have to learn it to get a haircut, it's not just so, and took the vows? My husband works in sales of household appliances and we have had the opportunity to buy it at the purchase price 600 rubles do not remember exactly, somewhere in may-June last year. As it is well versed in the art, it is suggested to use this model No. 5125 because :does Not require lubrication of the blades, which are made of Stalin, tearing hair on golovinskaja service, the kit contains a special brush. Cheap price for such Kachestvu the end, I agreed but with a condition: "If I'm a fool, I am not guilty!".In the box along with the instructions leaflet, it said clearly on how many units to put the comb in each area of the head. I have carefully studied and started to work...I like!!! It turns out that everything is so easy and simple, not too much to cut off! Then began to cut son, then father, now joined by the brother.Happy Everything!!! I'm so happy, especially because so many time the machine is long paid for itself! **************************************************************************************************My reviews of small home appliances:Washing machine Ariston WMSF 6080B CIS Multimedia speaker system is Very Reliable VR HT-D904V-system Ballu BSG/IN-07HN1/ BSG/OUT-07HN1 cooker Indesit Indesit K 3G21 S (W axion 31 Philips GC 4420ы Ѕ6573ы Samsung phone touch Samsung Galaxy Fit (GT-S5670)the radio Signal RP-301

Jan 23, 2014 by

always at hand, comb with level from 3 to 21 mm, reasonable price, is the wireless analogue of qc 5115, quality, blade maintenance, low noise, convenient

power supply

If you're a man, you will understand me. Go to the hairdresser too lazy! So lazy that it is easier to get a haircut at home. And to get a haircut at home we only need the clipper for the hair and the rest of the Philips QC 5125 and its wireless sister Philips QC 5115. However, it is dangerous to fall asleep at a party, where there is such a device for hair removal because of its quiet operation will not leave you a chance to Wake up before you shave nalyso. Can virtually anyone! The machine is convenient, compact and not hidroviaria, but reliable.Cut yourself, friends, children from head to toe with pleasure! The barbershop in your pocket!Recommend!

Jan 22, 2014 by

always at hand, available price, high quality, blade maintenance, convenient

I love all of it

In our family 4 men - my husband and three sons to get a haircut every month,and it's really expensive,I tell you! And once,looking through the stock at my favorite online store,I stumbled upon this miracle of technology,the price was more than affordable-650 rubles(by the way,to cut four of my men a month to spend about 800 rubles). Besides, my husband planned an anniversary of Dating,and I decided to combine business with pleasure,the more reviews I read were all positive. 3 days later the gift was handed over and I finally tested themselves in the role of the male wizard))))). Machine just super! Very easy to cut even if I've never tried before. Nozzle is only one,kind of puny,but actually all the rules. The nozzle is easily adjusted depending on what length of hair is needed,which by the way is very convenient.Hair does not cling,glides on smoothly,evenly. Batteries are not provided,running on a network,but the cord is quite long,so it's not a problem. Who says that the cord constantly POPs out of the connector-you just need to stick it well and this is no problem. In General,very happy with the purchase. Husband got the hang of it,sometimes he even cuts himself. Savings are of course also considerable. Machine take six months,no complaints. Phillips taxis,all advise.

Oct 29, 2013 by

always at hand, comb with level from 3 to 21 mm, reasonable price, high quality, blade maintenance, convenient

I love all of it, the cord is often detachable with haircut

Yes,the machine is a godsend for home use and family,where some of the men.I have three of them.Although this one is a small-yet not clipped.But if you count all the cost of a haircut for a year,that machine has long since more than paid off.For me, the inconvenience only one-lenny them to me to cut,and yet not quite filled.Although the eldest son cut machine cool,I very much Agree that the cord falls out constantly.But we figured out how to keep him: depart 15 centimeters from the entrance of the cord into the plug and the 15 cm held together with a machine in the hand during shearing and then nothing any where not falls out.

Oct 29, 2013 by

always at hand, available price, high quality, blade maintenance, convenient

I love all of it

Machine decided to buy my husband, because he was tired of the permanent record for a haircut for a month, stand in queues and go nowhere. And so happy he brought me home, and handed over with the words: "Now you'll cut!". To say I was a bit shocked is to say nothing. My family all sestrichki and get haircuts at least a thread man, I've never seen. Break the entire Internet and not finding anything worthwhile, I decided to play a hunch. The comb is adjustable, so first I shot a total length of maximum height, and then the desires of your men and my ideas left somewhere more, somewhere less (at the temples for example). You need to keep raslablenno, moving only the brush from the bottom to the top. If there are some hairs you can take a comb and scissors. The ears and on the neck, you only need the blade to go, so everything was rovnenko to do this, remove the comb. That's all. Cord when working I have never climbs, just need to give him a good shove. There is a special brush, which you can then clean the machine. Building on a height, all very high quality. We have in this machine pay off in 3 campaign to parikmaherskiy, so the use of this machine is huge. If you have any questions, please contact us, my pleasure to answer!

Aug 24, 2013 by

always at hand, comb with level from 3 to 21 mm, reasonable price, the blades are easy to clean, comfortable

power supply

I bought this machine to give.Ordered in the online store.Seems to cost about 800 rubles.Before, I was hesitant to cut someone's hair.But,when my son was born I decided.My son has thick hair and are growing very quickly.My son was afraid to cut hair.More precisely,afraid of the buzzing machine.And I did not dare to drive to the Barber.Initially it was cut at home with scissors.Then bought a clipper hair Philips.But since we often go to the country,and to carry always with him a typewriter (Zelmer) is ,in General, we often forget.I decided to purchase another inexpensive machine for the garden.About clipper Philips QC 5125 lot of good reviews.And, after reading them, I decided to purchase this model.Now about the machine.Machine comfortable to use.It has adjustable nozzle.And hair length can be varied from 0.5 to 21 cm Without insert hair length of 0.5 cm to Turn on and off the machine conveniently.The design is beautiful.Included is a cleaning brush of a blade.If you put pressure on the blade,it opens and it can be cleaned.The only negative-the machine works only from a network.But,we do not interfere,as the long cable.The machine is not much noise.My child is already accustomed to the machine.Now I was a personal Barber for his son.I think this is a good budget option clippers hair.

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