Philips QT4019

- Beard trim: there

- Number of nozzles: 1

- Number of length settings: 9


Aug 30, 2015 by

capacious battery, excellent producer, very convenient, simple and convenient device

This machine is for cutting hair, I got as a gift on this Christmas eve. To the brand "Philips" I actually respect, but then found this mechanism a waste of money. Then, when talking with friends about the graying of hair that is growing is unclear how, and stick out in all directions, I knew it was time to try the car in. And now, more than half will not be happy with this Christmas gift. Battery with a decent capacity in a hand lies conveniently and easily. Independently (without the help of the household) can easily trim whiskey, behind the ears and forelock. The savings are very noticeable as once a month had to visit the wizard... the result of 5 minutes of his work had to pay 350 rubles. And most importantly, choose the time to do this trimming... Now any Saturday, after the bath, it is easy to put in order all your gray raznorechivye tufts!

Jan 4, 2013 by

I really don't like when my husband shaves smoothly (and with a razor, of course, nothing else: either "zero" or nothing). In my opinion, he is not talking! In fact, he agrees with me, so once hinted to me that by the next holiday would like to have a machine for trimming stubble, and I fulfilled his wish (especially since it coincided with mine).The choice fell on the brand of Philips, because we trust her, despite the rather high price.The model also had to choose not difficult - a large number of positive reviews did the trick!After receiving his gift and still not having dealt with him, the husband hurried into the bathroom with a miracle-priborchik (just one is already quite long bristles). What he showed me in a minute? Almost the same thing happened. Already podrastaet, but the faithful realized that the nozzle is then withdrawn! Tried without it and voila, easy and simple, we got what you wanted to! Perfectly smooth and neat bristles that I love so much!The typewriter is running on battery. Capacity we have not yet experienced. In the hand is very nice, works efficiently.And it can be used not only for evening stubble, but as a clippers! We, however, such experiments do not hold husband hair cut in a Barber shop. But to trim whiskey and "ears" he has had - now do not need to go to a salon!In General, gift the husband happy)))

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