Philips Xenium V526 LTE

- The amount of internal memory: 8 GB

- OS version: Android 5.1

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 73.4x145x10 mm

- The camera: 13 million pixels., led flash

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Jan 2, 2016 by

2 SIM cards, battery, large screen, ability to use a USB flash drive

little memory, hard to find case, to 13 MP

Phillips xenium until I had my 4th IPhone, and began a little to fail, besides I wanted the screen more, because often use the Internet. The phone has not chosen herself, it was a gift, but approved by me in advance. Cost with case and USB flash drive 16 GB was about 15000 RUB the Phone on 2 SIM cards (mini). Me 2-I don't really need, well time is, so let it be. The size of the cellphones is not small. But I quickly got used to it, the 4th IPhone seems so small. For what was purchased this model camera is 13 MP and the battery. Having a small child, you often need a quick picture, but because the camera is not a compact thing, helps phone. In this respect, Phillips was disappointed, the pictures are average. Well, the previous phone was shooting about as well, and there is 5 MP!!!! And again. My IPhone could take a picture of some writing. The Phillips I have not, does not focus. The video is also mediocre. But I am satisfied. It's still a phone. But battery Yes. 5000 mA/h. I have enough for 3 days. IPhone I had enough for 1 day! Well, someone who enjoys both of course, but I often crash the phone.To Android used quickly. Handy software Play store, all easily downloaded, it is not necessary to enter each time the password in the IPhone. Somehow everything is easier.Photos are sorted by albums. Too convenient. Not very much in contact the fact that that call is first necessary to highlight a contact, and then press "call" in small print. Why don't you do so immediately clicked on the missed contact, and the call went. Well this stuff. A couple of times where I was missing some contacts. But maybe I have not understood. Rebooted. It all came back.Great phone for those who like to "sit" on the Internet and who doesn't like to charge my phone every day..... It took about 2 months from the date of purchase. I really like the "back" button. What works, what doesn't work. Phone not dropped, not Midsummer. Basically, for me it's not so bad. The main thing the main button works. But it is unpleasant. The button works when it wants to. For a new phone is a huge minus. And all anything, but her husband met a friend who has the same model and same problem. From time to time, too buggy 2 knopki. It would be interesting to hear other opinions who have this phone.

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