Philips Xenium W8555

- The amount of internal memory: 16 GB

- OS version: Android 4.2

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 73x144x10.7 mm

- The camera: 13 million pixels., built-in flash

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Jan 26, 2014 by

beautiful, comfortable, functional, good camera

Hello!This phone I bought my husband as a gift for birthday))). Ordered 5. (he by the way, there is much eating,and adequate prices, and take your order conveniently!)Price 12, 985 RUB. so about the phone,features:Capacitive 5 " Full HD IPS screen,13MP camera with auto focus and flash, Quad-core 1.5 GH Android 4.2 OC.Up to 18 hours talktime up to 9 hours of surfing the Internet,support for two SIM cards, 16 GB of internal memory.Appearance:Externally, I personally like it, big, quite slim and stylish case. Disadvantages:- having Read the reviews about the quality of the flash, immediately decided to disable it, that would not risk it. Many write that either it breaks or even melts body!- Another disadvantage that, for example ehav behind the wheel, one hand can't answer the call, probably because of the wide screen. In principle, the phone is not bad, put a solid 4!All of successful purchases!

Jan 13, 2014 by

beautiful, comfortable, functional, good camera

very weak flash

Gave my son the native smartphone! Phillips. Big screen 5 inch capacitive (multi-touch) responds very much alive, Full HD resolution, powerful battery of 3300 mAh - the game (dovolno cool gorelka with high-quality graphics) has a total of a few hours and still holding!Comfortable classic housing with non-slip in hand covering a deep gray color.Impressed with the camera resolution of 13 megapixels has a picture of his beloved cat - so every strand of wool you can consider! That's just the flash is so eyes-just there, but functionally very weak, but it's still a phone, not a camera.Good memory - built-in 16384 MB, RAM 2 GB.Operating system - Android 4.2.In a full-fledged pocket personal computers - excellent replacement tablet. Surf the Internet, watch photos and videos, play, even work - anywhere conveniently. Only supports 3G (not 4). 2 SIM cards.Included earphones and 2 screen protectors on the screen thicker and thinner.And...about a miracle!!! He even is able to call!So my son excited about all his needs, this pocket personal computer-the smartphone is completely satisfied!I want to add - at the first use of fired flash - it seems too weak point is going to change!

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