Polaris FD-20V

- Internal coating tank: stainless steel.steel

- Heating element: tubular

- The volume of the tank: 20 l

- The type of water heater: cumulative

- The method of supplying water: pressure


Jan 31, 2013 by

high reliability, easy to use

for two years, not discovered!

Bought in the summer of 2010 in M-vidio for 5 thousand rubles for maintenance in the apartment at the time of shutdown of hot water.The water heats up to a temperature of +75C. There is a display that shows the temperature in the tank at the moment. When instrument is working on indicator – red light to the right. Write a review about Polaris FD-20v , even to give good advice. I once made a fool of himself and afraid to take on 30 liters, so as not to spoil the look of the bathroom. Do not repeat my mistake! Take 30 or more if allows the size of the bathroom – he doesn't look bulky, and the extra bucket of hot water during periods of shutdown of the centralized hot water is not excessive. During the work proved to be only the good side. Recommend!

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