Polaris PFH H 20A


Feb 7, 2016 by

!dear not bright, interesting quality

white body - glossy

Very good heater in winter Potapova house in 40 minutes to become warm easy to use and does not occupy much space is a function of the cold air so you can in the summer to use in place of conventional fan))) so buy and don't be afraid don't regret it for sure and the more the price is low other are three times and even four more but it was no use

Jul 10, 2012 by

We have to work in such conditions - in the winter cold, summer heat. we bought a cheap fan heater Polaris PFH H 20A . Blowing hot wind in winter (2 temperature). On the floor put legs warm always, not capricious, does not overheat. Summer has come - the air conditioning refused to work. Put the heater in front of him on the Desk - include the mode of the fan (without heating) - excellent! Blows cool air only! does not die. Turned out to be a lifesaver unexpectedly. And - weatherproof. Generally convinced that Polaris is a good brand, reliable and inexpensive.

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