Prestigio MultiPad Visconte Quad 3G PMP881TD

- Screen type: TFT IPS, glossy

- RAM: 1 GB

- Processor: Intel Atom Z3735G 1830 MHz

- Built-in memory: 16 GB

- The number of cores: 4

- The memory card slot: there are, microSDHC, up to 32 GB


Nov 2, 2015 by

+ connect to PC and phone, hdmi output, performance., annual subscription to o365 and 1tb in onedrive., protective film as a gift from the manufacturer., quality work with maps., ease of control., great build housing., connecting the keyboard and mouse., a convenient size., good performance., bright screen

heated when working., not enough internal memory., does not work well with mobile Internet. the camera is mediocre,both of them.

The choice of the tablet is quite hard work))) Especially when it is very big. Before buying my Sonya long I sucked on the tablet Prestigio brand. Never would have thought that I was attracted to OS Windows, but I liked the shutter sound that just just won!!!! Umyknuv another device, began to carry!)I'm still in awe of the screen!!! He's such a bright, juicy, savory live! Edible treat - mouth flow ))))In his hand is good. Not slipping, not easily soiled. Rounded at the edges,flipping it magazine - a pleasure!)Zveteremich -incredible,but the camera is mediocre. Upset makes no sense - it is easier to take pictures on the camera. Skype and viber work perfectly, no hangs, the front camera takes the picture too, the visibility is good.Surprised the stuffing! When you connect a mouse and keyboard, the tablet becomes a full-fledged computer. Of course, in the grass or L2 are not much to play - lag, but with documents to work - a pleasure! Presentation to do, videos to watch, even has a photoshop - all that being said, for the people. There is a HDMI output -often look through the tablet your favorite movies. Let's just say,it's almost a full computer in your hands!The Internet works perfectly! Especially with maps. Increases fine and does not hang. Exactly. But there is a fly in the ointment in the ointment - heats up quickly in the area of the inscription Prestigio. Under heavy load the charge lasts for half a day - maximum brightness + igrulki +music +movie + working with documents. Charged quickly, within two hours.About memory: its not enough, but it is easy to expand with the help of a stick. The only negative thing in him - doesn't see 3G. Regardless of the operator. But if there is a presence of broom is You will not confuse.After a short use can say that it is the dream of the humanist. Free the year using the office, access to no,installing dictionaries, and social networking - just a great set. A great device for a reasonable price!)

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