- Power supply: network

- Humidistat: there

- Type of humidifier: ultrasonic

- Power consumption: 130 W


Feb 24, 2016 by

automatic shut-off, automatic regulation of humidity up to 50 km away

And finally, my new acquisition is a humidifier Redmond RHF 3306, seemingly indispensable thing in the house where there are children... all in order. With this baby, I'm thinking about buying this unit, but then delayed the time, then the model could not determine that with the wallet... In the end held on to the heating season. With heating and had a lot of problems with dry skin, and the realization that a humidifier is necessary not only for the child but also all family members. So we became the happy owners of this device.In the configuration go to: the humidifier, the distribution nozzle, the nozzle-a tube with a terminal cap, operating manual and service book. The device model of elementary to collect will not be difficult. There is a mode for kids (mild humidification). Quote.Water is pre-heated to a temperature at which the majority contained bacteria die and do not fall in the resulting vapor. While warm steam prevents sharp temperature drops in the room, creating extra protection against colds.You can put this mode on the auto-hydration (maintaining a humidity of 55%) humidity level can be set manually. After a certain time of use, improved skin, breathe easier.Photo with the technical specifications of the device attached. The main criteria why we chose it - it's the the most coverage up to 50 m2, the tank volume 5 litres price (cost us 6,000 rubles), quickly brings the moisture level to the desired value, not noisy, modern design, easy touch control buttons. photo: And now the weaknesses - I could not turn off the backlight in automatic mode. We have bright nights, and even backlit... More when you take the water tank to fill it again, with him pouring the water a little bit. Well, basically, that's all))) Definitely recommend!

Jan 29, 2016 by

automatic shut-off, the possibility of automatic control humidity, built-in hygrometer, remote control up to 50 km meters, touch panel, bright light that can be turned off, no mode on steam

The choice of technique is difficult, and to approach it responsibly like any purchase, price is a few thousand.I read great amount of reviews, examining the range, I decided to buy a humidifier Redmond RHF 3306. Surprisingly, Irecommend, this model was not, my review will be first, and I hope that someone will extract for themselves from it, so I will try to paint more.Technical specifications model:Power 30 W (in the mode "Soft silky — 130 W)Voltage 220-240V, 50 Crushed water max. 400 ml/reservoir water 5 indicate work led displayprofile sensoroutput level installation humidity 40-75% (step 5%)of the area Serviced 50 2 off to 12 casemaster packing (D.-W.-V.) 330180415 weight (Packed) 3,6 dopolnitelnye features:- automatic. cut-off when lack of water automatic. and manual modes of moisture control - nozzle-tube for effective hydration night lights - hygienic certificate of conformity GN and Salpingopalatine:- humidifier - distribution nasadkina: Bought this model in the hypermarket OK, the cost at that time was 6 thousand rubles (in 2015), subject to seasonal discounts. Now he rose, his cost in the region of 8-10 thousand rubles.The model is sold in two colors - white and black, but white I'm selling are not met. Experience:- This is our second humidifier, the first was a traditional Stadler Form - did not like, so this time I decided to buy ultrasonic. Hovers very well, maybe this is done already in 3 modes, the weakest mode is obviously considered "soft" moisturizing, actually 19 foot room with two batteries, in the winter, this "softness" is absolutely useless. This mode is more suitable for spring\autumn when the batteries are working not at full strength. Therefore, I prefer to include 2 according to the intensity of spraying steam mode, I thought it was the most optimal given the square footage and the presence of 2 batteries. 3 modes of soaring - If a child is sick, then turn on full power, the room plunged into fog at rates of hygrometer 40. Actually we bought this unit just because of the baby, which is prone to false croup during the period of SARS, and so, with all the humidity standards prescribed by the doctors and the vaunted Dr. Komorowski that the humidifier didn't help us even once, so our hopes for a humidifier in the matter of facilitating the child's condition, alas, did not materialize.- The humidifier has a built-in hygrometer, but since built-in, usually shamelessly lie, since they are in the vicinity of the pair, then bought another additionally, a small meteorological station, which was placed in another corner of the room. Surprisingly, the built-in hygrometer was wrong only 2-3 points, but only in the case if you use with a pipe attachment that comes in the kit, without the pipe he was lying shamelessly.- A remote control, but we did not use, was unnecessarily.- Full tank, enough for the whole night and even the morning if the humidifier is working at the 2nd power mode. Pour quite comfortable, Unscrew the bottom cap with a wide mouth, but to flush the tank there is no way there wouldn't fit a hand, and brushed it will not wash out. On the side there is a window, you can see the water level. By the way, included is a small brush for cleaning hard to reach places and fine detail. The water tank on the right unscrewed the cap and brush for cleaning cracks - Touch control panel is very easy and intuitive, even a 5 year old child figured out very quickly. The buttons emit a quiet squeak, to remove which it is impossible, but it is not so loud that hardly anyone can Wake up. By the way, the panel is very sensitive, she can not even touch, and just move your finger to the button and it will work.- There is lighting at night, blue color, very bright, which if desired can be disabled. Sometimes left her burning as a nightlight.- Automatic shut off when lack of water is a great feature, we have several times the unit was turned off at night if forget to add water, or if it includes the humidifier at full power with the window cracked open.- In addition, you can automatically set the parameters of moisture, when the requisite numbers, it will be disabled, but this feature is not useful to us, moreover, absolutely useless. If you disconnect the humidifier, the humidity in the room quite quickly drops and it turns on again. About the RAID on the furniture, I can say the tap water will naturally leave the RAID, and even what I do a wet cleaning every day. Moreover, the humidifier is quickly covered with limescale in the kettle, to clean which is problematic. but if you use filtered water, then the plaque can be for some time to forget. No, it will not disappear completely, but it will significantly decrease which will significantly facilitate your life.- Runs quietly, barely audible as he rustles, sometimes gurgles like a cooler, but the sound is not loud. Eventually, when lime was a little more gurgle became more often.- The humidifier is equipped with a tube nozzle that sprays the steam evenly up. From the point of view of utility it is very convenient, and the load of moisture on the floor is also reduced (we have a parquet Board and her excessive moisture to anything), but from the point of view of aesthetics it is no good. The humidifier has a cute, modern design, but with this pipe it is similar to a boiler room County school of the last century.Pipe sprays steam up, but still it's not enough that the steam will settle on the floor, so had to put humidifier in baby footrest. The pipe can be removed completely to avoid an eyesore, but then the steam drops too low, settles on the unit and on the floor. By the way, Frank Luz, the device never left, was an easy moisture, if you remove the tube and stand, but no more. However, well this lightweight moisture that will remain on the floor after the daily/nightly inclusion, floors from wood/laminate floors will not benefit, swell. Therefore, I recommend all the same this is not a very nice attribute to use. By the way, on all promotional material and box-box humidifier without a pipe. However, to put this in the defect or to remove a star, still not worth it. General view of the pipe-nozzle. Summary: For a half-year of operation the humidifier will not disappoint. Steam pumps fast, quiet operation, water to fill nearly convenient, easy to use, has a backlight and automatic control of humidity level and a built-in hygrometer. Only now a fundamental difference that everyone is talking loudly in the reviews about humidifiers, I again didn't notice. "Again" because previous moisturizer was the same story. The feeling is almost the same, neither of which decrease skin dryness and mucosa of the nose or even some miracles, can not speak, I did not feel them. The only thing I noticed that floors have less squeak and the door ceased to crack, that's who humidifier benefited for sure.Drove the humidifier regularly, every night, saw that the humidity was at least 35, but alas. Moreover, I don't really understand how you can in the winter (on the advice of the right honourable Komarovsky and not only) have a well ventilated room, with cool air and a temperature of 18 degrees + humidified air? When the window opens in order to let the most fresh and cool air, the humidity drops sharply, the humidifier is working for nothing, same story with open interior doors, as designed, the unit of 50 square meters, and the apartment we will Pobol. So there have to choose, either fresh and cool, or stuffy, humid and musty, and it thus becomes the air at the closed window in the room where you sleep 3 people. If you crack a window on the smallest division on the comb, when the 2nd mode of evaporation, humidity above 35% does not rise, of course, it's better than 15-20 without the humidifier. To sleep with the Windows closed in the sweltering heat I can't, I always have a window slightly open in any weather, so if the weather is cold at night, you have to turn on the humidifier harder, on the 3rd, the strongest mode to achieve the humidity of 35-40%. By the way, at 40% humidity in the air consistently hangs fog, then it is time to think about, and not if it will start in the room the mold with this London beauty.Humidifier Redmond performs its function, in General, pleased with his work, I just laid on this purchase other hopes did not materialize, but it is not a reason to underestimate the product rating, especially because with the duties he copes.

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