Remington D5800

- Type: Hairdryer

- Power: 2100 W

- Additional modes: supply cold air ionization

- The number of modes: 6


Nov 28, 2012 by

automatic winding cord

I would like to share with everyone its a great purchase!I bought this hair dryer recently,but managed to understand that fell in love with him)) the jet of air powerful,rapidly dries my thick hair, but if at the end of styling to include cold blowing,the hair will gleam a few days)and a couple of advantages: it is compact and the cord is hiding right in the handle,so you can forget about winding the cord on the dryer after installation or kilometers cord, in any way which does not fit in the drawer.

Sep 20, 2012 by

automatic winding cord

Girls, this is a fucking Hairdryer, I love it enough that it dries normally, and wire in itself, sucks like a vacuum cleaner =))). In General I chose the Hairdryer as I saw this, I realized that only he, I hate to wind the wire and somewhere to hide them, and then all by itself. Afraid that because of this its functions it will be worse to dry than the previous, but nothing like this, it works perfectly, it has a three speed and two heat mode, the function of blowing cold air, concentrator. There is no diffuser, but for me this is not a problem. And still a lot of virtues such as ion conditioning and so on. So it dries your hair quickly and does not dry. And he's bright purple color =) sometimes it's nice to have something bright and use, though not to put on = ))))

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