Ritmix RF-2300 4Gb

- Video playback: no


Apr 2, 2013 by

compactness, reliability, price

to it when buying a charger is not included., no display

I was initially looking for a player that it was not a pity if something was to happen. I took a long walk for the "scoop" in search of a player in the region of 500 - 700 roubles) I Admit, I'm a cheapskate. And here I came across this player. Cost it , about 600 rubles. On display were such pink, blue, black players. Sold by the player in the box with the included headphones, which over the year is not broken. Also in the box is the adapter.Was not in the box charger. Player attached to clothing. Go with him for a year and it hasn't broken down even after I spilt tea)

Jan 31, 2013 by

design, compactness, price

no display, weak battery

Normal player for its low cost.I purchased it on the principle-"anything cheaper"in case of emergency,when refused a headphone Jack in the phone,but without music I can't).It is very simple,but I can't say that this is his fault.Memory-4Gb is enough,I think.Very light,almost weightless,has a clip for attaching to clothing(which is handy for sports),nice looking design.On sale are these same models in other colors,in taste and color.Included with the player are earbuds and USB cord for charging,and to connect with the computer.By the way,the player as a bonus is a collection of songs Noize MC))).Now the drawbacks.-Annoying blue led flashing all the time playing music,especially annoying is the flashing in a dark room,have to turn it or cover it with your finger.-Not the most convenient buttons of switching of tracks,constantly touches the pause button.-There is no random selection,the play is only in the same order.-The player is provided charge via USB cable from your computer,BUT this situation I'm left using s.. with USB connector(NOT included,was e-book,and borrow so much more convenient).By the way,holds a charge, the player is also mediocre.Low charge did not warn the stupid off.In short,this player-budget youth-adolescent version.

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