Rolsen MS1770ME

- The power of microwaves: 700 W

- Location: freestanding

- The internal volume: 17 l


Nov 28, 2015 by

Welcome!I want to write in their opinions about the microwave Rolsen MS1770ME, which we bought from her husband, living in a rented apartment. _____________To help you understand why we chose this microwave I want to specify what criteria we chose_______________________Price. Microwave should not have to be expensive. You know, for sure, why. All because now the dollar roads and therefore, even the cheapest microwave is not that cheap as before. But for newly created families and 4000 - the money is very solid.Good reviews. Before you buy a microwave, we shoveled a bunch of reviews, just making sure that it won't break in a couple of days, judging by the reviews, we decided to take it.The simplicity of the functionality. I firmly believe that the simpler something is, the less it fuss. And so it is more reliable _________Characteristics declared by the manufacturer and my comment to him__________power 700 W volume 17 l internal coating: enamel, color - Beynost enough to quickly heat up a small portion of food. If you heat the pans - it will be much longer.Volume 17 lostatochno to warm up 1-2 plates. For families with heated from and a microwave will be too small.Capacity microwave 700 Vtip management mechanicalslotmachinesna management is that to understand even a monkey. It's very simple and affordable. With this microwave you do not have to endlessly read the instructions, understand what went wrong.Display otsutstvovala doors nuckadamus the door and took the food. Any buttons that are periodically broken and jammed (in the cheap models, alas, is so often the case). The inner coating of the camera amalgamator turntable 255 mystery, wescot case whitesizes (WxHxD)44 x 25.8 x 10.4 34.1 we CHARANTIA 12 months.Site produce La www.rolsen.ru quite compact, not heavy.Color is universal.The guarantees will be enough to identify possible problems in the microwave. For the year, if there is some sort of malfunction, this malfunction can accurately shoot. Price: we bought it about 3500-4000 million. Usage time: almost 6 months. Where to buy: we purchased it through the website http://www.citilink.ru/ . Build: high quality plastic, reliable (more or less, sometimes better). Functions: heating and defrosting.Defrost I liked to compare me with, confess immediately. It seems to me that the normal defrost. Call: short, not too loud. Pleasant trifle. Design: _______________________My impressions:__________________________________Pussyhorse warm;Convenient time scale, the markup per minute;Compact;Easy to use;I like the design;Price;Simple, so nothing to break.Cons is not detected. Total: 5 stars. If you need a simple functional microwave - please note on this model. During the crisis its price will be justified.

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