Rowenta EP1025

- Number of speeds: 2

- Number of tweezers: 24

- The epilating head: floating, with the possibility of flushing


Jul 18, 2015 by

low price

pain is, leaves no irritation, bad epilinum

I bought the epilator for underarms and bikini zone (shallow). Tired of shaving, tired of stiff hairs. Thought the epilator is a panacea.I read good reviews about this model and models of Rowenta 1030. The balls were supposed to reduce the pain, but in reality shaving sensitive places very painful even if the skin is stretched.The hairs on my legs are thin and with them cope epilator virtually painless (or maloboleznennye) and silently.Hairs in the underarms, in principle, also removes, although to call his work perfect can't. Still remain thin hairs (and not 1-2, and more), not works.But with the bikini area trouble. Frankly unable to cope. Misses hairs through once in place pull the hair irritation. Tried on hair growth, and against, the result is the same. Ingrown hairs even after a scrub the next day and treatment with chlorhexidine after hair removal is very common. And that's not to mention the indescribable pain as in the Middle ages.So for legs and underarms, maybe. But the bikini area is better to epilate in a different way.One good thing: there is so much that is not sorry.

Mar 18, 2014 by

To begin with, that no one never listen with any purchase, which affect the individual human qualities, and even more when buying epilator. We are all different and we all have different sensitivity and type of skin, etc. a Lot of my friends just talked me out of buying the appliance, referring to the fact that it is a waste of money: buy one again I will try and use will not. But my innate tenacity and a great desire to experience what all the girls squeal from the pain took over and I convinced the wife to make me a present of the beast-the machine on March 8th (by the way, as it turned out, one of the most popular gifts for this day).Before purchasing, I read a bunch of reviews. I can say that almost every model of appliance of a particular brand were very negative and very positive feedback. In fact its contents, they were completely contradictory. Someone the pain of hair removal was comparable to childbirth (something really quite overdone with feelings), someone almost any time of year. Thinking his little gray matter, I decided that after all will acquire the appliance, only that he had massage rollers that somehow reduce pain.The store was quite long. There were two criteria: price and massage rollers))) the choice fell on the Rowenta EP 1025.My first impressions:- the kid (the size of it is well very tiny for a small women's hands);- easy switch speed, switch-on / off switch (located on the front panel, just under the thumb);- the presence of the massage rollers (just my shiz);- the set has a brush for cleaning of the hairs;- fairly long cord (including appliance into an extension cord that is on the floor, the length is enough standing to wax the area of the armpit and there is still stock).My first hair removal started with the feet. Of course not to say that it is a nice feeling, but to be honest, having heard and read a lot of them, I was expecting the worst. Massage rollers really help. After two or three performances in one place, sensitivity is markedly lost. The first time failed to remove all the hairs, hair removal took two days. The hair on his legs began to emerge in about 10 days.The bikini area. The most painful and unpleasant area. But the obvious result. Hair not as much as the legs, so the first time it is possible to remove all at once. The pain is bearable, remember to keep the skin taut epilinum area (this recommendation is in the instructions). The result is also easy to appreciate because deep bikini I shaved machine short hairs appeared the next day), and where was the razor for 10 days and yet only the beginnings of that are not even visible.Well, the last area of the armpit. After the bikini, we can say that almost no pain. A little discomfort, quite bearable. The skin is also good to pull and epilate at arm's length, in two directions. The result is the same.The efficiency of the appliance will increase each time, the hairs will be thinner and longer it will grow. Also gradually will decrease the sensitivity. The most important thing is not to fear pain and to be result-oriented.

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