Samsung C61R1CDMST

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- The panel material: glass ceramics

- Panel location: front

- Panel type: electric cooking plate


Sep 21, 2014 by

Stove used 2 years. During this time I had time to be disappointed in her and fall back in again. Cooking on it is very convenient, fast,circles designed for any dishes. The timer turns off the oven when necessary through either 90,if you forget about it. Loudly announce that this will be off, the control is intuitive,very convenient. You don't need special cookware,cools quickly enough ,under the plate I have the box it did not heat up. I have a model with a metal frame - it's a minus ,as there hammered and difficult to clean. In General, cleaning is very easy,just 3 to 5 minute soak with the tool,then wipe with a dry cloth. I'm happy with the purchase. However,if the escaped milk.... the smell will be terrible,and to wash and dry immediately - impossible.

Feb 25, 2013 by

the design is great, easy to clean

we started the repairs in a new apartment... everything went on as usual.... it's time to select glass-ceramic cooking panel. On view like Samsung(especially problems with this company never had) Then after a bunch of shopping(I was looking for somewhere cheaper worth it or action on it)bought it. Sperva I was very afraid for her cooking, thought will stain and will not scour. But I used to. By the way my husband was going as cook spaghetti, they had "escaped" and he's on the cannon doesn't fit it. To care for her is very simple, the main thing you need to buy a scraper and a special tool for cleaning.I bought a new set of dishes, a shame for such a cool panel on the old pans to cook.(((Another very important point not to buy the cooktop with aluminum bezel, because there will gather grease and dirt!!!By the way, it is very important to read reviews before buying because my friend cooktop(can't remember which company) in any does not want to be cleaned, tried everything, she's just terrified. The panel is also afraid of strikes.Nice cooking:)

Aug 22, 2010 by

the design is great

mark, requires special utensils, hard to clean

The ceramic glass panel we purchased three years ago. Before that, we had a plate Gefest with the usual electrocompaniet. And here we first encountered the surface of the glass ceramics. Looks very nice, especially on an empty plate. But in use need to be careful and cautious. If you are one of those Housewives who often "runs away" - you'd better not stray too far from the plate, because all that got on hot surface instantly hardens and then hard to clean. There are many cleaning products for ceramic, but to be honest, I was perfect until I found.Utensils for such plate need with a perfectly smooth bottom, that is, you must be available sets modern pots.And her constant need to wash, despite the dark color, every drop, unsuccessfully fallen - very noticeable.

May 28, 2010 by

the design is great


Recently acquired friends. Design, beauty - all at the highest level! Only small drawback - too easily soiled(visible even fingerprints), and electricity eats immensely(unlike gas).

May 27, 2010 by

the design is excellent, inexpensive, functionality

Started a repair in the kitchen, and, before ordering the furniture, it was necessary to define the embedded technology. Proceeded to the choice of electric ceramic glass cooktops, and right eyes are dazzled.A huge number of models, different manufacturers, the big run-up in prices.But, at first glance caught my eye ceramic glass cooking surface Samsung. Basically, of course its price, but it was lower the prices of models not even very popular brands.As we tried to obtain from the seller why such a low price, he replied nothing could. The Internet is also no reviews found. Just sell the surface Samsung and all. standard information - dimensions, functions (by the way, standard set, like from the best manufacturers - timer, the indicator residual heat, emergency shutdown, etc), and no reviews.Well, in one online store got a good girl, and said, take, will not regret, nobody complained, choose the one you like the design. All the same features and quality of glass from every manufacturer are virtually identical.Here we have chosen the surface of the Samsung C61R1CDMST due to the presence of expandable burners under a roaster and concentric heating zones for larger pots.Here already half a year operated until no comments.Cooking is a pleasure, and in the kitchen strelas great.

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