Samsung CTR432NB02

- All burners: 2

- Ceramic hobs: 2

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


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•● Hello! ●• Bought the hob in the online store in January 2014 7050 roubles Now it is much more expensive, 12489 RUB Video ssylochku bought modular and our standard-size oven just does not fit.The yield was found in the form of the hob modest size.Dimensions in inches :5 x 28.8 x 50.5 Panel easy to manage. Pleased child protection and accidental activation in the form of automatic Keylock . There is a timer, but to me it never came in handy.Touch buttons with sound, with good sensitivity (but only if the hands are dry and without gloves). Warmed up the surface in seconds.There is an indicator of residual tableindexother of RESIDUAL HEAT When turning off individual cooking zones or the cooktop the presence of residual heat is displayed the sign of H ("hot"). Even after switching off a cooking zone the residual heat indicator only turns off after it cools. Residual heat can be used for defrosting and warming foods On a photo it is visible that under the stove I have a functional box. The space "under" and "around" the panel is not heated. Runs from the outlet 220.To care for the ceramic glass on my special products for every budget.The biggest drawback for me is that it is not designed automatic shut-off empty cooking zones. More precisely, it is provided, but strangely for a long time:If one of the cooking zones is not switched off or the heat setting is not set for a long time that the cooking zone is automatically disabled. The cooking zones switch off automatically after the following time intervals: But, the cost is why.For a family of 3 adults and one child, it is missing 2 plates, even in the season of the workpieces. The function of the oven (and extra burners) does the slow Cooker and the oven are planning to buy. The tonometer should be in every home Curling iron Remington LG REFRIGERATOR My old refrigerator the Humidifier Joint purchase: now favorite shopping

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neat and stylish, heats up quickly, built-in, is protection from the kids, relatively inexpensive., saves space

not all cookware will fit, requires careful handling, requires constant care

Bought this electric cooktops ceramic glass panel instead of a simple stove with cast iron burners. Specifically chose the design "Domino" (two-burner) for a small family and the same dishes. Anyway all four burners have never been used and the working space increased.Here it is, a beauty (photo of the hob, the kitchen can be viewed here): Technical parameters:Type:Infrakrasnye of burners: HiLight of burners: 2 burners: Top: the Ring is 183 mm. Power: 1.8 kW ; bottom: Ring 148 mm Power: 1,2 cutsey extensions: Metanilpotent kW: 3 voltage : 230 V, 50 Gabarity:Dimensions, cm:5 x 28.8 x 50.5 minimalnye dimensions for installation (h x W x d) cm:27.2 x 48.9 Maximum dimensions for installation (h x W x d) cm:27.4 x 49.1 Weight, kg:4.3:Touch button. React quite clearly (touch buttons). There are some hitches when hands are wet, or anything else she still does not like it - but very rarely. Often "sticks" button child lock. Lock off long (a few seconds) tap. Rarely, but I had to dance around her to say, and not praise, much longer.When switching to "speed" when enabling and disabling a plate beeps. Also, when you switch on power during heat (changing the temperature of heating, the temperature setpoint) are distributed loud clicks, the type of on/off of the iron - not even notice.Adjustment of heating power from 1 to 9.When heated, the burners are burning a beautiful red. Under the dishes is not seen, of course, but as a fact. There is a timer. Very convenient. You can set a specific time when something on the stove - after the expiration of his, a certain cooking zone will automatically turn off. Also the timer is running (if you need it) and when off the burners.Works from the usual socket 220 watts.Bezel space around the cooking zone at the time of its operation is not heated. Read reviews on some models of glass - ceramic plates- there's even the buttons can't be touched sometimes. Here again, this time everything is fine.The only thing that is not understood is whether the automatic shut-off plate at idle.Features use and care:the Material in this hob - glass-ceramic, as it involves special care and careful attitude. Since in this model there is no metal rim, careless handling can shear off the edge (but that's in theory, in practice it is very to try). I'm not talking about getting a running start to throw her pots and pans - will not say thank you. Of course, no abrasives and rough sponges and brushes. For this reason, at first was afraid to use "your" special way of cooking the dumplings (I usually don't interfere with a spoon, and swirl the pan on the burner, not allowing thus the dumplings stick to the bottom). If you have cookware with a smooth bottom (not machined) - it is possible, as it turned out, it was cooked in a similar way - the glass is not damaged.Also afraid of surgical strikes (the fallen spoon, the edge of the cover, knife) and water (especially cold on the still hot burner - do not recommend to put on the hot burner cookware with wet bottom).Another point. The use of ceramics suggests the presence of a certain dish.Recommendations here are:1. Cookware should have a flat and smooth bottom, as close as possible adjacent to the cooking surface. This requirement is dictated by the fact that the bottom provides the best heat transfer from the plate to the pan. With the low heat transfer the heat from the burners is given is not enough and it is overheating and, as consequence, reduction of service life.Any leakage that is a layer of air between the plate surface and the bottom of the pan, reduce the heat transfer. Adversely affected by the relief patterns and the total surface roughness of the bottom.***2. It is desirable to have a bottom with a minimum reflectance, that is dull and dark, as it is known that light tone to a greater extent reflect heat than dark, same thing with glossy surfaces.***3. The bottom of the dish must have sufficient thickness to prevent thermal deformation (deflection) in which the fit of the bottom to the plate is reduced.***4. There is a recommendation by the presence of a small concavity cold bottom, so that when heated it became flat, but the recommendation is at least controversial, because under different temperature regimes may be different value of temperature deflections.***5. To avoid overheating, the bottom diameter should be smaller than the diameter of the burner – the heat from the uncovered part of the surface of the burner is given very badly. In case more significant than a ring, the diameter of the bottom may not be enough power for a good warm-up dishes.***6. Do not use cookware with aluminum or copper bottom without cover, as being much less hard, these metals interact with the surface of the plate and leave footprints on it, adversely affecting the service life of the cooking surfaces and their appearance. Aluminum and copper utensils should be painted or planirovanie steel bottom.For example, the pan, after a long search (it would seem that this complex), I became so - UNTS.Another treatment a few days quivering there, on one of the burners appeared subtle, but all the same spots (like the crumbs of some sort) - something scattered, can not momentary wipe, don't know. You can, again, be viewed here.It was in a special expensive tool - did not help. Already resigned to the fact that these spots on all my life, I stumbled on a detergent for glass-ceramic Stupinskiy chemical plant - Sanita. Have otterlei all without problems. So, I advise you to pay attention to it. Other spots that emerged later otterlei only scraper. Such a special, for the ceramics. ALWAYS (!!!) at the date of purchase hob purchase it.Subsequently had to buy another cleaner from Indesit for glass-ceramic surfaces. Here, two tools and a scraper I can say, hurray.Of course, it may seem that in order for your hob shone the initial gloss, the need to constantly "scrubbing". Well, what can I say.. this I think was in the first days of our interactions with her and, almost, the same remain now. The only difference is that more calmly to this applied - accepted, so to speak. Because, some spots, well though you burst, after each cooking-frying, and they are not always in the form of spray is generally not clearly whence undertake (on the heating surface), remains almost always. More of them or less, but they were are and will be. Once again, the rag-scraper-tool. It only takes a little time, but just wipe it with a cloth and forget - will not work.In General, I suggest, if you are not afraid of the above nuances, though, for many, it does not seem difficult. I, for the most part, like the glass-ceramic appearance and the speed of heating - cooling (this is the main advantage compared to conventional electric oven). Well, the model is very good, and for adequate, more importantly, money. For a family of two adults and a child or two burners is enough for the eyes.

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For a small kitchen and big family - a convenient and reliable way to save space in the kitchen therasphere it hob be 28.5 cm by 50.5 cm runs from the outlet 220 has a button - lock prevents accidental pressing 9 capacity heating (rapid heating on gas) timer off care after use is very simple (no need to clean the knobs) control panel is not heated (a heated ) on time use, we had to make a choice what email. oven buy the cottage the choice was huge and the reviews are all great, what to do question - all right to think and choose is endless, eat what you want. The choice on compact - handy. We have not lost . In the city it turned out very difficult to find - or not in demand , or selling large. Bought it, installed it, and now happy to use.There are no complaints - use for 1 year . Only one after frying especially grease and fat, it is not a reason to be upset because it is easy to clean and rinse means for cleaning glass-ceramic . To eat something we love - especially to fry meat, potatoes, etc. Generally satisfied. In the photo it is shown in detail.

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neat and stylish, heats up quickly, built-in, is protection of children, the buttons will not eventually clog, saves space

not all cookware will fit, requires careful handling, requires constant care

Ceramic hob really like their appearance - stylish. In addition, it consists of two plates (Domino), which is suitable for a small kitchen. I don't think that someone often cooks on 3-4 burners at the same time, so I bought the Domino. Takes up little space - convenient for small kitchens. There is protection of children. Cool that it heats up in seconds. The temperature of the supports. The first cooking I was first scared when she was a little POWERCIAT. Later, after reading the manual, I realized that so she heats up then turns off then turns back on (heated) - constant temperature. For me the advantage was also the fact that there is no switch, which will eventually become contaminated. Touch the buttons - my love. React instantly. The temperature can be adjusted from 1 to 9 values. After switching off the plate, some time burning the sign "N" to indicate that the cooking zone is still hot to touch, you could burn yourself. So, let's get to the cons. If you put it on the stove wet pan, for example, may light error you need to wipe the panel. It is impossible to prevent leakage of food from the pan is then difficult to wash. When this happens you need to clean immediately. It is better to buy the tool for glass ceramic surfaces of Sanità. Despite its shortcomings, never would have traded this lovely plate no other. Neat housewife recommend! Bought here http://nsk.terminal.ru/product/vstraivaemaya-elektricheskaya-varochnaya-...

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