Samsung E2222

- The amount of internal memory: 45 MB

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 61x110x12 mm

- The camera: 0.30 million pixels.

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


May 25, 2012 by

two SIM cards, calling loudly, not buggy, relatively inexpensive, enjoyable and pretty

Recently got my hands on the phone Samsung GT-E2222 phone dual-SIM. For good design, not bulky, comfortable, moderately thin. Loud enough phone. The display is not touch, but bright enough, its pros that can be attributed.There is a connector under a flash card. Yes, and its built-in memory the order of 60 MB at first missing, and then you stick to buy. Since the phone is designed for the use of the Internet and social networking sites keyboard like a computer-type QWERTY, it's very convenient, no need for 5 times to press on the same button. Charge the phone holds good, enough for 3-4 days. All major functions are: radio, tape recorder. To the home screen to make frequently visited sites and 4 most frequently dialled numbers.Not especially inspired me the camera phone, it's unclear, the photo is not bright, not clear. This phone is just for work, for communication and visits a website, for shooting photos and video it of course you will not do.But in General, for a ridiculous amount of 3500 rubles, I bought a reliable assistant in the work.

Sep 5, 2011 by

Was on vacation this summer and there probably from humidity, maybe just a phone tired of me breaks my Nokia 5800.. because a lot of money to spend do not want a phone with such a keyboard I wanted to try, the choice fell on this number. Its price was 3333, is quite low for this kind of phones with similar keyboard and even bribed the phone supports 2 active SIM-cards and switches is quite simple, the keyboard has a special button.From pluses it is possible to allocate not a bad functionality, after the smartphone a special handicap not feel the player is most ordinary in which case you can collapse and write the same text, strict design, no frills, not girly.And cons revealed almost immediately at it - if the person a phone when talking almost inaudible, has to ask what is terribly annoying. If the phone is on max volume it is loud but the words still not clear.. the Camera of this phone is weak just 0.3 MPs, but to me it is not what as she practically Yong use, but on the street makes a tolerable pictures) the appearance of differences can be.summing up can only advise people, who communicate by means of SMS or need an inexpensive phone with 2 simkartami ... to talk on the phone to such torture for me

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