Samsung GN642JDBD

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- The panel material: enamel

- Cast iron grates: there

- Panel location: front

- Panel type: gas hob


Sep 17, 2015 by

the marriage, which almost caught on fire

This purchase was very sound, as it seemed to me then by selecting it I took into account lots of nuances, and it's so comfy and beautiful... But! A year and a half and began to flow GAS and it almost ended the fire. But first things first.The stove does a lot of advantages, because of which I chose it : it's the convenient location of burners, cast iron grates, non-marking surface, a burner with a triple flame. But at some point my husband started to smell gas.. And then burned the handle on the stove. It is, I tell you, it was very scary. As it turned out, the gas started leaking out through the hole, which is attached to the handle is eight inches from the closest burners. This distance was enough to keep the gas lit.Then began the epic service center. In our documents it was stated that the warranty period is 1.5 years. The service asserted that gas. equipment year warranty. A couple of days we did service work with clients, did not argue, decided to pay themselves for the repair (plate need). Then the panel spent 2 weeks in the service because the master was on vacation. But to do nothing... Wait, I use the microwave, eat cold food. And here's the interesting part : that same master, whom we waited so long, is not eligible to work with gas. equipment. It turns out that the service center cannot repair the hob. (we live not-so-small town, regional center, Central Chernozem region)to be honest, I wanted it all to spit and buy a new panel, but decided to lastly produce the normal gas man who fixed it to us for 15minutes (they said that weakened a screw)for a Long time in my head not out the question : does the manufacturer of the MORAL right to marry in technology, which influences people's lives.

Sep 1, 2013 by

When I picked up the hob, had to always spend a lot of time researching options. It would seem that the plates are all the same - take any, but no... every model unfortunately caught nasty deficiencies. Especially considering the user feedback. Somewhere pens are heated, where the surface is impractical where the grilles are bad. I was particularly surprised by the inconvenient location of the burners on most models - medium, the most necessary, pushed further, and a little ahead.Therefore, the option location in GN642JDBD unexpectedly pleased. Really ergonomic and thoughtfully. Control knobs are also located. There are also three-loop burner, and it is located on the side - so you can not be afraid that it will melt plastic apron or handle the panel. Grid iron, is divided into three parts - easy to clean. Interesting design - looks great.The only drawback is pretty easily soiled surface. Relative of course - not such easily soiled as glass or stainless steel, but compared to matte painting all noticeable. Well with that I resigned even when buying - but the glossy black surface looks very stylish. In General, I have no doubt Samsung GN642JDBD was a very good hob!P. S. the Wardrobe picked up a Samsung BTS1454B - are perfectly suited to each other, in the same style.

Oct 25, 2011 by

Great bar for not pomeshannyj permanent wash dishes Housewives. Almost half a year, before was choosing between the Bosch, Ariston and Samsung. Stopped her, because not value. What I was looking for: well firstly not glass, because I have been reading reviews like "ran milk all over the kitchen due to the lack of boards", well wash all the time, because each print is clearly visible. In General, the first + is a good old enamel!. The 2ND plus is a cast-iron grating, absolutely nothing fails not overturned, the pot is fashionable to move anywhere. 3rd Tremendous + is a ring of increased power. How I ever lived without it??? It is necessary to be quickly put on her, should slow down - shifted to the right, on a normal burner. In General, in our family we use basically the burner and right, bottom, rare, and on the top I only cook eggs. 4+ if it is not included in direct light above the panel (e.g. in the hood) - it dirt to be seen!! Turned the lights on - e-may... what a mess, turned off - that's okay, today you can not wash Out cons: cast Iron grates worse to wash than steel, so you need to put in the effort. I read somewhere that handles the inclusion of melt - I don't live. Well, everything, nothing bad I can not remember.

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