Samsung HT-E5530K


Apr 13, 2013 by

-beautiful appearance, 3d sound, bluetooth, usb, a large number of adjustments of equalizer, supports many formats, management

the glossy finish

I finally got it-a home theater! No, I've never been true BBK, but it was just awful to behave I stopped reading the discs, about Blu-ray and say nothing. The sound from the beginning was not so hot, although the column times one hundred was reconfigured. In short, this unit has served us for 6 years. This year I broke down. I decided to choose something else. The choice fell on this model. Just do I respect the technique of this brand, she and as( almost always) a good and decent design. With regard to this model. Selection criteria-a huge list of readable formats, the availability of 3D, great sound. Because I'm a girl, in the technical components do not know much about. What can I say, the thing really worthy of attention. Eh bluetooths, which makes your life incredibly easy. Simply connect and listen to your track list with pleasure. The sound is excellent, the feeling that you're in a movie theater. Just not listed. Fans of singing will delight karaoke with points. Well, that is the disc and microphone included, there is only a counting function points for any of your drive. A handy thing, only she's lying of course. For fun, checked)) a lot of Places will not take, but the wire shaft. Missing hdmi cable, so I have to buy. If you have a smart TV, complete with this theater will give you a million of all sorts of possibilities. In General, take)))

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