Samsung Wave II GT-S8530

- The amount of internal memory: 2 GB

- OS version: bada 1.2

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 60x124x12 mm

- The camera: 5 million pixels., led flash

- Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm


Nov 21, 2012 by

beautiful and stylish design, powerful processor, easy to operate, good camera

Three years ago wife gave birth on the day of this model!!!! Very stylish design,metal case,huge display and excellent camera with led flash!!!! In a hand lies as poured in, even despite the heavy weight!!!! Don't confuse the operating system Bada allows you to download different free apps(even a bright flashlight). The sensor is very sensitive,with him no hassle!!! This phone survived even Aphone(http://www.irecommend.ru/content/razbil-tvorenie-apple-foto) ,as repeatedly Ronalda,burnt and generally boring, but surprisingly survived, although the appearance of dinged up,works like new!!! Suggest a really cool phone!!! Myself too wanted only pink,but went and bought the first Wawe(http://www.irecommend.ru/content/yo-hoy) the principle is the same,just different size!!!! Who else is thinking-take will not regret!!!! THE SAMSUNG ROCKS!!!below is a photo of three year old cell phone!!!!

Sep 25, 2012 by

beautiful, excellent video and photo, convenient, universal headphone Jack

os bada

My baby, because it is feminine and nice! For me, the main parameter is the 16 million colors! It's just one move, then less not take! Before that there were such phones. True Nokia. So now that I'm not loved. This gave her husband. First put out, but then mastered and really like it! Use.- really beautiful! Not at all pretentious.- large screen and beautiful!- a large number of desktops and, through them, with them, you would be more open gradually the splash screen! Cool stuff.- easy to use menu.- good sound.- a good pair of headphones.- I have a small child and I... the test for impact resistance! and again... great photo quality!!! Almost like the camera. Only weigh like digicam! My husband is on this parameter and choose. Therefore, the USB flash drive from buy more! I am now on maternity leave, so with a little phone with excellent quality of photography I could really use this! We photos then printed the pictures on a photo printer! The quality is excellent! Though in a frame, at least in the album!Cons.- in the case without it back of the case is scratched, erased paint, obtained as the metal scrapes. I wear a cover, which is special for these phones, but, honestly, without it in hand I like to hold him more.- Bada Bada and Bada again... If you need a phone for very active use of the Internet (excluding social networks . I would have this phone is not recommended... Only for it 4. same Bada will significantly narrow and harder to find apps for your phone.

Sep 24, 2012 by

beautiful and stylish design, powerful processor, easy to operate, good camera

Phone, and much more! A lot of positive emotions.Very good camera, picture, sound. Appearance and build is GREAT, everything is well fitted, no cracks . The sensor is very sensitive and reacts perfectly. There is led flash, which can be used as a flashlight. Great screen, the colors are just super and and leaves no scratches from keys in the pocket on the display.Simulation allows incoming calls under the pretext to avoid the meeting or conversation. Great feature change alert SIM card(if inserted another SIM card SMS comes with a phone number). From disadvantages I would have commented on the lack of apps for Bada, but Samsung is working in this direction and soon it will be!Suggest this phone!!!

Jul 25, 2012 by

The choice of mobile phone has always been my long and painful. Wanted immediately: beautiful appearance, easy menus, reasonable price. Give preference to Nokia, considered to be the best manufacturer. My last phone Nokia N 76 red was for me the perfection of 3 months - until then, not yet peeled off the paint of the body (and 4 months - while the paint is peeled off replaced with new housing). The ride was firm Nokia I forgive and could not have decided on treason. Reviewing images and reviews of phones, I chose 2 models: Samsung Galaxy S II and SAMSUNG GT-S8530 WAVE II. The store took the phone in hand, I didn't doubt for a minute - the Galaxy S is a beautiful phone, but, Oh, very big, and WAVE-II - that's what I was looking for : stylish, comfortable, smart sensor, huge bright display with a diagonal of 3.7, camera 5 million pixels., autofocus. I immediately fell in love, and like a real woman, are unable to delay the purchase until tomorrow (you can find out the prices in other stores, ordered through the Internet). I use the phone for 14 months, never regretted the purchase, if the need arose again to choose the phone, without hesitation I would buy this model.

May 3, 2012 by

beautiful and stylish design, powerful processor, easy to operate, good camera

I bought this phone about 2 years ago. How my husband persuaded me to buy another phone – it was not there, I clung to him with a death grip). Don't know, somehow I immediately liked the design, so stylish and I think more suitable for girls (not rude). Arriving home, I was even more excited, and functional, and easy to manage, and photos are nice, as is the flash! By the way the best always nice the art of shooting modes abound, so I love to take pictures, for me this is an important factor.Processor it moshnenko, is not inferior to the IPhone and Galaxy S! So why pay more??? About shortcomings: in principle they are not, and what you write, what little games on it, so now their in my view very much, the only issue is to install free games and apps, but if you buy them on Samsung Apps, then there is no problem at all, they are installed via the Samsung Kies program. Well, if you have such a clever husband I have, and the free app is not a problem)))recently updated the firmware on bada 2.0 - now no matter what it just will not change! Like a new phone bought, works well, no freezes, easy menus, still primaveras feature - use your phone as a usb modem! I love it!!!

Feb 20, 2012 by

I am one of those people who get bored easily. Phones my entire life was more than 20. A new phone has always vybrasyvalsya I have a husband for every birthday and new year. Models had a lot, but somehow "does not cling". A year ago, before the new year, by tradition, began to rummage in the Internet in search of some attractive phone model. I read a number of reviews on various sites and forums. And my choice fell on Samsung Wave 1. Showed her finger, said,"I Want". My husband went to buy, went through a bunch of stores, but alas to no avail. This model on sale was not. But there was another, already improved, model - Samsung Wave 2. That is what I bought. Love with this phone we had at first sight!! I liked the design, and the bright and clear display liked even more. Photos taken by the phone too. Not breaking up with him for a year. It's been a birthday and new year, but I have a new phone already not want! Not breaking up with him now! Enjoy watching movies, reading books, hanging out on the Internet. A month ago, thought I lost my favorite phone... He fell in a basin of water and decay, for inclusion did not respond. I thought EVERYTHING!! And even to cry with grief. Took it apart, took out the battery, put on the Central heating battery. In the morning, lo, he was as good as new. Directly involved and not buggy. So far everything is fine. Anything it would not change. The functionality chic.

Nov 8, 2011 by

Camera with good display size and quality. Assemble the phone has pleased , there is no backlash, no squeaks, in General in the hand is like a glove, I can even say pleasantly heavy, the case is still not made in vain metal.The camera is good but the disadvantages can be attributed only to the fact that there are no programs that impose all sorts of frames there, but it is a trifle. Included with the phone and the headset is quite decent quality. The phone has excellent call quality ... when compared to other vehicles in this class. The battery at active use sits down on the third or fourth day that's enough for me.Pros:good battery, good camera, bright display, good sound, lots of igrinus:slightly large

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