Scarlett SC-1211

- Bowl volume: 1.5 l

- Weight limits: 5 kg

- Measurement of volume of liquid: there

- The accuracy of the measurement: 1 g


May 24, 2015 by

cheap, simple, accurate

A few years ago, suddenly and acutely the question arose about buying a kitchen scale. To be honest, I haven't been looking and didn't choose. Just came into the store and bought those scales. that were there available. The only criterion at the time played a role, that they weighed one gram.Libra has been very successful:1). weigh from 1 gram up to 3 kg;2.) three weighing modes (water ml, milk ml, solid products -gr.);3.) surround wide bowl;4.) easy control.The scales were very strong. Once inadvertently got to a young child in his hands. Passed the test with flying colors))In the last year very intensively to bake different cookies and buns. And in this case they are I have become a faithful companion.

Nov 18, 2013 by

cheap, simple, accurate

I love to cook, the summer gave us these wonderful small Libra so I saw the difference in the kitchen without weights is very bad, especially when you learn new recipes,a bit shifted out of the kompanent and all for nothing, this is the exact taste will not be, we love to cook all the time something new and we use Scarlet scales which are easy to use(to understand even grandma) ,they are indispensable for the group of people who need to know the exact number of collor or vitamins who adhere to a healthy diet for them, balance is not fungible thing in the kitchen.

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