Siemens ET975MK21E

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- The panel material: glass ceramics

- Panel location: front

- Panel type: electric cooking plate


Sep 17, 2012 by

accessibility, efficiency, versatility, good quality

Bought a few years ago my wife a gift. Then was the most expensive in this class. Specifically not buy a knife for cooking pancakes ( non-package))) on this knife is convenient to grate the tomatoes for making tomato juice, because the juicer, this processor quickly clogged. This is the only drawback ,everything else is just dignity. For several years not cracked not one plastic detail, the engine is in order. Convenient suction cups securely attach the harvester to any smooth surface. Detachable blender pulverizes everything it gets). Protective end caps will not allow the engine fully assembled harvester ,which prevents injuries and damage to the unit. In General ,if you see somewhere this model ,it is better to buy her time-tested than anything new ,assembled in China.

Sep 7, 2012 by

accessibility, efficiency, versatility, good quality

Food processor for me is a very important thing,because sometimes I have to cook very much.The processor I have and I am very happy^ powerful and fast:bow grinds on ur carrot will quickly be rubbed,but still a lot to do=)We love dumplings,stuffing only do chopped,and for a large family this is a very long and time consuming,I discovered a new way to throw all small pieces in a food processor,one minute and filling chopped.Washes easily,at least for me is not working.And how he rescued me when my chopper said,not to transfer,often had to cook the stuffing,it turned out quite well.But there is one drawback,quickly broke the socket where you insert the blender and now it works. But the blender we had separate,so it's not really bothering,renovated did not bother.I recommend to all,although probably,now on sale, so you can no longer find the model old.

Sep 23, 2010 by

accessibility, efficiency, versatility, good quality

Food processor Siemens MK 52 my reliable helper in the kitchen for several years, assigned to it in the kitchen fixed place and I use them very often, now to necereti potatoes for potato pancakes need a few minutes, very convenient to make the dough for dumplings, pies, donuts....also use the blender often cook homemade mayonnaise, various sauces, soups and dairy cocktails. The food processor has 4 speeds, ample capacity for mixing of products and many necessary accessories. With a blender you can quickly and easily whisk the egg whites or cream. With juicer no problem cooking juices from any fruit and vegetables. There is also a tip for mashing and multi-functional knife chops greens, raw vegetables, nuts, dry biscuits and meat. The only one drawback is no grater for cooking fries, but the merits of the combine is much more than one of this lack.

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