Sony Ericsson W580i

- The amount of internal memory: 12 MB

- Housing type: slider

- Dimensions (Shmht): 47x99x14 mm

- The camera: 2 million pixels., 1632x1224


Jun 16, 2011 by

reliability, reliable, stylish, comfortable

Already 2 years I use this wonderful black phone. Works flawlessly, satisfied with everything - functionality,the menu convenient, the design is simple but tasteful. Transcripts of the phone even drops . I dropped 15 times on the pavement and he though henna.A friend and I decided to buy myself the same, the current white. Generally we have family the ericksons'))

Jun 7, 2011 by

beautiful, stylish, comfortable, good camera

this mobile phone was the best of all that I had was... why was that? because I got robbed on the street, stole it's a shame, as the phone met all my requirements.this model has no cons, except that is addictive)) good camera, music player, stylish look, various Sonkovskim chips...even now, in the era of touch technology, this model remains the favorite, although I now have a completely different phone.my Sonya was gray, and he had headphones... mmmm.... yum! the volume is great! comfortable!post those pictures that I've done them once...

Dec 3, 2010 by

camera, beautiful, reliable, available, bluetooth, stylish, comfortable, good camera

cracking keyboard

I use this phone two years old too, bought when it was still a novelty, was incredibly happy! Now so much mind - touch, the size of your palm and all that... But I'm not in a hurry to change your white baby, never let me down. While my girlfriends are running to fix their own sensors dorohucza, and waiting for the repair for months, I go and rejoice with his young assistant. It is almost everything you need for cell - convenience, organizer, great music and sound, the memory stick is good headphones, there are many great themes for this wokman... a Lot of things you can list more good, by the way the battery is super!!! The only Yes, the keyboard is cracked, but I have this strong discomfort does not deliver))) Phone for 5+

Nov 3, 2009 by

big screen, camera, beautiful, easy to manage, lightweight, versatility, presence of bluetooth, cheap, organizer, stylish, thin, comfortable

Excellent phone, spouse recently bought a W580i, and you guessed it... the Only claim when buying my wife's phone was that it "glamorous". In addition, such significant quality, according to my love, and closer fellowship with him I found the phone easy to use. I think this is a very wonderful phone for fashionable and stylish people.

Oct 26, 2009 by

On a 10-point scale, a solid 9 !!!I bought this camera for daughter. The girl, overjoyed already with the month of may. All that is possible to cram into the phone, and sometimes what is there to meet don't expect - is. First, let's talk about design. Very comfortable, fashionable, compact device. Very watchable display, bright color and good color. The dynamic lighting on the sides (daughter painfully like), the slider reveals quite comfortably with one hand. The buttons are responsive, without failure, with a clear fixation of the moment of pressing. With all the bells and whistles (those harrakteristiki will not lead - to read tired)the device is not subject to "braking", not "hangs" running quickly.Very convenient USB adapter for MicriSD which is bundled with the camera - the flash drive is inserted directly into the adapter and you don't need to look for the card reader to record to the flash drive. The simplicity of working with Java is simply amazing. Change themes and the interface is convenient and easy. relationship is stable, extraneous sounds when you call do not observe. The camera is good, and have the ability to handle photos right from the phone. The sound is just crazy.To sum up: a Great machine for the money. For the young lady - the most it ))

Oct 14, 2009 by

big screen, beautiful, light, the presence of bluetooth, inexpensive, stylish, thin, comfortable

not a very friendly phone book

Mobile phones I rarely, and if we change, we are very picky when choosing a new model. But SonyEricsson w580i MetroPink captivated me from the first touch. It is very easy to use, optimum size for female hands, it is convenient to open. Fully justifies their belonging to the line of music phones - a great loud sound. Of the shortcomings - in phone book that can record multiple mobile numbers for each entry (mobile, home, work etc) there is only one field. Maybe it's a feature of all SonyEricsson, but not always convenient. In SonyEricsson w580i is still very convenient hot keys on the joystick, and the button "my menu". Well, the design of the phone is totally fantastic - everything is thought out and aesthetically perfect.

Jun 13, 2009 by

big screen, camera, beautiful, easy to manage, lightweight, versatility, reliability, reliable, available, bluetooth, cheap, organizer, stylish, thin, comfortable

not very convenient buttons

Just want to note the sound. I have something to compare - I have for the Sony Ericsson series of walkman and a ipod, but this model is Sony Ericsson W580i audio was the best - and that's no exaggeration, as I have moose ears. The bass is really deep, sound is perceived as monogomously, and the volume is more powerful than the previous phones. The battery can withstand two more than the previous phones. For example, if I listen on headphones while reading java - i.e. the monitor does not go off - I have enough battery in less than 2 days. If you use Sony Ericsson W580i in normal mode then phone will last at least a week. The design of this model I really liked - as in the color, cut and elements. Among the shortcomings I want to mention the keyboard. She is the only, but significant beach Sony Ericsson W580i. The buttons are located close to each other and I wish they bvli larger. With long nails not very convenient to use. In addition, when using the phone I have two buttons cracked in half. It really upset me, since the phone was new. In the service I obshatsa did not - we have a small town, the service is delayed for months. In Repairs of phones I replaced the keyboard - and I'm happy now. Repeated embarrassment is not repeated - buttons serve perfectly. More shortcomings I didn't notice - the camera is the data model of the phone is 2MP - copes with its task - brightness, ceccotti, contrast ideal. Glavnoe - that the sun is not shining into the lens - then photo turn whitish. The computer image photos more than satisfactory. Even a very good one. Special thanks to the developers of Sony Ericsson W580i for a great large and high-contrast display. The screen of this phone is beyond praise. Memory. My Sony Ericsson W580i has a 1GB card and haven't proformative, snob also that you can set the memory up to 4GB - without pritormazhivanija. In General, the phone I am very happy, despite the fact that the buttons are a little confused, with the phone part still did not want - was replaced, and now I use with privelikim pleasure.

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