Sony Ericsson W880i

- The amount of internal memory: 18 MB

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 47x103x9 mm

- The camera: 2 million pixels., 1600x1200


Feb 18, 2013 by

complete, stylish look, good camera

does not support some formats of music,video, single connector for all connections, no fm radio, no flash, weird battery life, flimsy back cover

I'm a user of this model already 5 years.Pros:1)Camera.The 2 MPa camera is more than adequate.My current phone is lacking is a camera.Photo repeatedly printed for the family album.2)Some of the luxury smartphone.The phone copes with the responsibilities of a smartphone-could make calls,SMS,sit in the Opera and ICQ-this hangs from the side of the 880-Oh was not observed.3)Stylish appearance.He is attracted me.Always liked vivid and interesting phones.Nice orange color,interesting buttons on the keyboard,volume button,no "vybiranii" in the view of the camera,buttons, and so on.And most importantly, the phone is thin and very light.4)Neotlozhnaya komplektacijoje phone in the box I found:-a charger-well, just a single song.Original charger allows you not only to charge the battery,but plug in the usb cable or headphones.-headphones.again, the original konikowska headphones sound much cleaner and better separately purchased installation disk.I learned that you can completely sync your phone to your PC.you can send SMS,use phone as modem add data to the directory, and more.-the extra disc with the programs.what a wonderful mini disc with the program in a foreign language for watching videos,music files and even some(something about working with the photo)5)Keyboard.Quite interesting and for me was very comfortable!!!I could write posts even in winter mittens.Cons:1)the Absence of spiccatto be good,but only in the daytime.2)"Weird" battery.In cold weather the phone was lost a few "rods" of charge,in the warmth they returned.After a year of use the battery has ceased to hold a charge,and then completely swollen.The same thing happened with the replaced.3)Flimsy connector for all connections.Six months later the endless connections usb earphone well and charging socket became loose and sometimes have a long time to regulate the desired position.4)the Player will not read some formats.The same applies to music.5)the Rear speaker.Reshapes after a year of use.6)Back cover.Turned out to be weak plastic latches.Had to buy another panel.7)Loss of signal after 4 years.Apparently life Poltavska Sonya was forced to refuse to catch the network signal and to detect a SIM card.The quality of the speakers when talking no complaints.Now I use the phone mainly as a modem.This unique opportunity allowed me to sit on the Internet with a PC 5 years ago when the mobile modems were expensive.

Jan 30, 2013 by

long-lasting battery, loud enough and very clear sound of music being played, resistant to shocks, good design and colors, easy navigation, ultra-thin case metal

the lack of fm radio

I bought this phone to replace the stolen one in 2007, the shaggy. Still alive and well! Now, in order: very slim and sleek phone Golden color with a metal front housing. Bought in Eldorado for R. 8500 then))Have a flash drive in the kit. For all these 6 years glyuknul on the strength of 5-6 times. Just rebooted and the procedure. And as I was Already dropped... the buttons have fallen off, housing cracked (plastic back panel), corners a bit repulsed. But all tselenkoe nothing spontaneously does not open-no disconnects, no crashes. I will look into it what carrying it in its case, threw in a bag/pocket and went - the front panel is almost like new metal. the part is not wiped, not faded, and are not selling). Works for a long time even the battery. Full charge with periodic pozhnivnye and texting is enough for 2-3 days (he was 6 years old!). The only downside is no radio. This is me still upset on the road.... But the sound is excellent - and in headphones as in the cinema... one ear music flows in the other... or both at the concert - in one ear drummer, another guitarist...Beautiful. Great camera, justified its price several times and continues to save my money - don't need to buy new)))

Dec 15, 2011 by

ultra-thin case metal

the lack of fm radio

Long chose and finally the phone stopped on Sony 880 .The main criterion was that it is very thin!!! And for the girls it is important,I hate huge and heavy phones.After buying happiness knew no bounds.I quickly got used to the buttons,although the first time I have even the corn was Convenient interface,a good headset in the kit.The charge holds long enough if you don't listen to the music and not to sit in the annexes.And now for the cons..Perhaps its main drawback - it's a terrible external speaker! Such horrible I've ever met.My ringtone is very loud ringtone,and if you go in the same tram and the phone was in my bag it did not hear!!!!! After a year of use the phone all-this was not enough radio.Even after half a year I have a broken back,had to close up her Scotch.The city can't find a panel that is silver in color.Very quickly scratched screen,but that's my fault,the phone without a case carry.Sucks the camera - it is of course possible to shoot something simple,but I was dissatisfied from the first day of purchase.So: if you want a slim phone only to call, feel free to buy this model.

Nov 30, 2011 by

quite loud and very clean sounding music being played, resistant to impact; easy navigation, ultra-thin case metal

This phone I bought about 3 years ago. In all that time he never once stuck and not glued. Clear sound,great design,very thin,good menu,it is convenient to carry in pocket,back cover has a coating that protects the phone from scratches , when the voice is heard clearly. To me this phone is by faith and presday,so I advise everyone

Jun 13, 2011 by

quite loud and very clean sounding music being played, resistant to impact; easy navigation, ultra-thin case metal

very happy!!!! served for 1.5 years if she is not ruined codelab longer))) and ruined it so I wore the skirt in the back pocket,and sat with him also actually bent the cost! repair said it is easier to buy ы1 me happy with everything!!! great base sound and quality of pictures the memory card was included is 1 GB! the Internet was flying with a Bang!there is a convector, currency,stopwatch,easy to use menus.and now lies as a road Tetris))) games there heat a lot)but to call it does not work network does not see why. generally, if you are careful to use then all will be well and be happy!!! cool phone!

Mar 13, 2010 by

quite loud and very clean sounding music being played, resistant to impact; easy navigation, ultra-thin case metal

Phone is great, design is awesome, the interface is like all Sony Ericsson. Very tenacious - drowned in puddles - got inflated battery and the phone is alive and well. I use it for 3 year and use it with great pleasure. The only drawback is the weak speaker, ringer not hear the music in normal quality will not listen without headphones. Functions a lot, especially prevlekatelno TracID - when you listen to a new track or ponravivshuju ringtone, put the phone, including the insertion of this function and you name the song from the Internet will download without problems)))))). the lack of FM radio is not scary, because I never use it. Sometimes ispolzuu instead of the stick - the main thing to take the USB cord with me.

Jan 4, 2010 by

quite loud and very clean sounding music being played, ultra-thin case metal

the phone is great! I love it! It is so thin that is not felt in his pants pocket so often, putting it in my pocket, I forget where I put it=) Honestly, at first I thought that the subtleties of the phone quickly broken. Nothing of the sort. A lot of times dropped, and he though that. My opinion is 2 years, everything works fine. Included are wonderful headphones, very comfortable, and besides, there are 3 types of nozzles. The sound of loud and good. Radio I never liked to listen to and not listening so for me the lack of FM radio was not a disadvantage. Without a doubt, the phone for 5 points!

Jan 9, 2009 by

quite loud and very clean sounding music being played, resistant to impact; easy navigation, ultra-thin case metal

the lack of fm radio

In my opinion the Sony Ericsson W880i is one of the most successful phones in the entire line SonyEricsson. A very interesting and modern design of this phone is suitable for both boys and girls (me and my girlfriend w8800i=) ). The disadvantage associated with the lack of FM radio with interest filled a flash drive with a capacity of 1Gb, which you can throw a few dozen good songs (by the way, it already came with the phone).

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