- Type: tongs

- The maximum heating temperature: 210 ° C


Nov 16, 2015 by

is the temperature of 170 degrees, relatively inexpensive, convenient for left-handed use, convenient operation

capricious to the size and smoothness of the strands

Never curled hair. The husband apparently decided to fix it and bought me this Styler reasons that my work here is minimal. From the beginning it was scary eats, soriot my already kutsie hair have to ostricise...there was a lot of scary thoughts, the impression is painted terrible pictures. Tried some curl, took a wrong (roller and need to face), in the end, a strand twisted to the side of the head, and the part that wanted to have left to hang out outside, and then he squeaked...scared is not a joke. Pulled. The second approach...the same. Tried to pull the hair, just not released.... The husband and I realized that without his help, can not cope with the task))) Took matters into their own hands, and in 20 minutes I clocked his head despite the fact that he did it for the first time! The result is like. Done at the lowest temperature 170 degrees. 8 seconds turned out a wave for 10 seconds normal curls! I am glad that enough the minimum temperature! Combed comb and a few teeth, sprinkle with lacquer and before the evening was enough! Only on the street from rain unwound. Most still hard. It is hard to hold back and uncomfortable - the usual Curling easier, and who himself is a conical Curling twists hair, to probably change it at such a Styler and not worth it. In General, the Styler still not credible. I am glad that can spin hair and inexperienced man without fear to burn and somehow it is wrong to cheat. The main thing to choose locks, to fine turn and get stuck in.

May 25, 2015 by

Good day!I am not a zealous fan of torturing your hair with various type of heat treatments. I even refused from daily blow drying, but would not hurt my weak, thinning hair. But seeing the "in" famous babyliss Baby Liss, I lost the rest. The original was quite expensive, and analogues Aliexpress I to take was afraid. And fate brought me together with a budget replacement Baby liss - hair Styler Supra. Appearance:Manual Creator Hollywood curls is sold in a simple box with transparent window: Brief information about the product printed on one of the faces of the packaging (photo): Includes manual and warranty card.Taking the Styler in his hands for the first time, I laughed - so it seemed unusual and strange to me. In my head for some reason immediately arose Association with the game Pac-man There are small shoals in a small quantity of fine white dust and worn letters on the case: Form Styler is really ergonomic in the hand despite its weight, is comfortable - get used to it really easily.The toolbar is simple enough that need to look in the manual no: C - temperature (from 170 to 210 degrees)T - the time to curl curl (8 to 12 seconds)R/L - which way scrolls ON/OFF - everything is clear. LCD display work light is blue. It will display all the selected parameters. The heating time of the device: approx. 2 minutes.The power cord is very long - not necessarily to have the outlet right at hand. Styler to work. The principle is simple:a Strand of a width not exceeding 5 cm to put in the Styler. At this time it needs to be rotated to the head is strictly that part - Squeeze the Styler ("snack" strand). Work in a circular mechanism for winding strands (it literally "sucked" inside), and a countdown will begin and the exposed time.After three beeps to alert that the Perm is completed, decompress the Styler.Neat elastic curl will be born. It would seem that complicated? But the difficulty arose in the first application, and subsequent. Sometimes Styler "zazhevyvaet" hair - they just get stuck inside and have to carefully pull on the parts. This occurs if:1. to take too thick a strand - Styler just can't cope with her, but the rotating mechanism is started and does the job.solution: strictly follow the width of the strands. I have this width usually not more than 3-3,5 cm 2. not to brush a strand of hair entangled in the rotating mechanism.the solution: mandatory combing hair before Curling, and during (the individual strands).3. on the hair is a small knot in this case is generally fraught to remain without a strands of hair. I had this once you "helped" stuck inside the strands of the hair Styler tightly.solution: see paragraph 2.4. to use the Styler, not the party - I never happened even once.solution: black circular mechanism should be at the head, and not to look in the opposite direction from your head to the side. If you strictly comply with all instructions, no problems with hair getting stuck in the device will not. Infa - 146%. My curls From the first use I "curl" at 190 degrees for 8 seconds. The direction of the curls was not present. For me this is the optimal parameter, because my hair is thin, weak, not dense - to create a beautiful curl that time and temperature with the head missing. Curling the entire head: A longer version, but the effect in this case, brighter pronounced. Before using the Styler you can apply and distribute evenly through the hair a small amount of mousse or foam for packing; or fix the varnish already finished hairstyle.Take a small section, combed.Put it in the Styler to black circular mechanism (photo No. 8) was next to the head. Compressed Styler.A strand of "left" in. Wait the allotted time (mine is 8 seconds - 4 single signal, then one three times).Unclench Styler, admiring the curl.The same is done with the second strand is combed, put in the Styler.The rotating mechanism of the wound strand.The second section is ready. Likewise, with all the vegetation on the head.Result. Time to get a Perm the whole head I have is about 20-25 minutes. In the work of the Styler heats up within only. On the outside it is moderately hot (not scalding). There is a smell of plastic. Rear locks yourself to make uncomfortable (at least I have not yet used).On the photo: hair Curling/Hollywood newly-created curls/shredded Hollywood curls. Another result of the work of Styler: There is an option of a Perm is easier - when the first hair collected in a ponytail, and then curl all the strands of this tail: The time it takes much less (about 10 minutes), but the degree of curly in the overall result is reduced. This way I feel more secure - the width of the strands from the tail handling easier (almost no probability that the Styler will "gum" strand.Personally, I like both results - one looks spectacular, the second is achieved faster. Just did similar curls I had originally targeted, so the acquisition of the Styler is very happy

May 19, 2015 by

Gave me that is a miracle, don't know, the check is not made. I want to note that my hair totally straight, smooth and Curling stubbornly resist. So I was skeptical about the gift - the usual tongs I already had, really screwed them I was no good at anything.But I should not have doubted, turns good (the strands are not thick take - and it looks neat, and the tongs do not swear) if your hair is very long (longer than 65 cm) - will not take. It is possible to set the direction of the curl (never understood why this is), temperature and time. Very convenient, everything is visible on the display.Hair does not chew if the strand is too thick or long, emits a short beep and stops spooling.The curls are natural, large. Recommend

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