teXet TM-D305

- Housing type: classic

- Dimensions (Shmht): 48x110x10.8 mm

- The camera: 1.30 million pixels.

- Headphone Jack: 2.5 mm


Aug 25, 2013 by

2 SIM cards, external appearance, long holds a charge, simplicity and affordability, quality, convenience, color screen

I have HTC incredible S that I'm very pretty, but wanted to buy a second phone, easier, more reliable in terms of duration of work, because often go to the games, camping where necessary.My choice fell on this model. Not really understanding the characteristics that I fell for appearance)) elegant, with lovely strazik instead of the center button. But I, as a poor student, was limited to the available Finance)) On one of the online stores the price of this model was gradually falling, falling, I even went to see it and held it in his hands. Fell in love even more))In the end, after a lot of time, I came across this phone in the market. Ironically my HTC refused to work on the next day after it, and without thinking I went and bought tekset.About purchase has never regretted.Pros: affordable price, nice design,metal body, good in the hand, great color screen, Bluetooth, camera (it is, incidentally, quite good), two SIM cards (although I only have one) works without SIM card (which for me is important because I use it as a second alarm clock, radio, music, and all the other standard features. Charge holds for up to a week.Cons: the headphones that were included, terrible quality, very quickly broke down. New was buy problematic, since there is no standard, and a tiny connector. Memory is very low, I only have 2 pictures got. A bit disappointing that you can not change the color of the whole user interface, it's black. Unexpectedly heavy for its size, but it is rather nice.

Nov 4, 2012 by

appearance, simplicity and affordability, quality, convenience

Released a new mobile phone from the line "Electronic systems Alkotel". It is a phone which can support 2 SIM cards from this trip. I note a convenient implementation of these simkart. Each of them has a separate call button on the panel. It has all the necessary programs to view the photos, videos, text files and listen to music. Novelty has a radio and camera, 1.3, sure enough, but that's it price. There is a slot for memory card supports only up to 2GB and there is a headphone Jack 2.5. The battery capacity of 800 mAh. Long enough. At the top of the case has a flashlight. He always comes to the rescue in the dark. The phone supports GPRS and Bluetooth. With regard to appearance. It's very nice and elegant. No alterations in body and marriage of the manufacturer. Everything is simple, but good quality. Housing it in a metal style, thickness 10.8 mm. the Screen is small, only 2.2 inches. And on the left side of the body has only a socket for charging. This phone is simple but very convenient and useful for me so anything extra should not be. Its simplicity is its plus.

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