Thomas TWIN T2 Aquafilter

- Cleaning: dry / wet

- Dust collector: the Aqua-filter

- Power regulator: on the case


Apr 25, 2016 by

the Aqua-filter hypoallergenic, high-quality and fast cleaning, easy to operate, lots of additional attachments and accessories, multi-function, infinitely variable suction power

hard to wash long, long time

Hello! I want to say vacuum cleaner good, just do not believe I, as a wife and mother, it is not in use. Vacuuming we have the father-husband) But this is in order.I will not say that we live in the house allergies - absolutely no, but just wish the house was clean. Speaking of Hoover was bought when the home is not one carpet was not (and the baby never even thought) - take - so you can wash the sofa (he's from a special material - soft bristles, but which can be washed - because the home lives a cat-the British - we always expected him to catch), and if necessary it is possible and to wash floors and Windows (actually never would wash their Windows) - kind of like a vacuum cleaner. In the end, we washed the floors twice - very many - laminate is not very good (and the tool will not always find such that is not foamed), I find it easier with a rag to run, but vacuuming it just perfectly. But like it sucks dirt and dust!!!! Not been dusted in just 3-4 days with a rag and cleaner, and my husband going for a run with him - open the lid - but there is so much!!!! I will not say the apartment did not seem so dirty.But when the child appeared and began to crawl, we bought a rug here and there just to say vacuum cleaner copes with its task perfectly!Why don't I? As a woman in the house I was supposed to use it in the first place (in principle it was planned), but... rinsing after cleaning the apartment a couple of times - I spat - come on! Now the child goes on the carpet we just play - it's easier for me to run it with a broom and then a wet cleaning deal than to assemble and disassemble the cleaner. If not for the husband I'd buy another to be honest.... On account of old Soviet vacuum cleaners - I was calm to cleaning and shaking out debris from it - but it took 5-7 minutes, and then....So, the point to all advantages and disadvantages, and then how we almost "ruined" a vacuum cleaner, and how to avoid it:ADVANTAGES:Collects all the dust, dirt, sand, and so very environmentally friendly - nothing is thrown in the air remains in voteis the air, even the feeling of freshness and lightness in Danielewski Hoover good even Navid clean the apartment - you can collect a full container of dirt (especially if you have animals or small kids) - also, it is divisability - just pull him along and he'll follow You to the ends of the world, just the wires from the socket just enough to fit the wheels very well lead, everywhere I stop, don't cling, ride soft, not knocking) Great set of replacement meatpole washing the carpet or sofa cleaner - it dries very quickly - the water sucks perfectly! - drying carpets and sofa usually takes about 5-6 hours.Versatility - suitable for dry cleaning, and wet. And to clean the floor and carpets and sofas, as well as glass, tile, etc. is odorless, if in time to wash and change filterregulator suction power (usually enough for average power) The power cord is long enough - still have never pulled him to the limit. Yes, and retracted when you press and hold the button on top. DISADVANTAGES:Not hard, but is a chore to wash the cleaner after cleaning - for 20 minutes you know it will crash, if not more - for me this is the main disadvantage, which I vacuum and do not use.(Some in the review write that the deal with the wash cleaner for 5 minutes, but my husband is in this respect, the phlegmatic and pedant - he does slowly, intently, but very high quality - here it hangs for a long time in the bathroom - initially, all the dirt will pour out the insides and get out and propuskaet, then everything will wipe 20 times....)Expensive filters - but my husband is a genius! he cuts the filters from scrap of similar materials - and nothing else - on the quality of the collection of dirt and dust in a vacuum cleaner is not as not affected.Very noisy cat so do when you turn on the vacuum cleaner under the bed salset, ears, paws covers How to save money on filters. Advice from her husband:It uses either thin sintepon - he carves small non-porous filters.The filter which is at the bottom of the vacuum near the wire - cuts from the production (industrial) skeins Karcher, which are used for filters, various cabinets, management, or fans. In fact - it can be any material-padding polyester. the filter from cinepanorama their HEPA filters you can buy in Yulmart for 500 RUB, It was changed only 3 times in 6 years. In principle, a HEPA filter is always clean, probably because we rarely use a wet cleaning. If often to use wet cleaning, perhaps it will be more faster to become clogged. How we avoided costly breakdowns:it all Started with the fact that after 6 years of use, the water began to get under the pallet, began to decline in the power of a vacuum cleaner. We thought maybe it's the filters (especially one of them was to have an unpleasant smell), filters and changed them. At the beginning of the vacuuming was usreal joy and her husband seemed happy, but after about 10 minutes of cleaning - it all came back. "How so? What's the matter?" - asked the husband, because he often and very efficiently washed each time vacuum. And was here's the thing - on the cover is the o-ring is attached to the hose.The inner side of the ring is covered with a thick square black parolantoj. O-concously remove porolone, and remove a ring that is inserted into the cover - there you can see the dust and debris - it a good rinse, because there are a few injectors (which are also desirable to clean at least a toothpick), which if not properly clean water they will not circulate. Why dust when vacuuming dry flies directly in the filter and clogs them. Water in the pan begins to boil due to clogged rectangular blue filter (inserted in the side hole of the pan with water) and is absorbed in the HEPA filter, due to which there is a possibility of getting water on the engine. Hence can cover the engine itself.So, guys, take out the o-ring in the lid of the vacuum cleaner - well washed - clean nozzle with toothpick put back in! Everything should work as usual! We've been helped, i.e., our cleaner. A colleague of my husband whose vacuum collapsed from similar causes, in the end I bought a new vacuum cleaner. I hope our feedback will help your in this business to play it safe and avoid breakage.

Apr 15, 2016 by

I this vacuum I bought at the time for 25 Tr is not cheap. In the end, very sorry. Vacuum was heavy and cumbersome in operation. With Aqua after pylesbornik confusion - a lot of detail, all in mud and hair, rinse uncomfortable. So I started to use vacuum cleaner only for cleaning. After filling the tank with water and 1 washing, to his surprise, he found the water in the tray that you pour impossible, only sponge clean is necessary. After about the 20th car wash fell the pressure of the high pressure pump. Instead of a powerful flat jet is now running thin weak trickle. The water in the tank was poured from the tap. I thought the case in the temperature of filled water was filled with different water, but the pressure has not changed. Gave to repair, but to no avail. Due to weak pressure and trickle to wash the floor useless. Bought a small vacuum cleaner they vacuum floors and my Trapani the old-fashioned way. This "German quality" is collecting dust.

Jan 20, 2016 by

quality and fast cleaning, multifunction

a little bulky, poorly washed, heavy

Hello! The thing was, I want a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to advertising, chose a vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter Thomas TWIN T2 Aquafilter. At first I was not happy, I thought why did I buy it? Takes a lot of space (if you live in an apartment, consider where it will stand), constantly runs into the wire and turned over, plus wash the bucket and everything inside. The filters for it cost 600R, buy every six months. But! When I got to mom's and vacuumed her vacuum cleaner, if you can call this process of Sarkana brush, it is a solid hassle, nothing sucks, although the new cleaner, easy with the bag, Selmer like. I dropped everything and brought his favorite Thomas.Well, the main problem with wash bucket dare is very simple, began to produce bags for collecting dust. For everyday use and use the wash once a month maybe.

Jan 15, 2016 by

the Aqua-filter a lot of additional attachments and accessories, multi-function, infinitely variable suction power

the high price filters, long cleaning the vacuum is a bit bulky, uncomfortable vertical transportation, bad to clean, heavy

It turned out that we are such a cleaner is not needed, we have allergies to dust, no, the air cleaner filter becomes, and the problems a lot!!! But if you are obsessed with cleanliness, if you have enough time on cleaning, or you have a housekeeper, of course, this cleaner will suit you.And dry cleaning of carpets and sofas don't really do. last time last year). Don't even know..Probably sore about 7 years, in order :the Air leaving the vacuum must be clean and without odors, we have not, we have some kind of smell is not very pleasant, and the filters are expensive, often fail to change.In our time, when every minute counts, and even resting when it is necessary, do not want much time to give to the cleaner, this is not my case.still I can't easily effortlessly collect threads and hair from the carpets, it is not provided by the developers or something. I have the angle of the pen to change, to constantly bend over to collect and this is my back really gets tired quickly. my husband even does the vacuuming, and protects himself....he's a big, heavy, difficult to store, maneuverability seems good, but very heavy, so it's kind of hard for targetplus probably still can write : it is a shocking sight - open it and you wonder where we have so much dirt, like it is not visible)). The bottom line: this vacuum cleaner is not for me to advise to buy too much I can not... PS: That's a present for March 8)))))) as it turned out...

May 18, 2015 by

the Aqua-filter hypoallergenic, high-quality and fast service, multifunction

a little bulky, bad to clean, the hose burst almost immediately

When buying a vacuum cleaner, I wanted to not only washed and cleaned the furniture and carpets, but also a very convenient and compact. But, in practice, been found the opposite. The weak point of this model can be called the hose, which burst almost immediately (very thin plastic), the repair cost inexpensive. Also, if I polzuyus mode wet cleaning, then it gets all sad. Inside the vacuum cleaner a lot of rubber bands and wash them otherwise, then you should immediately pojawia smell. The same touching and a hose to wash it constantly, after each wet cleaning. But to justify all the disadvantages can be noted as the cleaner cleans well, even carpets with high pile. For sofas wonderful furniture brush, clean to cheer. This model of vacuum requires a reverent attitude, he, too, needed a General cleaning. It is very difficult to wash all plastic parts of the vacuum cleaner and over time the smell still appears.

Mar 27, 2015 by

the Aqua-filter hypoallergenic, high-quality and fast cleaning, easy to wash, easy to operate, lots of additional attachments and accessories, multifunctional

In General, I believe that to have home carpets/rugs and wash them at least once a month - clean water and sanitation. Don't understand how we grew up in the USSR without all these useful things, in particular no vacuum cleaner. Several years used Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter, once this resource was depleted, I bought a new improved model Thomas TWIN T2 Aquafilter observations:the vacuum Cleaner is relatively compact. It's easy to clean the Cabinet of medium size. Parking is allowed in the vertical polugayevsky, no problem with the cleaning of cat hair, small dirt particles. You can remove a small amount of spilled liquid. Cleans the air in the room. Can't say that I feel fresh after vacuuming, but the smell of dust is not accurate.The Aqua-filter that models the due to the septum (Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter) it was not, and at high pollution filter water falling on the HAP-filter, why it quickly fell into disrepair. In the new models, this drawback is eliminated.Wet cleaning. The water spray is a little uncomfortable - narrow nozzle, the water has almost cut on the Mat 5-7 cm... Thomas TWIN TT Aquafilter this detail had a nozzle, and spraying was good. Maybe we got the incomplete copy?Collects water from the carpet efficiently. Our carpet dry in around 12-15 hours. Vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter should be washed after each cleaning, but the time spent is worth it, because of contamination are removed immediately instead of being stored in the apartment for months...the dust bag is stored separately from the cleaner, to better dry. Yes, and the vacuum cleaner best kept ajar. At first glance it seems that too troublesome thing, the Aqua - filter, but if not to be lazy and adapt, you will never want to go back to conventional vacuum cleaners including dry cleaning.

Feb 23, 2015 by

Drawbacks:the air after it is clean,dust is not ostovlyaet , many additional attachments, powerful suction adjustment. multifunction . very easy to use and despite the fact that the filter is expensive ,but once in half a year can not afford it.Disadvantages: Filter costs about 700 rubles ,it should be changed every 6 months. certainly not convenient in that it's big and takes up a lot of space.

Jan 18, 2015 by

hypoallergenic, high-quality and fast cleaning

the high price filters, long cleaning the vacuum is a bit bulky, heavy

One of our first joint purchases with her husband was a vacuum cleaner THOMAS TWIN T2. As we were in rented accommodation and carpet was not perfectly clean, I wanted it to somehow revive. So I bought a vacuum cleaner.A clean carpet he really coped well. But over time we have accumulated a lot of claims to this cleaner. The main claim was a complicated setup to work, and after work cleaning of the filters and the insides of the vacuum cleaner. All the fun of this rug was reduced to nothing. In the end, instead of as often as possible to get it vacuumed and all began to shy away from these responsibilities, I had to divide the work into two parts: I podgotavlivaya vacuum, and then washed, and my husband actually vacuumed.Wet cleaning of floors is satisfactory, but again, for the second time, I spat and decided to wash hands – it's faster and the quality is not worse.Wet cleaning the carpet is sometimes used, but is not very often, as after it the carpet should be slightly dry.Washing Windows I have not mastered, as frames he really does not wash well, if washed and then easier again, all hands to do.Of the benefits can only note the quality of the cleaning and what dust it does not hangs in the air, i.e. it is suitable for Allergy sufferers.In the end we this vacuum are left in the rental unit, in the new we have only a small children's rug cleaning which is enough battery dyson dc45 up top.Bought in 2009 for 12,000 rubles

Dec 10, 2014 by

easy to clean, lots of additional attachments and accessories, multifunctional

long cleaning the vacuum cleaner

About the purchase of vacuum cleaner thought long and hard, we have a cat with long fluffy white hair (and it is everywhere!). The floor in the house – linoleum and tile, no carpet. This cleaner washes all squeaky. Moreover, the preliminary sweeping of the premises is not required vacuum immediately sucks up small dirt and then washes the floor. Many people write that vacuum cleaners leave behind puddles of water, but I can say that they are not holding a vacuum cleaner brush: it should be positioned almost vertically (approximately the angle of 75-80 degrees to the floor) and then, after washing the floor is dry (if it is relatively smooth, in the pits, clear the water is). After washing I wipe floor with a damp white cloth to reliability and it remained white. But most importantly – it collects from the floor wool! (Pet owners will understand me especially). No hands, no MOP to wash the floor is not. Everything sparkles, squeaks with cleanliness, no dust, no hair, no stains. For me it is a real salvation. In addition, many complain that the vacuum cleaner is heavy and therefore it is difficult to handle – I made sure that the wheels attach to the vacuum cleaner good maneuverability and lift it there is no need (by the way, it goes great on thresholds). Wash this vacuum, of course, is not very convenient, but I can do it in five minutes and ready this time to spend for the sake of cleanliness in the house.

Dec 3, 2014 by


not agile, does not suck the dust, heavy

For me this is the worst vacuum cleaner. Not agile, heavy, does not suck the dust. Cleaning time is increased using this vacuum cleaner. The cleaner barely moves through the wires, the hose constantly twists, with similar problems never experienced before using other cleaners. Using this vacuum cleaner I often have to remove the brush and the pipe to suck debris. After cleaning, the brush cleaning, it takes about 7 minutes, I have a vacuum cleaner sucks bad. When we had carpet this vacuum we had vacuumed in the detergent mode, the carpet is then dried for about a day, as washing can not say anything, nothing to compare. Using the vacuum cleaner is not in cleaning mode, I its after cleaning is easy to clean.

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