Valera Swiss Nano 6200 Light SuperIonic T

- Type: Hairdryer

- Power: 1800 W

- Additional modes: supply cold air ionization

- The number of modes: 6


Feb 25, 2011 by

there is a very narrow nozzle, there is a strong mode of air supply

To purchase this hair dryer I used Brown with a nozzle for hair straightening. My hair is thin, slightly twisted and require constant styling. At the hairdresser spotted that hair they put a Hairdryer with a nozzle with a narrow lumen and a strong flow of cool air, and they are perfectly smooth until the next washing of the head. When the dryer brown, after serving for a short time, stopped working, went to the store for a new one. Decided not to take any more with smoothing the nozzles, and to take with a narrow lumen. Hairdryer Valera was the only such, she took it. We take pleasure in. A hair dryer two speeds and three modes of air temperature, there is a button for cold air supply. Bangs fit for a couple of minutes even without using styling products. The hair is first dried with warm air, then you choose high speed and cool air, and quickly placed and smoothed. Quick and easy! For me as a mom of a 4 month old baby and with a minimum of free time on himself, he was simply irreplaceable. The Hairdryer is a little more expensive the others, but it's worth it!

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