- Heating element type: open spiral


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Not surprisingly, an electric kettle "Tefal" in 2009 and 2011, he was awarded the annual prize of national trust "Brand №1 in Russia".I bought the model Vitek VT-1116 volume of 1.8 liters five years ago for the garden and very pleased. Liked the elegant form, the control window of the water level and heating element in the form of a disk. In the country electricity is not a pity, so the capacity of the kettle is 2000 watt is enough to quickly prepare hot water or just warm water. He was afraid that the plastic product will not be durable or heated water with its flavor, but Hey, the kettle properly served and slaved for repair and not cause any trouble.By the way, "Vitek" was not the first Russian brand, whose products are manufactured abroad. 95% in China and 5% in Turkey. It is a brand name composed of two words: Vita(lat.)- life, Technik(it.)- technique. It's a pity that such good products are not produced in Russia, and over the hill, but remains proud of his countrymen, who managed to organize the world-famous brand.

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