- Cleaning: dry

- Dust collector: the dust bag capacity 2.50 l

- Power regulator: on the case


Apr 10, 2013 by

quickly ceases to suck, clogged filter

A couple of years ago we bought a vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering Vitek company. At first, it pretty well sucked, but over time, a few months later, power began to fall with each cleaning. The filters at the air outlet was clogged by fine dust, and replacing them on sale. What we did: washed and cleaned - to no avail. Now the suction power of this "miracle of technology" is such that the water from Aqua-filter after the cleaning of rooms remains almost in its original form, it appears only a small amount of dust. This is despite the fact that he howls like a space rocket at the start. Will have in the near future to change it. I guess more of vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter in my house will not.

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