Whirlpool AKM 403 NB

- All burners: 4

- Gas burners: 4

- The panel material: glass ceramics

- Panel location: side

- Panel type: gas hob


May 21, 2016 by

+ beautiful and comfortable, everything is easy to clean, GASCONTROL, electric ignition, cast iron grates

Our cooktop is about 10 years. I can say that it serves us faithfully all these years. Bought it my cousin for $ 1,000 At that time a lot of money.Very comfortable socket. Only all eventually breaks down. And lately I only cook on two stove burners, because the two, one high and the smallest is broken. Not working autopager. On a cast iron grate collapsed rubber lining. But this is based on ten years of its operation. You can probably replace the grille???...enough of course, and two stove burners, but it's annoying when you need to cook more dishes.I can still say that the black tempered glass of course very nice, but all the splashes and drops on it is very visible and has all the time to scrub the stove. And yet there are convex parts in the panel, and in the joints sauciers wash . in General, hob I'm happy.Given the fact that we bought an apartment with the appliances in the kitchen, served the hob is fine. But it's time to replace it. We buy panel with tempered glass, but not black. BOSH has looked bright . Read reviews about it. And yet it would be necessary with a continuous lattice.

Aug 18, 2015 by

GASCONTROL, electric ignition, cast iron grates

A year has passed since buying this model the hob. I want to note:-located handle switches; -electronic ignition; getcontrol;-steady cast-iron grates; nothing with them is not falling and not moving.-enough space for dishes. On the plate is not closely.-well all washed off with plain water (if very dirty, you can add soda or fat-soluble dishwashing detergent), after wipe dry with a clean dry cloth. Mirror clean.Of the minuses can be noted the black color of the panel. After each cooking you need to wipe the stove, otherwise all the remaining drops on a black surface visible well (as well as black color showers).In General, everything works fine.

May 8, 2014 by

+ beautiful and comfortable, everything is easy to clean, GASCONTROL, electric ignition, cast iron grates

can be scratched

I use this stove for 6 years. very much I like the stove black glass)+ beautiful+ furnace of tempered glass is very durable. To scratch it, but it is difficult at this time (unless you drop and throw on it something heavy, it can be). And,of course, not rubbing with a metal brush. Panels not made of glass also scratched just hard+ electric ignition ( no need for lighters and matches, but this is just class! although this is no surprise)))+ getcontrol (when escaping and boiling the gas supply is terminated)+ cast iron grates (not burned probably never, unlike steel or what else is produced there)+ well-positioned burners. In all the years never thought otherwise. Perfectly placed everything on the stove, not touching and not heating up handles ignition+ easy to clean various antigravity means for glass surfaces, I prefer gel. The main thing is not to throw the wash in a box))) (my once a week)- visible stains and Grasim overall I'm very happy with my oven, I love it!!!

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