Whirlpool MAX 38 NBU

- The power of microwaves: 700 W

- Location: freestanding

- The internal volume: 13 l


Jan 30, 2015 by

roomy, plenty of programs, pretty little

Welcome! I want to tell you about our little baby and with great power inside! Our microwave was as big as all standard! And she stood high on the refrigerator, just below her place, because every housewife knows that the kitchen, even on the largest there is no extra! In the modern world a very convenient thing, I don't eat out of the fridge cold and I find it very helpful! And jumping on a chair and use when on the fridge, it is something! Plusimage!Spacious (EXT. dia. 28 cm!)Many programmulina defrost Manusia no! My manazuru suggested the idea that he had seen somewhere a small microwave, I was interested, he showed me this! Of course the price is 9000 thousand is not small, but to be honest, it covers these attachments! Its main plus is the compact size! If You it doesn't matter, buy more sophisticated microwave!It is round inside, very comfortable, the extra angles don't take place! Has a number of regular programs, plus a special dish which you can make a crust for pizza or to bake a cake like a pizza, I do a little of this. Defrost is very convenient for the soup to defrost the meat! 800 grams of meat is 14 minutes! There's a grill, there is a microwave plus grill. In General, for the microwave, just enough. The kitchen is as TV, it lacks in the panels with him )) Joke! I'm happy with our purchase, very interesting, compact, decent! PS. at the top is written in max mood, the husband affectionately calls Mahmoud )))

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