Zanussi ZKT 663 LX

- All burners: 4

- Ceramic hobs: 4

- Panel location: front

- Connection method: electric cooking plate


Apr 10, 2016 by

quality, burners of different diameters, timer for each cooking zone

quickly visible scratches, easily contaminated

It was almost 10 years ago. After moving to a new apartment faced with the need to choose a new stove. After much agonizing choice: read reviews, forums, shopping home appliances and communication with the various consultants were selected independent ceramic cooking Zanussi ZKT 663 LX. Selection of a spontaneous model with 2 burners with dual zone (one oval). And metal frame - clean And liked that this surface has served us faithfully for almost 10 years. What can I say about her after this time:- convenient controls (separate for each burner) is a convenient timer rings - loud alarm negative:- easily soiled quickly and there were scratches on the hob. Especially a lot of those that most enjoyed (we used a medium and one with an oval extension. The extension itself was never used For more than 10 years first covered with a small ring (the one with the extension of larger diameter) and large diameter worked. Then cover the middle burner. And again the question arose - to repair or buy a new one, because to live with only 2 working burners 4 very uncomfortable. In the toga, it was decided to buy a new one, but this is another story.

Jan 27, 2012 by

burners of different diameters

My basic requirements for any technology is ease of use, attractive appearance, and of course increased durability. All of these parameters, as well as affordability meets electric hob Zanussi ZKT 663 LX. There is everything necessary - including four mobile sections with additional sections, lock / key from a playful children's fingers. For my mother's attention there is a button or rather a function of "Hot" that announces itself to the cool down section. Really like to cook on the hob, the rice for sushi. Perfect taste helps to create a mobile switching temperature of the hob. If you are fond of sushi is worth the purchase. Polluted relatively. Easy to clean special spreee and scraper. In this regard, I have no difficulty arose.

Jan 27, 2012 by

For a start, the pros: 1. Stylish looks. It's probably the main advantage of the glass-ceramic plate)). 2.Heats up quickly. Almost immediately reaches a predetermined temperature.3.1 burner with increased power. Really better heated. 1 the ring has an extension for oval dishes, all burners of different diameters. Very convenient.Features (typical of all ceramic glass surfaces, probably): 1.After several years of use (I have to use another plate was the landlady) on the surface of the "bright" spots. The manual says that this can be caused by using an enamel or aluminum cookware. Conclusion - with the purchase of the plate in some cases it is necessary to upgrade the stock pots). 2. Gets dirty quickly. No matter fried something squirt, "ran" any of the pots or the whole process was smooth and without dirt. Anyway, after the cooking plate does not look clean. Dripped a drop of the spoon and wiped it with a rag (clean))- left stains. It is necessary to wash with. T. O. to wash it every day means it takes a lot. (By the way, I use the following tools: "Wonderful glass ceramics", means firms Flash and Bugs Humanit )3.Touch control - capricious. Then shake-shake, and it is not included, it is included from accidental light touch or put on top of the cover. Wet or cold hands can not even try to manage. I always warm hands before switching on-switching).Sinusiodal accidentally squeezed the button "protection of children". The plate is locked, but unlock it failed in any way. Naturally, my family tried again to clamp the lock button for a long time, tried in combination with other keys - nothing helped. A couple of days! found on the Internet an alternative solution, a loophole in the electronic brains of this "clever" - press quickly after turning 2 extreme buttons at the same time. Yet to use it. Now, the downside is that when something goes wrong, you never know whether the sensor has broken digging, or a failure in the electronic program, or some other reason. In General, the pros can say, outweigh, but if I had to choose, I probably would not have chosen the glass:)

May 31, 2011 by

burners of different diameters

easily contaminated

We could not choose from the many offers on the hob, not yet climbed the entire Internet and not read a bunch of reviews on them. Very much we liked Zanussi ZKT 663 LX. We took it in the online store Eletix ( not expensive price and good reviews on the store itself). This surface cost us only 8100! Almost everything in it is great: you can put different diameter pots, there is a sound timer, touch switch does not get hot even with all 4 burners on, is a function of automatic boiling. However, I found some "priyamani" it: 1) If any of the food "ran away", I immediately, as usual, trying to wipe everything until praskvitsa. But then it will not work! The panel starts a nasty squeak and a few seconds completely off. 2) the same situation occurs when on shuffle, not included burner, something I put in the included at least one burner. 3)the Constant fingerprints on the glass (silver frame) at the beginning annoyed me, then I used often simply need to wipe the surface. 4) watch slipping when you turn off the electricity, even the slightest it jumps. But, overall I was pleased with the purchase.

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