Zanussi ZWF 826

- Download type: front

- Maximum load of Laundry: 5 kg

- Tank material: plastic


Jul 16, 2009 by

high quality washing interesting washing programs

Washing machine Zanussi ZWF826 very necessary for the family. The machine I bought six months ago. Husband installed it on the kitchen takes the place of the course I not frail , as in the hallway is no place and pretty quickly hooked. Spaciousness of linen, for our family is enough. Working noiselessly lobe of the brain does not knock. Before that we had another washing machine, if washing at high speeds vibrated violently on the floor that even could be heard from the neighbors, and it was the washing machine I like the power and quality of washing. I suggest to take this washing machine.

Jun 20, 2009 by

temperature selection - 30/40/60/95 degrees, high quality of washing, easy to operate, small, inexpensive, narrow, power consumption is economical

With the advent of families and young children machine simply irreplaceable. Buying a washing machine Zanussi ZWF826 you several times to facilitate their everyday work. It's just second hand. Small ,narrow , takes up very little space in the bathtub , almost silent ,perfectly washes from white to black when young children are simply irreplaceable assistant . Convenient and easy to operate no need to set the mode , degree , poured out the powder and poured the conditioner , put clothes on . Pull the clothes, it is almost dry, put one hour to go, wiped the machine, left the door open for hours. Just a wonderful washer.

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