Zepter PWC-400 Turbo-Handy

- Cleaning: dry

- Dust collector: cyclone

- Power regulator: no


Aug 8, 2015 by

wireless, beautiful, agile

darling, won't replace a standard vacuum cleaner, not enough power

The first time this vacuum cleaner I saw last summer at her father house, where my husband and I went on vacation. And to be honest I was in shock from what did not come up)) to do this, just do not know what these are, about robots-vacuum cleaners heard about such... So no... my husband day 2 vacuumed everywhere where you don't have to, so we liked him. But then we began to notice that it skips more than suck in a little of the cleaner are generally mild. Barely costacou wool and collected all. In General one week left of him and about a vacuum cleaner forgot.Remember this summer when once again came for a visit. And vacuum all live and how we understand is often used, but only in detail, not for normal cleaning. And now we're like in the morning, looking at it, ponder why it's not working as it should. got a filter, washed with - zero sense. Then my husband drew attention to the fact that there are 2 filter a friend Yes a friend took first (large grid) and tried the cleaner in action with one filter. Here is the deal and went!) Well now gathers hair and dust, but hair, sand, crumbs, etc. Turned out to be a good thing, but the price is absolutely not justified! You can buy such a helper of another brand at a much better price and efficiency Zepter, he will not yield.I hope my opinion is useful)))

Feb 16, 2014 by

wireless, easy to clean filter

rapid wear of the charge, will not replace a standard vacuum cleaner

Cons after, and start from the pros:This maybe that is just the perfect option in situations where the carpet or floor crumbles something small (cereal, salt, cracker dust, etc.) For 10 seconds, all easily and simply be removed. It's also handy to suck the dust from hard to reach places.Comfortable and light, without wires.Cute design, does not occupy much space in the apartment.Suitable for rapid cleaning for 10-15 minutes, constant support of cleanliness in the apartment, but for the Grand cleaning it will not be enough. Disadvantages:the Charge lasts for 20 minutes. But he's on a long clean and not calculated.When you use this vacuum as a little manual to get into hard to reach places for cleaning, it is sometimes annoying that dubka, which sucked in dust, not very tightly fixed, and goes inside. Constantly having to pull it out. Dear.Not suitable for large cleaning and is not a substitute for an ordinary cleaner.I recently became ill suck dirt particles from the carpet, and the brush turns powerfully, but the air is not addictive, or is addictive, but not from where it should be.. so I think if there was anything clogged and need to disassemble and clean, whether broken.. =\ For me, the greatest benefit comes from the removable part of the cleaner, use it more often, and have learned that it often helps me. If it were possible to buy only it and much cheaper, this would be the greatest meaning and effect.

Sep 2, 2013 by

wireless, easy to clean filter, multi-function, no bags to collect dust, detachable brush, ergonomic

I gave my mother in law on the anniversary of palazzos Zepter TURBOhandy 2in1 and she was very pleased with him,said that of the more beautiful gift you can dream of!Without hesitation, I bought exactly the same!And now I'm excited,because I'm not constantly wired in,no need. but to shake the bags which a heap of dust,it is very light and compact,just need to rinse the filter and you can continue to work,a lot of tools and different functions.This is one of the best purchases of my life!Buy you will not regret!!

Sep 2, 2013 by

wireless, easy to clean filter, no bags to collect dust

will not replace a standard vacuum cleaner, a broken turbo brush roller mechanism

The firm Zepter, I respect a lot, I like their goods, such as kitchenware and appliances. When there was none, so I doubted their quality goods. For ten years we've purchased and used the products or when there was grief. But with this purchase, I questioned the quality of zepter. This vacuum cleaner I decided to buy for the following parameter: wireless which is very convenient, the battery when fully charged is enough to clean a three bedroom apartment completely, after cleaning it is almost completely discharged. Charging for about 10-12 hours to fully charge.Convenient and fast service, excellent Maneuverability. Liked the detachable small block for cracks and hard to reach places, in General it is simpler to clean the flat. Easy to use and maintain. Simply cleaned.Compact, takes not much space, no need to remove and dostavat a cleaner, much more comfortable with a stand. Cons:Power is certainly not too high, not how many times you need to vacuum the Palace in the kitchen.Small container to collect dust, need to be cleaned often for the effective operation of the cleaner, if it is half full, it is not cooet.You also need to look to the spinning turbo brush wasn't wrapped in a garbage. Also in this situation, the brush is not spinning, and the vacuum cleaner does not suck dust and debris. Wound on the brush hair, animal hair, threads mixed with the dust. It's all wound on the brush and not sucked into the vacuum cleaner, then it needs to be cleaned manually. I was happy this purchase for three months, and we broke, broke turbo brush roller mechanism, to be precise, burned the little motor that turns the turbo brush now cleaner without this mechanism, does not suck in practice. I had to get the old vacuum cleaner. I think the cause of failure, not timely cleaned the brush and the motor burned out from this tension))). photos of breakage, brush cleaned For myself, did I conclude the following: this vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning, and not a replacement for the standard vacuum cleaner, it is so pampering for quick cleaning of crumbs and light dirt, to replace the standard vacuum cleaner this unit is not loved, he slabenko power and design is not for ongoing use. Although the consultant was positioned as a cleaner for daily cleaning. And the price of the "ray of sunshine" about 14 thousand rubles, for the money you can buy a very good vacuum cleaner, powerful, high quality, easy to use and operate, simple maintenance and cleaning. I'm sure when its purchase was counting on all these parameters, but this unit I do not replace a standard vacuum cleaner, it is very Slavy for a vacuum cleaner. Don't know to recommend it or not, if its purchased in the role of replacement broom then Yes, if full replacement of a vacuum cleaner it certainly is not!!! a review on mixer MixSy Zepter Love it, a worthy replacement of small appliances in the kitchen, "one")))

Mar 29, 2013 by

a quick breakdown of a latch on the handle, wear quick charging

Bought a vacuum cleaner from a representative of the company Zepter for 13,000 rubles. A month later broken. In addition, the cleaner got all night, and enough for three rooms, after talking with a representative of the company - it turned out that well because it's not a vacuum cleaner and elektrovenik! Brought in service center, there tried to convince me in a hundred, I incorrectly used, offered to repair for 500 rubles. I'm in shock! People don't buy it [Oh] especially for the money!!!!!!!!

Nov 29, 2012 by

wireless, easy to clean filter, multi-function, no bags for dust collection, ergonomic

Long thought to buy or not vacuum cleaner Zepter in a small apartment, and this handheld vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 was a real boon. Powerful, quiet, convenient, any angle will climb, any crack. We have a cat - a lover of indoor plants, throws the flowers to the ground. As it does not abuse this idiot for his. This pylesos 5 minutes all traces of the inappropriate behavior of a cat disappear. Husband comes home from work, everything is clean, we Murzik mind does not serve =) otherwise my Mursili would have lived on the street.

Jul 18, 2012 by

wireless, multifunction

Walk with him around the house and feel like a goonie. It is a mega thing for small cleaning. It will not replace a real great vacuum cleaner, but still helps out constantly. Took it and went to the second floor collect debris from the window sills from the flowers. And angles special nakadachi you can climb – and the chairs of crumbs to clean in the folds. He's an incredible design, you will not understand, what is this thing alien. Plus, you can wash the filter itself. Charging for two hours and ready to work again.

Mar 18, 2011 by

wireless, multifunctional, ergonomic

I respect the firm Zepter ,use their pots and pans, Cutlery, well, kitchen knives, so all is above all praise. Once my son started crawling, and then went all the crumbs found on the floor, drawn inexorably in his mouth. Naturally, the cleaner just worked tirelessly, but I have it still a huge mopping, heavy, in short is to pull it out, turn it on, and still sound son did not like it - right into the ditch. So in our house there was a little helper Zepter TURBO handy 2in1. Very interesting device ,works as a normal vacuum cleaner with a long handle, or manually, i.e. the nozzle with the engine and the filter is removable, pulled out a small flat tube, and voila, you have in your hands the cleaner for manual cleaning of hard to reach places (I removed the remains of the food into the seat children's chairs,window sills and all corners of dust, bookshelves, all sorts of crumbs in the kitchen etc. you name it). Listen, well charged it is all fly away, you put it in the base like a cordless, stick the charger in the socket, a couple of hours and the cleaner is ready for operation, no cord that drags you around the house!!! The only thing I want to warn you that as a powerful alternative to conventional home vacuum cleaner to take it, he is not so powerful and more suitable for quick cleaning (spilled something once and for all clean) and cleaning the car carpeting from dust better than ordinary vacuum cleaner will not clean out. Still, I forgot to specify that the filter can be washed! Hope was useful for You!!!

Oct 18, 2010 by

wireless, multifunctional, ergonomic

I hate cleaning!!! But I have a small child and now this time, no cleaning to do, and not once a day we have to do!!! Chips, cookies, paper and all sorts of stuff daughter just loves to leave it all on the floor, so the kitchen like a war zone!!! The apartment also have to sweep every day - baby likes to sit, crawl on the floor. You know what a vacuum cleaner -even the smallest most convenient: yet out of the closet would get until the brush is connected, the wire will extend in the General confusion. Can and a broom, but it's dust and stuff, you know...And here I am this lazy lucky enough to try at home a new product from Zepter TURBOhandy. All ingenious is simple: a vacuum cleaner an entire day's worth on the basis of-charge (home phone) it is vertical so space is not more than a pair of sneakers. When I just have to sweep him off base and vacuum, while it is so slight that the baby, which, incidentally, already weighs 9 pounds, I can hold the second hand!!! In the vacuum cleaner brush is spinning the elastic band that lifts the debris from the floor, so no dust will not pass, this is especially true when cleaning with Pets (collects wool). And when I need to clean up the crumbs from the table, clean the dust from corners and other hard to reach places, I just take a small hand-held vacuum cleaner with a brush and they clean these places. Husband uses this a little cleaner for cleaning the interior in the car! I will not say that this vacuum cleaner is super powerful and can suck an elephant and do the cleaning in the house, not for that of physical therapy, there are other gadgets, but for everyday, fast, nice, simple cleaning is exactly what you need!!!What especially surprised me was physical therapy this time, so that it is not necessary to buy pricey filters and consumables, debris is thrown away from the bulb, and if contaminated, bin part can be washed!!! In General I am very happy, and you try.

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