Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 2 reviews
Operating system
DOS / Win 8 64
Battery type
While working
3 hours
Battery capacity
5200 mAh
A microphone
The presence of speakers
Operating system:
DOS / Win 8 64
Battery type:
While working:
3 hours
Battery capacity:
5200 mAh
A microphone:
The presence of speakers:


Overall rating 5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 17, 2013


Bought to replace an old Acer, which is to be repaired were longer than work. Was looking for a powerful multimedia laptop that is suitable for domestic use, for work and for games. Here it is! I’m not going to describe the characteristics, you can find them on any website about laptops, just note those differences that so loved him. The first and most important for me – great quality monitor with excellent color reproduction, with a huge angle of view, Matt. No additional settings are needed to do. The second keyboard. It is convenient for fast typing, the keys never get lost under your fingers, because divided, almost does not knock, soft and easy to press, a digital keyboard is right for me important to work. Well and lights pleased night, a pretty. The third – sound. Even though I use speakers, but it’s still much better than the competition. The subwoofer I really have not tested, it would be necessary to address this issue… the Last is a common operation. Loaded instantly, no noise at all, not heated, toys, all sorts of GTA and the Sims) pulls on hurrah, the video shows happy. No complaints anywhere. If you choose between this model and something else, take Asus you will not regret!

Advantages:silent operation, design, power, speed

Overall rating 5.00 stars
June 5, 2014


Previous laptop of Toshiba, served as a faith and truth of 7 years probably. Therefore, the approach to the selection of the laptop is very picky. Chose the following parameters (from most important to less):Budget to 36 000 horosha gaming video card to go “heavy” Ugryumova keyboard with classic raskladkina not below Intel і5ы, beautiful and pleasant korpusnaya USB 3.0 ports, preferably more 1Full HD monitorurl between the following producers:Toshiba, very pleased with the previous laptop, so it was a trust relationship to this firmou VAIO – can’t say I trust Sonia, but their authority rests. The wife’s laptop Sony Vaio 2 year flew matrix. The benefit of time under warranty to replace.Asus was a laptop from this company, only positive Lenovo – just reliable for reviews Of the proper parameters turned out this plate, in which the victory was won by the aforementioned device.Toshiba Satellite A200-1M8 T7100 (1.8 Ghz 2-core)5.7 Rating Radeon HD2600 (Rating 100)USB 3.0 = 0Full HD = no Toshiba Satellite C50-A-L2WIntel Core i3-3110M (2.4 GHz, 2-core) (Raiting = 6.6)NVIDIA GeForce 710M (Raiting = 153)USB 3.0 = 1Price = 17990Full Hd = no N56VVIntel ASUS Core i5-3320M (2.6 GHz 2-core) (Raiting = 7.2)NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (Raiting = 240)USB 3.0 = 4Price = 30990Full HD = yes ASUS N56VV Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.4 4-core) (Raiting = 8.0 )NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (Raiting = 240)Price = 35280Full HD = yes ASUS N550Jv Intel Core i7-4700HQ(2.4 4-core) (Raiting = 8.2)NVIDIA GeForce GT750M (Raiting = 240)USb 3.0 = 3Price = 36990Full HD = yes Lenovo IdeaPad Z710 Intel i5-4200M(2.5 2-core) (Raiting = 7.3)NVIDIA GeForce GT745MUSB 3.0 = 2Price = 29990Full HD = yes Ratings of processors and graphics cards were taken from specialized sites: as for reviews after a few months of operation:if you GeForce GT750M graphics Card really pulls all the toys on the highest setting. I love to replay my old toys, so games like Stalker 1, 2, 3, King’s Bounty (Knight, Princess, warrior of the North), Titan Quest IT – all at maximum.Keyboard, still not very pleased. But on modern laptops manufacturers perverted the keys as you can. Who Insert, erase, Delete who’s who Page Up/Page Down will combine with another useful key. There is still more or less, except one – to subtract/add the sound – you have to press the function key “Fn” on the bottom left and click add/remove sound top right. On one hand make it extremely difficult. But we have to do very often.The processor is great. Even if you heated the laptop for heavier applications – effectively heat is removed due to the metal housing.Almost immediately stuck in place of the regular HDD drive from Toshiba, and staff planted instead of CD-ROM’a. You should give credit – the replacement CDROM’a slide – takes 5 minutes – and only 1 Unscrew the bolt without disassembling the casing. This configuration allowed the plane to” be still “reactive”.All sorts of communication kind of Bluetooth and Wifi are stable.External sub-woofer, which comes in the package – just happy. Yes the sound is better than tweeters, not Ah, but better. Ie just a plus in karma”.The battery holds really long. Didn’t do any measurements, but always enough for current tasks. Of the minuses:the Inconvenient location of the buttons, the addition/subtraction of sweetstothesweet the Insert button as a separate button located on the “Del” button, accessible through the function key “Fn”.A terrible touchpad. Better to use an external mouse and activate the option “disable touchpad when connecting the mouse. Otherwise, when typing, the touch pad senses your fingers and takes away the mouse cursor on the screen somewhere horrible. It turns out that you are typing a text in one place, and by chance for myself continue to gain it in another. I couldn’t get used to it and avoid accidental such maneuvers. The bottom line: this is really a cool laptop. Very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Fully functional device. He suschestvuyuet a few modifications, be careful when buying.

The ASUS company offers users to check out N56VB. The features of N56VB, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left N56VB reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase ASUS N56VB. Buy ASUS N56VB with benefits.
Type laptop
Operating system DOS / Win 8 64
Battery type Li-Ion
While working 3 hours
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
A microphone there
The presence of speakers there
The presence of a subwoofer no
Two video no
Adapter type discrete and integrated
Video processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
The amount of video memory 2048 MB
Memory type DDR3
Memory frequency 1600 MHz
The amount of RAM 4...8 GB
Support 3D no
Screen size 15.6 "
Touch screen no
Screen resolution 1366x768 / 1920x1080
Led backlit screen there
Multi-touch screen no
Widescreen display there
Type cover the screen Matt
3G no
Wi-Fi there
WiMAX no
4G LTE no
Bluetooth optional
EDGE support no
Support GPRS no
HSDPA support no
Bluetooth Version 4.0
The Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 n
Code processor 3120M
Core processor Ivy Bridge
Processor type Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7
Processor frequency 2400...2600 MHz
The amount of L2 cache 1 MB / 512 KB
The volume of L3 cache 3 MB / 6 MB
The number of processor cores 2 / 4
COM port no
DVI output no
HDMI output there
Interface LPT no
Output TV-out no
Entrance a MIC there
DisplayPort Out no
Output mini VGA no
The audio input no
Micro HDMI output no
Built-in Fax modem no
The PS/2 interface no
VGA output (D-Sub) there
The eSATA interface no
Infrared port (IRDA) no
Built-in network card there
Audio output/headphone there
Max. speed LAN adapter 1000 Mbps
The FireWire Interface no
The input on the TV-in no
Mini DisplayPort Output no
The FireWire 800 Interface no
Output audio digital (S/PDIF) there
Number of interfaces USB 3.0 Type A 4
The connection to the docking station no
Microphone input/headphone output Combo no
Memory card
Support SD there
Support Memory Stick there
The device for reading flash cards there
GPS no
Width 255 mm
Length 380 mm
Webcam there
Weight 2.67 kg
TV tuner no
Thickness 34 mm
Metal case there
Remote control no
Shockproof case no
Waterproof case no
Additional information external subwoofer
The fingerprint scanner no
Slot for Kensington lock there
The number of pixels web camera 1.3 million pixels.
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
Storage device
Optical drive Blu-Ray / DVD-RW
Hard drive type HDD / HDD+Cache SSD
The amount of drive 500...1000 GB
The speed of rotation 5400 rpm
The volume of the first disk 0...1000 GB
The placement of the optical drive internal
Expansion slots
ExpressCard Slot no
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