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Power supply
Power consumption
operating: 33 W, standby: 1 W
horizontal: 178°; vertical: 178°
250 CD/m2
Response time
6 MS
Step point vertically
0.2652 mm
Dynamic contrast ratio
Power supply:
Power consumption:
operating: 33 W, standby: 1 W
horizontal: 178°; vertical: 178°
250 CD/m2
Response time:
6 MS
Step point vertically:
0.2652 mm
Dynamic contrast ratio:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 9, 2014


Color without compromise — this is the main feature of the PA series displays. A similar range of PB is the same, except for the factory calibration.Qualitative matrix type IPS and already customized color are the main but not the only advantage of this monitor. It makes me happy and many other things.Modest, strict and notlikely from image design. Bulb-indicator white, not too bright and not hard on the eyes, but if it suddenly will stop, you can simply disable in the menu.On the monitor frame is made inconspicuous serifs: ruler in centimeters and in inches. In the menu you can change the display on the monitor grid in increments of half a millimeter or a quarter of an inch is convenient for measuring distances and for vertical or horizontal alignment. In the same menu you can enable on screen drawing sheet sizes A4, Letter, and several other formats.The brightness is perfectly uniform. It can be adjusted in a very wide range, so that the eyes will be comfortable working and at night, all without additional lighting, and a day in the sun.A very nice bonus — built-in USB hub. The supplied wire is connected to the computer, then to the monitor, you can connect 4 USB devices. If you have a lot of external hard with archives of photos, it is very convenient.To connect the monitor via VGA, but it is better to leave this option in case of emergency because the analog channel, the picture will not be as clear as possible. In addition to analog VGA, the monitor supports all major digital channels connections: DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI. For all of them, except HDMI, included are the cables. Although the HDMI cable I spent only 4 euros, it was a little sad that you can’t use the monitor the way I wanted, right out of the box.The monitor immediately out of the box — with fixed stand, so he transported. You can get immediately put on the table. Stand steady, with a good adjustment at the corners. Height adjustment is also good, but personally I prefer to put under the Foundation of the two book of volume — with the ergonomics rises to the maximum level, the center of the screen exactly in front of the eye.I do not play games at this point to describe the monitor can not.Love mode Pivot the monitor you can rotate the stand 90 degrees and shift the image accordingly. Vertical orientation is much easier for writing or reading texts, to work with the code: rows get shorter easy to read and placed them on the screen much more. Be sure to try! The angle from the matrix such that no problem with uneven colors or brightness or not, as the monitor nor turn and how it may look.There is a mode “picture in picture” when on different channels to the monitor outputs two image source, and you can show the image from the second source in the frame in the corner. Reminiscent of the function of the TV to watching one channel, monitor another. I personally found this feature to work.Happy, even though the price is above average.

Advantages:4 additional usb connector, ips matrix, calibrated at the factory, the pivot mode

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Power supply built-in
Power consumption operating: 33 W, standby: 1 W
View horizontal: 178°; vertical: 178°
Brightness 250 CD/m2
Response time 6 MS
Step point vertically 0.2652 mm
Dynamic contrast ratio 50000000:1
Step point horizontally 0.2652 mm
The maximum number of colors 16.7 million
Update frequency lines: 24-83 kHz; frame: 50-75 Hz
Functionality color calibration
Inputs DVI-D (HDCP), HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA (D-Sub)
Outputs headphone
USB hub there are a number of ports: 4
Interfaces USB Type A x4, USB Type B
USB version USB 2.0
Standards ecological: MPR-II, TCO 5.2; energy efficiency: Energy Star
Wall mount there, 100x100 mm
Height adjustment Yes
Rotate 90 degrees Yes
Dimensions, weight 549x496x201 mm, 5.50 kg
General characteristics
Type LCD monitor, wide angle
Diagonal 23"
Backlight WLED
Resolution 1920x1080 (16:9)
Max. refresh rate 75 Hz
Type of matrix screen TFT IPS
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