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The choice spin speed of
Rotation speed during the spin cycle
to 1200 rpm
Special programs
washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash in plenty of water, soaking, pre-wash
Wash program wool
The number of programs
Control imbalance
Protection of children
The choice spin speed of:
Rotation speed during the spin cycle:
to 1200 rpm
Special programs:
washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash in plenty of water, soaking, pre-wash
Wash program wool:
The number of programs:
Control imbalance:
Protection of children:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
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October 16, 2015


It so happened that urgently needed washing. Moving, new baby, need a car yesterday, and the money to buy right now – not more than twenty thousand. Well, as usual. So live:)) Thanks to your feedback, girls and areku, I didn’t buy:* Atlant (Belarus), many in a month begins to wash the mood to cook instead of 30°, press on the number of revolutions, which wants* Indesit (Italian firm, the plant is in Russia)are poorly drained and do not rinse* Hans (Poland)Works perfect, but 100% of feedback breaks down in a year or two, exactly to the end of the warranty. Although the consultants suggest, because the “European Assembly”.. But the poles, such poles.* Daewoo (the Korean firm, Chinese factory)Damn. Here I like these cars. Bubble technology, quiet operation, its institutions, the world’s first wall-mounted washing machine – it’s all DEU. But the latest feedback is almost there and the consultant has consumed my brain, they say, as soon as Mercedes opened a factory in China – all, the quality is not the Korean, the details are not the same and very few services are able to repair so cunning machine. Scared. Persuaded..* Ardo (Italy)his Own sad experience In the end, opted, Nabuko (Turkish firm, assembling in RF)

Model: BEKO WMB 71241 PTLC+ Very good: Price 16 R 090 + shipping 850 + anti-vibration stand 450r + powder for the first wash 200p. A total of 17500. Ordered evening Thu evening sat in brought. Roundabout them for the promptness and the lowest price;)+ a Full-sized model (does not jump during the spin cycle, but it’s huge! )Dimensions: 59 x 54 x 82 findings hatch: 41.5 cm+ download up to 7 kogalnichanu, still 7 kg for two adults and two children – a lot)) But all fit well, including shoes, odelay. heavy bulky items. + many programs, flexible configuration

With half an hour with my husband meditated on the instruction, but there was nothing to it.

In any mode, you can select temperature, the number of revolutions on the spin cycle, add a pre-wash, wash+rinse, or reduce the wash time button “Express”.+ Erases fine and well vypolaskivat powder/conditioner etc. means not a trace remains! Neither linen nor in the compartments of the machine. Even with short washing at 30-40°. I was pleasantly surprised.+ Press perfectly. More about 600 not put, take out almost dry. Put a glass of water on the included machine when washing and wringing the water barely waving)the only Minus: rather noisy. Works like our Indesit, which is already 20 years behind the closed door audible. It does not bother me at all, by the way, she overcomes not louder than works and the quality of the wash, price, design and resistance to vibration(it is short:)) completely cover this deficiency.About the quality and modes of washing.Erases better than our old one (a real Italian) the best Italian Indesit and Ardo vertical loading (where the iron drum tearing things through again and not pulling out).Wash mostly on cotton 40° C spin 600 rpm. It turns out 1:30-1:50 (pre-wash and extra rinse)

At the children’s home things wash out old stains, which failed two previous cars.After moving in, the apartment was construction dust for which the daughter was worn in bright socks and then tights. Socks became like new, black heel washed off without soaking and washing additional funds at 40°! (Washed cheap asanovski clean’ok for 60 rubles)Express Laundry 14 minutes washes, of course. But for the “update to” clean things. Erases quite intensively, by the way.If you need a pre-wash or extra rinse – you can choose the appropriate program for the plate, or add buttons.The plate on which it is clear what the modes are different from each other.


Wash children’s vasabladet boiling and extra rinse.Chernogorskaya wash program) wash at 30°, gentle as wool with a small press.Wash on all programmes, but most often just set the temperature, speed and more options.Additional options

On most programs you can add:Button 1: pre-stiralnaya 2: Express (speeds up the cycle at 20-30 percent)Button 3: pre-wash + extra rinse (button “remove pet hair)Button 4: the effect of glaciating any program you can change the number of turns:400-500-600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200-stop with water-drain water without timetemperature:30-40-50-60-70-80-90-wash cold vadagalai the choice of programs is immediately evident how much time will it take to wash (time accurate) depending on the selected characteristics.There is a countdown to the end, but now the washing phase.The end of stirkes squeaks and music. For some it’s a minus, but I wanted a new baby at home, the eldest daughter also still sleeps in the afternoon).Ustanovkami install please note that the drain hose needs to be raised to 40cm-1m from the floor, so there was spontaneous drainage of water. But, as in any machine.In this model, 1 hose to connect the water, that is, by default, connects cold water only. On the hose there is a filter. The water hose is designed for 25°, who is not satisfied, it is possible to buy at least 60° (Leroy Merlin 500 rubles). The diameter of the plug is wider than the standard soul. We hurriedly get out the water hose was too short, had to go for 100 rubles to buy a 4 metre hose (25°).Notes: the Filter is located conveniently

If the machine began to rattle, small pebbles, coins, etc. you need to look for in the filter at the bottom. The filter goes very easy, there is a door. In the old will Indesit and many models stiralok friends to get this filter, you need to be very strong man, able to tear the bottom bar of the machine. Install a bar back is generally a separate song:) And everything is easy and simple.By the way, the water from the filter pours on the floor, and fills a special space in the lid, the limited bumpers (seen in the photo). If necessary this cover can be easily removed.A container for the powder is easy to get

Not all cars can get a container for the powder. Especially if the car completely washes out the powder and it needs to be washed. BEKO all washes out, but if needed, the tray can easily be pulled by clicking on the blue stripes of the tray.

For liquid washing means is a container which is placed inside the compartment for the main wash.

Left compartment for the main wash compartment of the air-conditioned compartment for pre-wash. Opinion have tried to make it as detailed as possible, because information on this model is small, and the questions I had plenty:) Model BEKO WMB 71241 PTLC recommend;)

The BEKO company offers users to check out WMB 71241 PTLC. The features of WMB 71241 PTLC, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left WMB 71241 PTLC reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase BEKO WMB 71241 PTLC. Buy BEKO WMB 71241 PTLC with benefits.
The choice spin speed of Yes
Rotation speed during the spin cycle to 1200 rpm
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash in plenty of water, soaking, pre-wash
Wash program wool Yes
The number of programs 12
Control imbalance Yes
Protection of children Yes
Control over the level of foam Yes
Protection against water leaks partial (housing)
General characteristics
Color white
Drying No
Weight 71 kg
Display there is a digital
Management electronic (intelligent)
Installation freestanding, removable cover for embedding
Download type front
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x54x85 cm
Maximum load of Laundry 7 kg
Other functions and features
Charging port diameter 34 cm, opening 180 degrees
Tank material plastic
Additional features the choice of washing temperature
Timer delay start washing there is 24 h)
Classes efficiency and energy consumption
Energy class A+
Energy consumption 0.17 kW*h/kg
Efficiency class spin B
Class washing effectiveness A
Water consumption for washing 52 l
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