Bernina Bernette E66

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Bag platform
Embroidery unit
Needle threader
Compartment for accessories
Additional information
double-needle stitching
Bag platform:
Embroidery unit:
Needle threader:
Compartment for accessories:
Additional information:
double-needle stitching


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 24, 2015


I sew very often, sometimes even intensely. All curtains, bed linen sewed myself. The hem of the pants and stuff too on this machine. My assistant has been with me for 8 years). Machine has: 1. Heavy base: This is a huge advantage of the machine. – Stationary fixed – very, very handy, especially when sewing heavy stuff, it is possible to maneuver this way and that, the machine does not budge. I once had the chance to sew on the machine of a friend, I will not specify a manufacturer, I literally was swearing, because her car was fairly easy and constantly “walking” on the table, it was annoying. Went back to my assistant – is like a glove!!! Also you can safely put the machine on a stool and sewing, not fearing that it will move and fall.

2. The ability to upgrade:the Brand is very good and well-known in stores you can find accessories, constantly coming up with new features to enhance sewing. You can always buy all sorts of junk and walk itself fantasy. Even despite the fact that the model I have is simple, I don’t use the machine to the maximum. The only thing I bought is both the needle and bobbin for this model. The only negative – all the accessories are expensive, even the bobbin was very expensive. But none of them is still not broken. 3. Mechanics. Specially selected mechanics, not wanted electronics often electronics is junk – then a hard time with the repair. To me the simpler the better! My mother could not learn to sew because she was too lazy to read the manual. I chose the time, it was enough to show a couple of times how to fill it and how it works, mum quickly mastered it.

4. The machine is reliable and sturdy!For 8 years the car never broke down. This year haywire after made 30 cotton-gauze dressing to school for class. For the first time in 8 years took the master to repair, but it turned out you just needed to flush parts from dust. Master said planned a visit, you need to do 1 every 4 years. Well, for 8 years, 1 technical inspection passed. 5. Payback!!!The machine paid for itself immediately in the first half of the year. And for 8 years of use the savings exceeded at times than its original cost. The price seemed very expensive but I decided to treat myself, still bought and have no regrets. It was worth the time 9000, at the moment (2015). its price of around 13000. Now go to the Studio and ask how much it will cost sewing curtains, bedding, etc. Today, when there are YouTube can sew and curtains and bags and couch covers, car – only to hand the hostess was. The Golden hands of even a simple machine works wonders!

PS: let me Remind you that the machine is overloy Shev, but do not expect miracles from the machine in this respect, all the same serger is a separate device, arranged on a different principle. On this machine can be overlit only fabrics which do not stretch, and not much spilling.

Advantages:the ability to upgrade mechanics, break, payback, plain, heavy base

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Case soft
Display No
Bag platform Yes
Embroidery unit No
Needle threader Yes
Compartment for accessories Yes
Additional information double-needle stitching
Legs for sewing zippers, sewing buttons
Sewing operations
Lines overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
The maximum stitch width 7 mm
The execution of the loop automatic, 1 species of loops
The number of sewing operations 25
General characteristics
Lighting Yes
Lamp power 15 watts
Control type Electromechanical
Reverse button Yes
Power consumption 85 W
Speed control sewing smooth
Disabling feeder fabric Yes
The maximum sewing speed 800 St/min.
The maximum height of presser foot lift 12 mm
System for measuring the size of the buttons Yes
Pressure adjustment the presser foot on the fabric Yes
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