BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 2 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB
Support UMA
Battery type
Battery capacity
900 mA * h
Working time in standby mode
360 h
While working in the talk mode
4 hours
GSM 900/1800/1900
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB
Support UMA:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
900 mA * h
Working time in standby mode:
360 h
While working in the talk mode:
4 hours


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating stars
September 24, 2008


I have the pearl and am becoming increasingly frustrated by “sim card error” which ocurrs after every phone call, email or text that i send, at least 10 times a day it goes to SOS mode and i have to open the back of the handset , take out the battery and re-adjust the sim. I have never despised a phone so much but unfortunately as it’s offered through my work and i have no other option – i’m stuck with it . Oh and did i mention how awful the battery life is- enough said i think !!!!

Overall rating stars
October 10, 2009


This is about a BlackBerry Pearl 8110 T-Mobile Pre-Pay with Unlimited Email & Internet bought for £119.99 from
A revised and updated model with improved specifications
Many of the issues are operator specific.

Could have been a real contender..

Do not misunderstand &#8211 you get an awful lot for the money, GPS, push e-mail, IM, and so on. Unfortunately, using what is supposed to be a ‘fun’ phone is marred by the boring bizniz leftovers and an unintelligent operator.

Firstly, it’s not made clear that to enable the advertised features you must buy airtime.. I think that’s unfair and deceptive. Once you’ve bought the airtime you have to send a txt. Unfortunately txting is disabled out of the box. Which is not mentioned anywhere. So, you’re stuck. You have to call tech help, create an account on a website blah blah before you get basic phone functionality several hours later at a cost (of £1.50 &#8211 thanks for not giving me a refund t-mob). Not funny.

Most of what you can and can’t do with the phone is controlled by the operator. This is after all, an obsolete bizniz phone repackaged as a consumer surf tool. A server pretty much controls what is or is not allowed. Presumably businesses like the paranoid control but most people like to use the stuff they buy. It seems that not much effort was expended at the server end to make this a really great consumer experience.

For example,
1. You can’t change the default home page on the browser, which quite confusingly appears as two separate browsers, you can’t properly edit or rearrange bookmarks. You don’t fare much better with the alternative browsers that are permitted as compression feeds are interrupted, each item you fire one up you get a pop up that you cannot disable and you can’t set any as the default browser.
2. The Bluetooth experience is an absolute nightmare &#8211 you can’t tooth anything to the phone unless you open up a specific application and then make a tooth request from the phone &#8211 something which only works on a tiny selection of file formats anyway.
3. You are not permitted to use your choice of application, I managed to install google maps but can’t perform map searches, communication is broken. That wouldn’t be so galling if the phone’s own map search wasn’t so rubbishy.
4. I have been told by tech help (another 25p, thanks) that there is a 15 MB monthly limit on email. If that’s actually true then it should have been made clear pre-sale and it pretty much makes a joke out of the Bilberry brand because that’s what it’s known for. I would add that the same tech help person also said that some net access would be chargeable but since I have not been seen any new charges once everything was enabled it seems that this tech help was wrong on both counts.
5. There is no access to the Bilberry’s own App World. The App World application says that access is restricted by the operator and that I must ‘upgrade to a service plan that includes browsing’. Eh, what was I doing? That’s like O2 stopping access to Apple’s iShop. I have absolutely no idea how access to a manufacturer’s own app site could harm the operator.

I find the keys slippy and a little tough to work single-handedly with the thumb. The phone itself provides no grip to make thumb use easy – personal taste. Surfing and IM can exhaust the battery in a matter of hours. It’s not the phone for an hourly commute.
The phone a real bind to get going and then disappointing in that you discover that what you have is half of what could have been and you can’t do a lot of really normal stuff any more.
It is well, if perhaps slightly deceptively, priced, works and I don’t have to worry about cost whilst waiting for web pages to load. If you’re happy with consumer-baiting operator restrictions or don’t like contracts then it is a good buy given that push mail costs about £5 per month. Since I also wonder what’s going to happen after the 12 month deal expires and how much I will then be charged I’m using it as a very handy but disposable mail reminder tool &#8211 it’s not replaced anything.

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Standard GSM 900/1800/1900
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB
Support UMA Yes
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 900 mA * h
Working time in standby mode 360 h
While working in the talk mode 4 hours
Screen type color
Additional screen there are, color, 160x128 pixels.
The size of the image 320x240
Other functions
Use as USB drive Yes
Loud speaker (internal speaker) Yes
The CPU and memory
The memory card slot Yes
The amount of internal memory 128 MB
The number of processor cores 1
Additional information
Equipment phone, battery, charger, USB cable
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Weight 102 g
Management navigation key
Housing type clamshell
QWERTY keyboard Yes
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 50x101x18 mm
The number of SIM-cards 1
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, WMA
The camera 2 million pixels., 1600x1200, led flash
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Recording movies Yes
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