Bosch MCM 5529

Overall rating 4.7368421052632 stars
4.7368421052632 from 19 reviews
Power cord
with storage compartment
bowl: plastic, blender: plastic housing: plastic
Rubber legs
Overload protection
Additional information
brush for cleaning nozzles
for citrus
Power cord:
with storage compartment
bowl: plastic, blender: plastic housing: plastic
Rubber legs:
Overload protection:
Additional information:
brush for cleaning nozzles
for citrus


Overall rating 4.7368421052632 stars
19 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 13, 2013


Purchased this wonderful processor for making baby puree. With this task it copes perfectly well. Blender on speed 1 mixes to a perfect consistency anything with anything.

view spiedino my delight is another subject.All-purpose knife. Makes juicy chopped meat. Chopper gathering dust on the shelf. Chopping the vegetables into small strips. It is written that chops nuts, but I haven’t tried.Disc whisk. You can make the dough. But it is not convenient, a lot of test sticks. 1/3 of the total volume remains on the details.

keep the nozzle in the bowl from provincialate for dicing. No longer need before the holidays stand for a few hours and cut the salad and similar salads. While the knives sharp vegetables even push is not necessary, threw–flew cube)))Various floats and narazaki. Haven’t tried, but I will not fail.

floats and noginska for squeezing juice from citrus. Standard head, no worse and no better than others.Nozzle for frying (RUB through a sieve, the people). Thing. So many things I was not prepared because of natural laziness. RUB through a sieve.The manual is very clear that where to cheat, how much of what to put and why and why.

Assembly instructions

have receptionera that many complain about the noise. I have a small child, he is afraid of loud noises (e.g. vacuum cleaner). The harvester doesn’t frighten him. Neighbors like too do not complain)))included brush to wash and “gizmo” to remove the stuck cubes.______________________________________________________As of 2016. Everything works. For every holiday I have a bowl of salad ready in 5 minutes.By the nozzle for frying, make Easter cottage cheese Easter cheese, boiled egg, butter, raisins, candied fruit. It’s very simple and very tasty.Mix all of the ingredients can be a versatile knife.Float triturated 2 buckets of carrots to freeze for the winter.The most useless tool: the disk churning.Very not enough attachments for slicing potatoes into strips. Sold separately, but all hands do not reach to buy.

Advantages:makes perfect mashed potatoes, cut into cubes

Overall rating 2.00 stars
December 11, 2013


Harvester is good, I bought,as I thought, not expensive to Yekaterinburg ( 5 700). Of COURSE because of the nozzle die, the disappointment came immediately … I went to a crack on the lid near the vents, where the ingredients are started. The service center refused, because the plastic and chipped there is no guarantee. Read the early reviews, thin plastic, but hoped that I will not touch. Be careful. The price on the new cover of 500-900 rubles.

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 9, 2014


Good day! I want to share with you the review about the wonderful combine, my indispensable assistant in the kitchen! He appeared with us just under a year ago and since then I without it as without hands! Especially during the holidays.The power of the food processor 800 watts. Bowl volume is 3.8 liters, the volume of blender 1.5 l, the processor can not only beat, grate, chop, squeeze the juice and knead, chop the vegetables and meat cubes! Thanks to this unique feature to delight home salads I personally is not too difficult! The food processor has seven functional nozzles:for mashing. Thanks to universal press easy to prepare, for example, berry mousse, puree of vegetables and tomato paste.for juicing. Using a citrus juicer easy to make fresh.for whipping cream, cream. A great tip for making whipped cream and cream cakes and cakes!for grinding and kneading. Easily grinds nuts, or a chocolate bar, in addition, with the help of this extension you can chop greens, garlic, onions, cheese, meat and even knead dough!grater. Using double – sided disc- grater (large/small) it is possible to prepare vegetable stew or fruit salads.shredder. Cut the cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables slices of different thicknesses or shred the cabbage and onions.float average. Natret cheese pizza, chocolate or nuts for baking.A food processor is securely fixed to working surface by suction pads. Easy operation: front panel toggle switch is the only switch speeds. The kit includes devices for cleaning the nozzles of a food processor. Understandable manual.Definitely recommend!!! This multifunctional helper should be in every kitchen!

Advantages:whips, has protection from children, knead the dough, easy to wash, multi-function, the presence of the blender, a nozzle for cutting cubes, sucker - slip feet, suitable for washing in the dishwasher, shred

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 20, 2014


The husband gave on March 8 three years ago. I saw on TV the advertising combine, like dicing. Made of high quality, all blades and sharp tracks so far, no hint of rust. Rubs and cuts very quickly. Now the summer is okroshka cuts a large saucepan for 2 min. smooth cubes) Longer products to clean… be Easily assembled and disassembled as a designer. Safe, if not fully close the lid or insert the bowl and the combine will not turn on. What I tried to do:Salads, raw vegetables cut with a die with this nozzle:

Cutting has kubikmeter carrot, onion with the help of this nozzle has a large grater and grater “plates”, I didn’t use it):

For tergeminus in a blender;Dough for pancakes (more like doing a nozzle for stuffing):

For minced meat and testtest for pizza, cake, Easter cake (also a nozzle for stuffing);Stuffing (meat, onion, seasoning). It turns very fast)Beat whites in large bowl with this nozzle:

Peeled Squeezed juice from oranges and lemon with the help of this extension:

For Sabadell milkshakes in a blender (not like kislomolochny, and if you add fruit, berries and whip, it is possible to drink, even tasty);Grated chocolate and nuts in a blender.Like everything Essential Birthday and New year’s) Head press berries I didn’t use:

Press cooked vegetables and Agadez drawbacks: it’s to long to wash and can be hurt, as knives and graters are sharp.

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 11, 2015


I bought Bosch due solely to the ability to cut cubes. Works fine, but by coincidence, in the kitchen there is also Philips HR1669 who also knows how to cut Olivier.Pros Philips HR1669/90:1) it is smaller in size. easily disassembled and cleaned in 2) in my opinion a bit easier to wash..but only slightly…and I think that’s it But despite the fact that Bosch and more to clean the Cabinet more difficult,but he’s my favorite! Its most important advantage – it cuts DICED FINELY AND SMOOTHLY! (I admit that I curve regular the nozzle on the Philips and there are others that need to be bought separately). Bosch is much more bowl and to do everything at once Olivier or vinaigrette convenient than constantly open and empty Philips.In the end, Bosch dicing wins 100%. all finely and the decoration of the table. Philips use for cutting strips, with small volumes it is more convenient.P.s. Bosch the rest of the functions are used rarely.

Advantages:perfectly fulfills its function, a nozzle for cutting cubes, cut into cubes

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 7, 2015


I think these kitchen gadgets are necessary for modern Housewives!After all, with such assistants our life becomes easier,and the lives of our home – delicious!I have actively used the model of the processor almost every day and every time I say to him “thank you!”Write a review on a product that was already discussed 27 times I pushed that I just can’t shut up about his glory.

my pomoshniki,for those who still have doubts!!!- dough!!!I do not like and do not know how to knead-just strength is not enough,but with the Bosch it has become easy and convenient – fast,no lumps,the batter is homogeneous,well, just supertest turns out!as to pancakes and cakes and pies.

nozzles for juice and minced blender.- nozzles – there are several,each pleasure to use – carrots,onions,potatoes(both boiled and raw),cucumbers,sausage.cheese, meat cut thin slices for casseroles-a delight for the eyes and stomach!also cut the tomato slices on the pizza-it turns out very neat and beautiful.To make the stuffing?easy!

nozzle blocks and discs-float – tips for juices and purees, honestly,did not use them.

roasting potatoes and soup.- glass blender – eggs whipped to a froth,creams for cakes in it to do a pleasure.Milk shake from milk and ice cream is much tastier than in a cafe.

cake batter and cream made with combinatul processor in the dishwasher if washing by hands,it is difficult to clean dried food or hard to reach places.

Creations combine the soup,stuffing,pie with potatoes and koricanske noise and occupying a lot of space I’m not complaining – this is,I believe, just little things compared to the kind of work he performs.Don’t complain about anything,good processor,reliable firm,the price for such a miracle is not too bite.Bought in DNS for the 7900.

Advantages:perfectly fulfills its function, is making mashed potatoes, you have the opportunity to buy nozzle, multi-functional, the presence of the blender, a nozzle for cutting cubes, suitable for washing in a dishwasher, cut into cubes, well knead the dough well and rubs chops

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 25, 2015


How I dreamed about this combine! The only thing I did not get in this life is to shred the cabbage! And so I wanted to make this process easier. So half a year ago the dream came true and my husband bought this find!1. Slicing & dicing.Olivier is now on our table daily! The main boil, then quickly pour over all cold water( to clean well), then cool in the fridge and twist. It takes 10 minutes to scroll through and wash the combine).carrots clean before cooking! Only then was cooled and was crushed.2. Nozzle for stuffing.quickly grinds meat. Like it very much. Though not hygienic somehow and veggies and the dough and stuffing in one bowl to do. It’s a minus. 3. Float. Here of course the manufacturer has tried to Float, which is called the average, t poroshek. Useless. Only the carrot salad can be grate you will need, but we don’t. Grate rubs chunks. Also useless. One way out: buy a medium grater and at the same time her head slices. The price of the 500r, but it’s worth it! Contents for soups rubbing instantly! One side shinkuem cabbage, overturn and three carrots, beets, onions. Onions, by the way, you can also RUB as the cabbage. I now even one carrot round in the combine, it is easier to rinse than to suffer with the heat.4. A citrus press. In our family, useless crap)5. Press for berries.similarly)))cons of course, but they are not comparable to the pros. This processor saves time and nerves. All suggest.

Advantages:to wash longer than cutting, it is necessary to buy attachments, a little noisy

Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 6, 2015


Now, when I already have this helper, I don’t know how I ever lived without it)I had a harvester Phillips, but he is already quite old, and I wanted a new one.Heard that there are the harvesters, who cut into cubes. (DREAM!!!) . Start your search with them. Found several models, but the choice has stopped on this.It cost me 7500 rubles.The processor was well packaged, fully equipped.

the harvester

Separately I had to buy a nozzle for French fries. It costs 900 rubles. Cut oblong cubes, slices as fries. I cut the nozzle potatoes, apples, cabbage.As is the nozzle still “julienne”. She cuts thin strips like Korean carrot chopped. Ideal for Korean salads. While this sale did not meet.The harvester has 2 speeds, power 800 WATTS, noise loud. (my old Phillips is quieter).The bowls are all plastic, if not tightly close the lid-the processor won’t work. The blades are very sharp.Talk about each nozzle separately.1. Blender. Convenient graduated scale. The optimal amount. A sharp knife in a blender. Easy to clean.It is prepared mixture, cocktails, etc.

Milkshake blender

Watermelon 2) Nozzle small grater.I did not like. She tried to RUB the carrot, the carrot does not chafe( Only suitable for cheese.

small 3) Head of medium to large grater. More precisely, large and very large heads. Medium complete nothing( well Third, but Cosima large and not aesthetically pleasing.

medium and large grater

large 4) Nozzle shredder. Cuts slices. Cut the carrot, cucumber, when you need smooth, of the same mugs in a salad.

5) nozzle for Free.My favorite attachment. cut her cabbage, potatoes, apples. Great wedges out, smooth and beautiful.

drive for free

raw sliced potatoes

potatoes, sliced disc for fries

Cabbage, chopped by the nozzle for potatoes 6) beater. Hasn’t even been used, so whisk all the mixer. To me it unnecessarily. 7) a citrus press. Mediocre head. As usual cheap manual juicer for citrus. Did not like.But squeezes well. Of course I was expecting something more comfortable and more interesting for the price. The photo of the lemon after I squeezed the juice out of it)the Flesh is also ground, and remains one crust)

press for berries, juicer

Lemon squeezed nozzle for berries. make berry puree, well wipe the berries for jam with sugar.But she almost never use it.9) NOZZLE FOR CUTTING CUBES)))) This is the most important in this processor))) is actually why I bought it) Why is still not produce all of the harvesters with this nozzle, there is easy.

nozzle for cubes

potato cubes

Itself nozzle a separate, heavy,and very hard to wash. First it’s sharp, a couple of times cut your fingers on it when soap. Second in the squares stuck pieces of food in the corners and wash them very difficult, to the point that you have a toothpick to pick out Why sometimes it’s easier to cut on a Board than wash the combine then.But in General, the nozzle cool. For a second all the cuts for salad, hash, salad. It just cuts cucumbers, carrots, sausage, all raw vegetables. But almost unable to cope with the boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. Even though everything is pre-cooled, the output is a potato or egg porridge. And then the brush head to wash just unreal. So I stopped using it for potatoes.10) Classic knife. It is a universal nozzle. I use it for chopping herbs. (but not cut finely). And for Meat. Meat grinds well. Almost to mush. But I love patties to use as minced meat. Veins going upstairs, then simply remove and throw. very convenient. This showerhead can all hack and interfere)


the chopped greens In General, the processor is very respectable and makes life easier for Housewives. Sure, for any woman it will be the perfect gift.But by cons I’ll take the noise, no need of nozzles in the base set( have to buy), cons kobierecki, and a large number of unnecessary bits) would be Better if instead of the attachments for whipping and berries, put a medium grater and disc-julienne)If you look very well, you Can find the harvesters cheaper with similar functions.

Advantages:perfectly fulfills its function, the presence of the blender, a nozzle for cutting cubes, cut into cubes, good rubs and chops

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 21, 2015


That’s my processor (bought)

Good stuff! Don’t know how I lived without it!!! Cuts cubes (I chop the cubes of zucchini and eggplant -I put them in the freezer for the winter; mom, minced diced carrots and zucchini – salad in the winter). I also like that the combine is here this knife

Chopped cabbage to make pickled. And recently chopped cabbage for pickling. Very cool. As you can see in the photo: there are two sizes for thinner and thicker (drive roll and choose how thick we need).Here’s a cabbage,if you cut a thick blade

Summer in the bowl of a blender did the tomato juice for the winter. Convenient.Only recently figured out what that thing is where you push products – can be disassembled into two parts for cleaning:)

My husband has done the orange juice – there is a special attachment.Harvester is easy to clean.There is protection of children (bowl snaps and only if processor is included).RECOMMEND!!For 3 years.

The Bosch company offers users to check out MCM 5529. The features of MCM 5529, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left MCM 5529 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Bosch MCM 5529. Buy Bosch MCM 5529 with benefits.
Power cord with storage compartment
Performance bowl: plastic, blender: plastic housing: plastic
Rubber legs Yes
Overload protection Yes
Additional information brush for cleaning nozzles
Mill No
Juicer for citrus
Nozzle universal knife, emulsion nozzle, grater: 2 included, drive to cut into strips
Chopper No
Disc for dicing Yes
Press for berries Yes
General characteristics
Type harvester
Power 800 W
Blender is, volume of 1.5 l
Management number of speeds: 2, pulse mode
The capacity of the bowl 3.9 l
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