Bosch SMV 87TX00R

Overall rating 3.3333333333333 stars
3.3333333333333 from 3 reviews
Water consumption
10 l
The noise level in the work
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle
0.93 kWh
14 sets
Control type
Water consumption:
10 l
The noise level in the work:
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle:
0.93 kWh
14 sets
Control type:


Overall rating 3.3333333333333 stars
3 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
August 14, 2013


A little over a year ago on our kitchen, a dishwasher BOSCH SMV 69T40RU. Honestly, I can’t remember what it’s like to wash dishes by hand. We though the family is not large (2 people), but the dish of the day accumulated lot. Dishwasher full size, 13 sets, very glad that I did not take narrow. Fully loaded I run the dishwasher every 1-2 days. The option “Half load” I never even used. Trays/shelves. Two convenient and spacious tray

Top tray

A bottom tray and a separate tray for Cutlery

Tray for instruments. All shelves and holders for utensils are added and removed. The tray of devices is huge, comfortable. I’ve seen dishwashers with basket for instruments, I like the lazy, it would be easier – just put all devices in a crowd and as the crowd gathered. And here it is necessary to lay out, assemble, but that I find fault, but the third tray frees up space for more dishes in the other two. Dishwashing. Notice, I used only 3 different pills 1. Means “Solo” – separate powder+salt+rinse aid I did not use, because did not catch the eye of the rinse aid and salt in the stores, but according to the manufacturer and reviews they provide the best wash quality. Tried the pill: Finish, Somat, Clean and Fresh, Method Smarty Dish. The difference in the wash have not noticed, but stopped on the Finish, as advised by the manufacturer.

Camera for cleaning, sredstvo as a wash. Washes well, although it happens sometimes moonlight. The rear surface of the dishes not particularly launderers: in the photos you can see the dirty “priests” pans, pots. I read a lot in reviews as a dishwasher to launder “a hundred years” Nagar, I did not launder. Tried several times to clean the kettle from the burnt fat at the maximum temperature – nothing left (maybe would have helped some means powder+rinse aid+salt, but I doubt, in any case, I will unsubscribe, if possible). First clean up all the dishes of leftover food before sending in the dishwasher, but then got lazy and began to wash only large (in fact it says so in the instructions). Sometimes stubborn food residue is not washed, as I wrote, it happens that the car is slammed

For example. By the way, plugged the dishwasher does not affect the quality of the wash. Added a photo filled the dishwasher – you can see approximately how many dishes fit and method of placement of the dish.

Tray for instruments

Top tray

The lower lockforce. A handy feature time-saving Vario Speed significantly reduces the time washing dishes at the expense of more consumption of electricity and water. The rest (half load, HygienePlus hygiene wash, intensive zone wash IntensiveZone) is not in use. Wash programs.

Touchpad upravlyayemaya 35-45°, washing – 1:30 (1:10 with the Vario Speed function). For delicate dishes, heat-sensitive plastics.Automatic 45-65° wash time – 2:45 (1:25 function with Vario Speed).Automatic 65-75° wash time – 2:25 (1:35 function with Vario Speed). Basically my on this program.Eco 50° wash time – 2:55 (1:27 with the function of Vario Speed). I have this program, half of the dishes not washed away – remained stubborn leftover food, and that was more or less pure – it has become greasy. Had to wash a different program, no longer use.Quick wash 45°, the wash time is 0:35. Good program if you need to quickly wash lightly soiled dishes. But I have this pill the program only used half the time and the feeling that the dishes not washed off the tool. For short programs it is better to use powder.Pre-rinse (cold water), the time – 0:15. Drying. If you open the dishwasher immediately or soon after the end of the wash programs for the vapor – ware dries within 15 minutes. If you don’t open it until the end and not dry. Well, there is a light indicator “beam on the floor” because the machine is almost inaudible and does not always understand it works or not. Protection against leaks. Several times, opened the car door in the process, to report, that I forgot – the water instantly washed away, nothing splatters, thus, only with steam you need to be careful. Thanks to my dishwasher for free time and hands. I recommend this technology, not necessarily Bosh, I on dishwashers in principle.

Advantages:roomy trays, protection from leaks, beam on floor, low noise level, a separate tray for instruments

Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 31, 2014


I bought this model three years ago in the online store for 27 thousand First like Miele, but the price is 60 thousand for us too. Yes and friends-the Germans assured us that Miele motors are Bosch, of course, subject to German Assembly. Don’t know how true this is, but in three years of daily use, no complaints to the machine no, only delight. But, everything in order. The main criterion for us was the German Assembly. The car had to be fully embedded and full-sized. From wishes was a child, and quiet operation. This model is consistent with all of the above. What kasaetsya size: even if the family is small, and the dimensions of the house allow, take only the full-size. The three of us and I had the idea to buy a car 45 see, thank God I did not commit this error. Just with a small amount of detergent, put 1/2 a download, and enjoy with a large volume and the ability to wash all over again. The dishes before loading, always rinse, filter my every day, the manufacturer recommends to do this once a month (or a week, don’t remember). But I can forget and to write down laziness. Moreover, at first use, I immediately after reading the instructions, I forgot about this filter and opened, once the car after washing, found standing water in it due to a clogged filter, now have trained myself to wash it every day to not forget. The hardness of the water turned up to max, in other settings, after washing was rust on spoons/forks. Although the city water utility gave me water hardness softer. By all means enjoy the on-separateness: detergent, salt, rinse. The daily wash is so profitable. By all means Finish, others liked. The salt sensor lights up about 2 times a month, rinse 1 time per month. Very pleased with the third box – I was there cover from my cans and every little thing in addition to spoons/forks. Very happy that it is possible to simultaneously load and crystal and Castrol, not including any delicate wash (this program do not) washes perfectly and does not hit the glasses. All signals are turned off immediately because the machine run overnight. To summarize, I would say that the super car. Always when buying new appliances, I have euphoria from purchase lasted a couple of weeks, but from this unit I love it so far and uploading it every night, I don’t believe that I have is a miracle.

Advantages:roomy trays, child, protection from leaks, beam on floor, low noise level, a separate tray for instruments

Overall rating 1.00 stars
June 29, 2015


I bought this dishwasher almost four years ago, first 1.5 years it was no problem, but after started…. It so happened that on the day twice-ran the program 65-75 is the maximum temperature the program (there were guests, many dishes, respectively, the dishwasher worked in full), and so three days after the car was leaking!!! Called the master, he twisted the skewer, something podzatyanul said all is well, made. Three days later, error is 04, but like as not flowing, the dishes washed, do not pay attention, and over time, it gives an error, then no, you can use, but the time straining, through the floor, it leaked again, called the master, he also twisted skewer, said that derailed the thread inside the machine where it is screwed the lower part and no guarantees he can give, even at 2 weeks, OK I missed the sealer seems to be working, began to appear other errors, but the wizard decided not to call washes well, each call 700rub, but it was no use. After a time without electricity, water had to bail out… Now definitely want to throw it away!!! Got!!! 30000ы. + 7000 for masters – never buy Bosch!!! And all the masters with one voice – BOSH is nothing more than a brand, break down like all the rest, but still not repairable, you have all the electronics to change! And program in this machine lasts so long!!! Very convenient!!!

Advantages:ray on the floor, a separate tray for instruments

The Bosch company offers users to check out SMV 87TX00R. The features of SMV 87TX00R, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SMV 87TX00R reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Bosch SMV 87TX00R. Buy Bosch SMV 87TX00R with benefits.
Water consumption 10 l
The noise level in the work 44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 0.93 kWh
General characteristics
Type full-size
Display Yes
Capacity 14 sets
Control type electronic
Drying class A
Installation built-in full
Washing class A
Protection of children Yes
Other functions and features
Beep Yes
Accessories tray for Cutlery, holder for glasses
Timer delay start is, from 1 to 24 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x55x82 cm
Use of funds 3 in 1 Yes
Protection from leaks there is a full
Additional information VarioSpeed Plus, IntensiveZone, HygienePlus, motor EcoSilence Drive, load sensor, Touch control panel control box Touchpoints
Sensor of water purity Yes
The indicator on the floor ray
The indicator salt / rinse aid there is / there are
Features of the working chamber the inner surface of the stainless steel. steel, height adjustable basket for dishes
Automatic installation of water hardness No
Programs and modes of washing
Mode half load Yes
Special programs cost-effective program for low contaminated utensils, mode soaking, automatic program
Drying the dishes condensing
The number of programs 7
Standard washing programme intensive program for heavily soiled tableware, Express program (fast cycle)
The number of temperature modes 6
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