Bosch SPI 69T55

Overall rating 3 stars
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Water consumption
9 l
The noise level in the work
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle
0.75 kWh
10 sets
Control type
Water consumption:
9 l
The noise level in the work:
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle:
0.75 kWh
10 sets
Control type:


Overall rating 3 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 3.00 stars
March 2, 2016


Good afternoon.Start with the fact that I love coffee and everything related to coffee.Cappuccino,Latte or Mocha is my sore subject:)I Saw the advertisement of capsule coffee machines and have decided what I want for my birthday.I started to look for reviews about all companies which are (of course on our favorite reading many reviews came to the conclusion that coffee for the bosch tassimo taste better and all the other bosch praised more often,and score higher. Started to ask the husband that he gave me such kofemashiny birthday.He was asked many times whether I thought about it and whether I need her so (I understand now why he tried to dissuade me.)I insisted and got his way.And here we go my gift))At the time I didn’t know which model I want, just know that bosch.Going into the M. Video the seller of consultat learned that I need a capsule coffee machine immediately began to offer Cremesso(I started to list the good sides of this machine that showed how many types of capsules to it has even made one capsule and decided to try)for my objection is that I prefer coffee with milk offered also to buy milk Frother what is.When I went down range to view all available capsule coffee machine,the consultant followed me and called the only cons for each,saying that they are worthless, and better cremesso I don’t have anything.After seeing a bosch, I went and was glad,because at regular price 5999 at the time was off and it was worth the beauty about 3699.Now go to the site MVideo I was very surprised because the price has increased significantly.To 7.790 rubles.Bought it(it was in November 2014).and immediately bought capsules the time they were 349.Came home and immediately tried what this coffee machine

The coffee is really tasty, but of little capsules.Take for example a Latte, there 16(8 8) 8 only 2 people, in my opinion is not enough.The machine is attached to the water filter and the coffee machine is the indicator of the filter status

the filter itself is used as there is already water

and here is the this moment it shows that the filter is not used and is suitable for use on the process, interest will be abated, and when the indicator will start to blink -means it’s time to change filtracone the fact that all the details sort out what contributes to easy cleaning

As with any machine it is necessary to buy cleaning tablets”more expenses”

enabled it cuts off mode.Already alerts that it is time to use cleaning tablets

the stand extends and is regulated under calcutec same it is possible to increase/decrease coffee or milk by clicking on the round button.But to me this feature is not liked, because an increasing portion of it becomes more watery and tasteless.At this moment I don’t buy the capsules(gained much) to 500rubley for packaging.And as you can see on the photo my car dusty.In the end I want to say something I back to the past:) I would have not bought it.Too many expenses after the purchase (the capsules themselves,filter,tablets).Better to save up money and buy a normal coffee,because in the end it turns out the same amount of expenditure.Several reviews on the technique:My ‘lifesaver’ hair straightener. The program that will help you save on purchases.

Advantages:quick preparation, delicious coffee, variety of drinks

The Bosch company offers users to check out SPI 69T55. The features of SPI 69T55, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SPI 69T55 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Bosch SPI 69T55. Buy Bosch SPI 69T55 with benefits.
Water consumption 9 l
The noise level in the work 44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 0.75 kWh
General characteristics
Type narrow
Display Yes
Capacity 10 sets
Control type electronic
Drying class A
Energy class A
Installation built-in part
Washing class A
Protection of children Yes
Other functions and features
Color silver
Accessories holder for glasses
Timer delay start is, from 1 to 24 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH) 45x57x82 cm
Protection from leaks there is a full
Additional information IntensiveZone, VarioSpeedPlus, HygienePlus, nozzle for washing trays
Sensor of water purity Yes
The indicator salt / rinse aid there is / there are
Features of the working chamber the inner surface of the stainless steel. steel, height adjustable basket for dishes, interior lighting
Automatic installation of water hardness No
Programs and modes of washing
Mode half load Yes
Special programs cost-effective program for low contaminated utensils, mode soaking, automatic program
Drying the dishes condensing
The number of programs 6
Standard washing programme Express program (fast cycle)
The number of temperature modes 5
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