Braun 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa

Overall rating 4.75 stars
4.75 from 4 reviews
massager, exfoliation, nozzle-limiter
cleaning brush
time of Autonomous work is 40 min, charging time 1 h
Number of speeds
massager, exfoliation, nozzle-limiter
cleaning brush
time of Autonomous work is 40 min, charging time 1 h
Number of speeds:


Overall rating 4.75 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 8, 2014


This epilator I got as a gift. I thought long about buying it, but hands did not reach. Start with a box) the Device is good and nicely packaged, nothing more.

Inside the appliance, nozzle, warranty card and user manual. Start with the appliance,i.e. the appliance. Number of speeds two. Number of tweezers 40 PCs battery (big plus for me, don’t sit near the outlet). The ability to work in water, and rinse can also be under water.Weighs only 430 grams. The description in the instructions:

description and completeness, And that in reality

epilator with a nozzle at the rear As you can see everything perfectly) Nozzle sit tightly did not hang out) go over them)

nozzle with massage effect

head face

the attachment for bikini areas/sensitive areas

nozzle for exfoliation So the device looks like when enabled

How to use the device will not describe, present photos from the manual.

It’s nice that there is a cleaning brush and storage bag. Very convenient!)

Having considered in detail the device remains only to write what you felt after application. Hands did not hurt, but tried with a nozzle face, as if to increase the number of tweezers don’t know/not tried. You feel the tingling, but the wild is no pain. On the foot tried it with the same nozzle. The tingling makes it feel hotter, but the beauty and smoothness of the legs require a small sacrifice. Of course, it is to early for such feelings to get used to, because once you sit down and the first time to wax legs from and to will be very painful and not nice. Before the appliance is used the depilatory cream. The bikini area and underarms will not touch. The skin there is sensitive, the irritation definitely will be, and the more painful it will be. If you dare, you will accomplish your goal.To use in the future to be, let the time will be 10 min as before with cream, and for longer. But once you get the hand and the hat. PS girls/women don’t be afraid to try. Devil is not so terrible as he is painted)))

Advantages:!! try it yourself and verify), +easy to use, 2 speed, auto illumination when you turn on, charge time 1 hour, flood, beautiful design, nozzle for peeling, easy to use, battery life

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 22, 2014


The first time I tried the epilator years ago, it was terribly painful, so I had to send it to gather dust in the closet for many many years and return to the good old razor. As time went on and I switched to waxing, I bought a mini kit for hair removal from Beauty Image, for me it’s all arranged, it was painful, but I got used. A year ago, discussing hair removal with my friends over a Cup of tea, I heard: “if you’re not in pain from the wax, so the epilator will not be too!”. So decided to this device again. So.First time is always painful. When a lot of hairs. Now if you do not run, on the legs of discomfort is almost not felt, not that pain. (Legs I shave completely). But the hands did, but tolerable. Always try to shave only after a shower, when the skin is steamed, and hairs pulled out easier.Skin irritation no ingrown hairs too, almost there. This makes a very good nozzle for peeling. Just because of her, I was greedy and wanted to take a cheaper model, but I think this nozzle has already proved its value and paid for. Very convenient. Backlight appears when you turn on, bright and comfortable so that the appliance can be used in low light, visibility good. =)Works epilator Autonomous from the battery. Quite tenacious, I charge it about once a month and use about 2 times a week. In General, this appliance I like, happy with the purchase. You thank you read until the end!

Advantages:2 speed, automatic backlight when enabled, flood, work long time without recharging, nozzle for peeling, rechargeable

Overall rating 4.00 stars
November 19, 2014


I recently bought (or rather won in the contest held by the official Braun community in the social network) this set. My bliss knew no bounds when I brought him in. But, the rating I give it only a 4 (probably would be even less if it was purchased at their honestly earned), is now more in detail.

Actually the epilator

– In comparison. To silk epil 7 Silk Epil 3 used. The difference in pain and quality of absolutely no! 7 build only wins a complete set and some additional functions. But the difference in price is 2000 – 3000 rubles. Zastavit to think about whether you need additional nasadowski and lanterns for about $ 5000 – 8000 rubles (this price range it can be purchased at the same time as the older version, not different quality, the main functions are 2 times cheaper. Accordingly, the price is also “-“.+ The process of hair removal. Quite painful that actually is completely normal, when pulling out mass of hair. There are two speed. Sometimes causes severe irritation and redness, but this is easily removed using a nourishing cream or body milk. Most of the hair shave the first time with a mild depression. On particularly tough hair, however, is to work, some of them epilator can take immediately, and then never take it. It is possible to use this epilator on a wet skin, which is also positive. And Yes, the effect is quite long enough (I have for a month, but this is entirely personal). There is also a light, it is very convenient if you work in the electric light when not visible.+ Charging. The epilator is cordless, charged with a special podstavochki for charging (see photo below). Charging for about 2 hours, but it lacks the strikingly long. The first time I charged it after 4 months after use.

+ Equipment. The set includes a lot of things. – I don’t use it, but I will not put someone it all can be useful.Pouch for storage of all spare parts of this device. Very comfortable, neat and compact, convenient to take along. Closes with magnetic button.

Pouch to store it all

Cleaning brush epilator. Allows you to keep your device clean, which will prolong his life. This brush has almost all of the epilators in the kit.

Brush for cleaning epilations for hair removal face, bikini area and underarms. Never used, just the thought of epilation of these places creeping me out.

Heads for epilating face, underarms and bikini area

With the appliance nasakennedy for the body. Which exfoliate the skin and massage. Quite a useless thing, as the bristles are very soft and peeling is not happening, so pleasant to go.

Nozzle body

Conclusion: a Good gift! A very nice gift! But for your own permanent use, I would have bought a cheaper version. It is much cheaper.

Advantages:automatic backlight when enabled, long battery life, beautiful design, easy to use, battery life

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 26, 2014


Braun company has released a multi-functional, versatile set – Silk-epil SkinSpa Face & Body Care. I was lucky enough to try out the new product in action, which I was definitely pleased. I’ve been looking for a quality epilator, as I have very sensitive skin and this procedure costs very, very painful. SkinSpa is definitely a great tool that allows us to carry out a good procedure at home. Braun company quite often pleases us with their innovative new products, and, accordingly, this set was no exception.

Set Braun Silk-epil SkinSpa Face & Body Care, I test for a short period of time, while trying to discover all sorts of pluses and minuses. I have developed a full objective opinion, which I will share with you today. I think my opinion will really be useful for those who plan to buy a really high quality, versatile set.

In completing this kit includes: — cleaning Brush person Braun Silk-epil is an Innovative device for body Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa, which combines peeling and waxing (operate with two different attachments)

That says the manufacturer:Braun introduces a World premiere: the most efficient epilator wet & dry epilator now comes with an innovative exfoliation brush. 2 beauty treatments in 1 device – for incomparable smoothness and radiance of the skin, which can not be overlooked.

Box looks quite comprehensive, is not small in size, decorated beautifully and efficiently, but keep all the content along with attachments in a wonderful and convenient little pouch is also included in the total package. On the outside pictured the epilator, and several nozzles. All content presented on the side of the packaging shows all the attachments that are included.

The appliance is stored in a functional cover on the magnet, with two compartments. I’ll try to tell about each instrument separately:1) cleaning Brush person Braun Silk-epil (Cleansing Brush for Face)

Wonderful device, which I do very often. Brush perfectly removes makeup and impurities from face, definitely better than manual cleansing. Helps make the skin smooth, pleasant to the touch, very clean and fresh, improves the regulation of blood, helps to avoid rashes and excessive redness. While he did not notice that the brush has removed blackheads, but it works positively, skin really became better, cleaner, without visible flaws, and even traces of acne is much less pronounced.

The skin is not irritating, does not injure, gently exfoliates dead cells and improves microcirculation of the skin, through massage microeconomi. I use only once a week with a light cleanser (more likely to resort to foam), the manufacturer also recommends to use not more than 1 time a week. The device is pleasant to hold in the hand, weight is not heavy, quality made with a comfortable handle.

I was pleased that the unit has two speeds of rotation,to regulate the force of impact on the skin on certain areas of the face, I use the minimum speed, since the maximum is causing some tingling sensitive skin. The brush also can be changed, it should be done every three months, runs on batteries (AA, AA, 2 PCs., included in the kit, which is a nice bonus).

Brush will be a unique gadget is especially for those girls who suffer from problem skin, rosacea, for those who are not desirable to any of the types of peels. The brush is very soft, gentle, absolutely not prickly to the touch, due to which has a gentle effect without damaging the skin. The speed should be increased on those areas of the skin where problems are expressed, and the more sensitive areas I try to reduce the speed of rotation.

Method of application is very simple and accessible, it is enough to moisten the brush under water (don’t worry, this is possible:), pour a few drops of gel or air foam in the middle of the bristles and turn on the device. Tool foam is much better, no bleeds, not flowing and not falling asleep, it forms a lush gentle lather and cleans the skin. Skin after this procedure, just perfectly clean, very soft, smooth, purified almost to a squeak.

After applying, I suggest, removing from personal experience, allow the bristles to dry, that is, for approximately half an hour, and then put the unit back into place. 2) the Braun Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa Wet and Dry Epilator)hair removal kit includes a few extra nozzles:— nozzle-cap for sensitive body areas (Sensitive Area Cap for the underarms and bikini— nozzle-cap for a point hair removal (Facial Cap) on the face

Epilator is simply WONDERFUL AND VERY high QUALITY, PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN! Sorry, I’m not so often resorted to the procedure for removing hairs on legs, but after he was able to adapt to this device, I can not imagine another method of removal. Before purchasing this appliance, I used a different, or rather not even used and tried to Use it, but nothing came out. Previous epilator is very painful affected the skin, leaving irritation and redness sensitive surface. This really was the solution, it removes the short hairs, and works even better than wax, the manufacturer tells us that the epilator provides smooth skin for up to 4 weeks, yet this result is not noticed.

I was pleased and pleasantly surprised by the built-in flashlight Smartlight — illumination for very thin hairs, so as not to miss them, really a godsend, really need detail. The epilator can be used in water (bathtub, shower), respectively, in dry form, there are two speed settings (high and low), the device is equipped with fast battery charger: 1 hour charge allows you to work 40 minutes with the device.

Well, appearance is just incredible, looks very nice, shines, sparkles with a small reflective particles (asterisks). Gadget really removes even the smallest hairs, but if you are not used to this kind of procedure, this stage will become your test, just need to wait and give the skin to get used to, but you should exercise a little patience. For me it is especially painful to remove the underarm area, as my skin is VERY sensitive, but since I gave the skin to really adjust, but now the process is not so scary.

I believe that this appliance can be used to work, not even looking at what some girls say that the pain from the epilator certainly not used to. Hairs grow back slower than if you resort to the razor. To experiment with the epilator in the bikini area I did not dare so objective opinions can not be expressed.

3) Brush for body scrub (Body Exfoliation Brush)the Bristles are dense, interesting shapes, have a high density, which gently remove dead cells and stimulate the regeneration of young or Mature skin. you can also use in dry and wet method, has more than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute, allowing you to scrub the skin much more effectively than if you do it manually.

Unique brush really just very cool and, in my opinion, even better than the first. It has scrubbing effects, nicely moisturizes, cleanses the skin of the face or body. And, honestly, I began to notice that the black spots on the face became much smaller. I do not advise you to use a large number of bright(in color) or oil, as the bristles may become contaminated and be difficult to clean.

Forgot to mention that the kit includes detailed instructions and visuals so you can understand a person of any age, even those not practically versed in technology matters.In the end, I can say that the whole set is really multi-functional, high-quality, unique, has a lot of interesting tips, information, latest technologies. However, this kit should be every girl! If anyone is interested, my review is about: Braun Epilator SE 820 Face 2-in-1 deep cleansing of the pores and precise hair removal.Thank you for your attention.

The Braun company offers users to check out 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa. The features of 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Braun 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa. Buy Braun 7931 Silk-epil 7 SkinSpa with benefits.
Nozzle massager, exfoliation, nozzle-limiter
Included cleaning brush
General characteristics
Type epilator
Power battery
Battery time of Autonomous work is 40 min, charging time 1 h
Backlight Yes
Number of speeds 2
Material tweezers metal
Number of tweezers 40
The epilating head floating, with the possibility of flushing
The use with application of foam Yes
Minimum hair length for epilation 0.5 mm
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