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6 kg
Bag platform
Embroidery unit
Needle threader
Compartment for accessories
6 kg
Bag platform:
Embroidery unit:
Needle threader:
Compartment for accessories:


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 24, 2015


It’s been exactly three years, as my “brother”. I never sat in any other car (shame on me!) but over time our friendship had a lot to understand, a lot to learn and now declare with confidence that… second time buying this model will not!Strangely, perhaps, is to read the review on 4 out of 5 stars, right? But it’s not a mistake and now I will explain everything in detail.

So, sewing machine Brother Comfort 25A at the moment is about$ 170 and is highly dependent on where you buy them. ~ Equipment ~For uplachennoy money we get 25 sewing plus piece of additional bonuses in the form of a standard package of extra feet, needles, small screw driver (completely unhelpful, by the way – the screw on the foot is better measured by conventional coin), darning plate and soft sheath, where all of this stuff ought to fold.

Also included is a soft case for most sewing machines, but he is so pathetic, from the first days of use I want to save the poor from suffering and to send to the trash. Even with the basic task to protect the mechanism from dust, this oilcloth trapcode fails, because the creators used a brilliant design – cut under the handle.

Speaking of the handle! It is no less brilliant, as, holding her with one hand, hold the machine in a stable position is simply impossible – it inevitably tilts and tries to fall. So, in case you need frequent transportation from place to place, you have to use the original box or carry favorite unit in his arms, gently close to your heart with both hands.

To revive the machine makes the pedal, to look undignified (plastic looks cheap) and too easy, but get used to it easily.

~ Main features and pitfalls ~the biggest pitfall lies precisely in those “25 sewing operations. First, look carefully at the diagram:

Lines 4 and 5, 7, and 8, 16, and 17, 19 and 20 are mirror images of each other and the functional value depends only on which side of the foot, we “plant” fabric. For example, if the product is large, this side the default left-to-right, and if sheathed with something small, we can use both sides. As for me, half of these mirror lines can be removed, eventually get the equilibrium 21 sewing operation is 25. Besides, most of these stitches are purely decorative in nature and even if the sewing machine is purchased with the aim tirelessly to sew clothes for the whole family, use them often do not have the necessary load easily take on only two lines: straight and zigzag, but the inflorescence emerge loop in this case will be useful, but not much more. Even the so-called line of “serger” in fact, only an imitation of overlock stitching, which with great success substitutes all the same zigzag. Another big minus – is more difficult than the visual line, the longer the machine does it. And the more product, the less willing the line to use. On account of the buttonhole-loops – conveniently, this function is fully automated and allows you to quickly get a loop of the desired size in one step. But! To perform a satisfactory loop the first time is very difficult, have to spoil a lot of samples before you will be able to achieve a decent result. And settings in this case, the two – stitch length (F 1.5) and the screw fine tuning on the front panel of the machine (but about setting the thread tension should not be forgotten, for a total of three settings). The truth is, no matter how much I tried, loops “like the picture” I never came out – one side of the loop is always at least a little bit, but differed from another.

All settings are clear and intuitive. On the top photo: a smaller diameter handle (I have it, by the way, very tight turns, the defect of it in my cars allows you to choose the right place, focusing on the number on the front panel. The large knob allows you to choose the stitch length (0-4) and switch on the lines 14-25, setting the position of the mark SS (Yes, the length for these lines we choose will not be able, they “Packed” automatically).Lower photo: the left wheel – adjusting thread tension (0-9), right – stitch width (0-5).

To fill the bobbin and needle is a pleasure – quick and easy, there is a device threading (a real salvation for lazy me), the machine is picture tips, when suddenly someone will be forgotten.

Socket to remove, if you need to hem the sleeve or pants leg. Often have to hem jeans so that came in handy more than once.

At the expense of noise – the machine is not quiet, when a sleeping person in the same room to use it will not be solved. When you run a complex of lines, the fingers feel a vibration. Thick seams takes with difficulty, begins to knock and stuck. As mentioned earlier, hemming jeans on the machine, but the cross seams have to drop the speed to a minimum, and then rotate the flywheel by hand, which is not very happy.

~ Additional features ~1. The possibility of the twin needle sewing. Allows you to get more interesting patterns. For those who are still interested in decorative lines, this function will be doubly useful. 2. Sewing buttons. Loved, sewn quickly and accurately. The only negative – will only fit flat buttons with two holes (can be four, but you have to rotate them manually and re-aim the needle).3. Embroidery. A very dreary affair, was abandoned after two attempts. You will need a lot of practice in precise and smooth movements, before you can anything sensible to embroider.4. Stitch. The possibility is very interesting, I advise you to search the Internet for “machine quilting” or “free-running stitch”, you will find many interesting things. Full implementation of the stitches need special foot, but I tried without it – somehow something turns out, you need to choose the right materials… And again – it’s all practice and acquired skills, as a temporary entertainment quickly bored. In the end, for all three years of operation, I just first time “played” with all the features of the cars, trying to apply them where possible and impossible… and all they gave me was not useful. And again: hi, straight stitch and zigzag! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~I would also like to note that a sewing machine Brother Comfort 25A is equipped with an ingenious inherently manual. Not even turned the language to call it that, it is rather the Bible a beginner seamstress. In addition to the standard instructions, then you can see suggestions about setting up cars for specific purposes, tips on selecting yarn and needles and the most interesting – a detailed description of the use of each line and all in step-by-step kartinochku, so wonderfully decorated!.. 🙂 Still never really not using the machine, I was sitting with my mouth open, reading guide: “this is how much it can do!!!”. Yes, the creators of this miracle have tried 100%, to convince the consumer that they are buying a universal megapoles thing! That’s only in use by the average user all of these features are, to put it mildly, useless. But you can decide for yourself, for reference, I photographed some of the pages (they will be at the bottom of the review), the full version can be easily found on the Internet. ~ Small pin ~on the whole machine it is a kind of CIT-the seamstress: good-looking appearance, there is variety in the lines and settings, but to sew her something serious desire does not arise – can begin to act up, to knock, to scribble on. No adjustment of pressure foot on the fabric, thin fabric can zazhevyvaya, to work with them uncomfortable. For a beginner I would suggest that instead of Comfort 25A (and generally do not have Brother, now do not particularly favor this firm) to take the simplest model, and then when you gain more experience and understanding of the needs, to choose the instance with the appropriate functions, if at all there is a desire. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks to all who looked! I hope the review was helpful! ♥ ♥ ♥

Advantages:automatic inflorescence emerge loops, the range of options, detailed manual, easy to use device threading

The Brother company offers users to check out Comfort 25A. The features of Comfort 25A, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left Comfort 25A reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Brother Comfort 25A. Buy Brother Comfort 25A with benefits.
Case soft
Weight 6 kg
Display No
Bag platform Yes
Embroidery unit No
Needle threader Yes
Compartment for accessories Yes
Additional information adjusting the tension of the upper thread, fast bobbin winding, double-needle stitching
Legs for sewing the zipper
Sewing operations
Lines overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
The maximum stitch width 5 mm
The execution of the loop machine
The number of sewing operations 25
General characteristics
Lighting Yes
Control type Electromechanical
Reverse button Yes
Speed control sewing smooth
Disabling feeder fabric Yes
System for measuring the size of the buttons Yes
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