Brother SM-340E

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Bag platform
Embroidery unit
Needle threader
Compartment for accessories
Switch the needle position (top/bottom)
Automatic needle stop in the upper position
Bag platform:
Embroidery unit:
Needle threader:
Compartment for accessories:
Switch the needle position (top/bottom):
Automatic needle stop in the upper position:


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 24, 2014


This model on Yandex market on the most popular and I’m a long time choosing a machine,all the same stopped the choice on this model.No wonder so many people chose it. I bought it on the website 96. for the lowest price 8290,free delivery by a courier up to the apartment. Price 8300-perfect for this model,for 9-11tys can already choose the machine with the big bloat. My review will have more bias in technical characteristics and equipment,the thrill of the cars,but will try to make it most complete. Because the choice of cars I had a lot of questions,because not found worthy of reviews,all write only what she is assistant and what she’s quirky and all. Made in China,but the consultant in clothing store convinced me that the build quality is exactly the same,whether you are Thai,Chinese,Vietnamese or other machine.

Equipment is really amazing:7 presser feet: buttonhole loops,overcasting foot,cording embroidery monograms,foot for sewing zippers presser foot for zigzag sewing foot blind stitch foot for sewing buttons. 4 bobbins;seam Ripper,convenient and compact;6 needles: one 75/11 for fine fabrics, three fabrics 90/14 for average thickness, one 100/16 for heavy fabrics and one double needle;brush for cleaning;rod to the second coil;a screwdriver to change the needle. All of the above items are stored in a convenient white rubber cover case compartment for storage of accessories.

pedal,big wide and comfortable;the power cord;

soft case,made of thin rubber, probably with a handy pocket in front;

well, very intuitive user guide with pictures and detailed explanations,not just get lost,a real help for the beginner, 2 discs-one with the instruction,the second to models from brother;and of course the typewriter!!!Go over the features:40 different lines if you plan it only to sew,that is the optimal number of lines, I would like more,but I do not think that when they would. All you need is here. 5 overcasting stitches, 3 easy, 2 blind stitch,7 stitches for serging loops,one for sewing zippers,elastic 2 lines,6 for applications,wystepowanie, 2 amplifier,13 decorative.

maximum stitch length 5mm, width 7mm;weighs 5-6kg,easy,and at higher speeds, no jumping on the table,stands confidently. Is the back comfortable carrying handle;cord length of power 2m,it is enough to reach to the nearest outlet;works only from the pedal,but to me it’s like the opposite,the pedal released and the machine stopped,the hands are always free;speed control is smooth from the pedal, that is enough. Absolutely do not need any special button on the machine. A little harder pressed,the machine went faster to sew. With a little pedal, she’s lagging,even though I’m a beginner,but I have no patience for it;there is a regulator thread tension,a very handy thing when I first sat down to sew it was chaiwala fabric,twisted the knob and everything was fine,but on the delicate tissues on the contrary increased,then sew better;on the panel except the buttons to choose stitches,width and length of the stitch there is only one button, “reverse/docking,when one-time pressing it makes one stitch back. On another model there is another button “start/stop” positioning of the needle and the speed controller,but I’d hardly touched,no need to these buttons;detachable compartment is very convenient for sewing sleeves,nothing gets in the way. You can safely put the sleeve on the typewriter and scribbling in a circle. Compartment is stored in the case of accessories, they’re perfectly placed,but no more. Compartment little. In janome I like that the top has a compartment where all the accessories are in place,and here they lie a lot in case.

on this model there is a “fast fill bottom thread”, also a very handy feature,no need to pull with the upper thread lower,it will automatically be released when sewing.

there is also threading the upper thread,it is convenient for people who can’t see the hole in the needle,for me this function is not needed,I find it easier to get directly to the ear,than to lead a thread through a bunch of hooks,then through the eyelet out of the loop and to pull the thread.I tried it once according to instructions,and for the second time already forgot how to do it.sews double needle;smart,pervosti in the hurry I forgot to lower the presser foot,so it gave an error and didn’t give sewing. In General, the machine itself will tell and you will never make a mistake. Also there is a necessary clues on the display when you select a specific stitching machine itself dictates what the required foot,and each foot has a letter-so can’t go wrong.

quiet. I have long tormented by this question. Was quiet,especially at low speeds and medium speeds,when the speed is very high of course noisy. In the video somehow turned out noisier than in real life. What I found flaws:

these two gray arm painfully flimsy to the touch. A lot of plastic,although this disadvantage applies TO ALL modern cars,have all now the entire body is made of plastic. Well, the bulb I wanted brighter and that the light was more scattered. This light bulb as an auxiliary is in the General light. A little knocking when fast sew and the needle enters the seal in the tissue,for example, if there sewn in several layers gum. Just reduce the speed on such places. Feels machine sure does not look that it is possible to work in the Studio,although the reviews I read,I work 6 layers sewn jeans,though I doubt it. Well, not it looks like that. It sews great,but until I tried it just for the light,medium tissues. All can be adjusted to adjust to any fabric. If the machine is hard to sew certain places on the fabric,help,manually scrolling through the flywheel,make a few stitches. In General, this model is a good ratio of price and quality. Most importantly pick the right needle and thread,take care of her and she will serve you faithfully for long years!!!

Overall rating 3.00 stars
August 16, 2015


We decided to buy this vaunted beauty, and almost immediately the problems began. But first the pros-a lot of lines, fill just, good lighting, needle threader, large and really comfortable pedal. That’s all folks.

Lines lot, you can choose for any occasion.The first thing I decided to do abstract kitchen towels and decorate with embroidery (fabric-fine linen), and on the second towel went to some terrible knock and confused thread. Pulled, cleaned within sight no threads left. Continue sewing-winding the line, adjust the tension, it’s useless, well, I think the thread is not good, changed-all the same. And sound again. Spat, retreating from the embroidery. Then trimmed plaid velsoft, torment, adjustable thread tension, continuously looped. Then sewed from a cotton fabric (waffle towels), in the middle of work again, terrible knock and gives an error E6-tangled thread, the engine is locked. Again, all cleared, although no threads are found entangled, then sew in a few stitches again, all the same. On-off helped on a few stitches, and again, block and error. Patience is exhausted, abandoned sewing, tomorrow I will call the master, well, the warranty yet.If this goes on, no pleasure from sewing, and confused too. Very disappointing, I paid almost 14 Grand for it, and to use it in any way. Not always the same they only make the finest silk. And Yes, the plastic looks very flimsy that the levers raise the legs and nicodemites that the bobbin case cap. Thin, the feeling, that and look will break. After my old Podolsk, with its metal and solidity is quite scary to touch). Awkward to put the thread – on my own side would be much easier in my opinion. Nettodental then just salvation. Although, a very small gap between the foot holder and the needle, once severely scratched finger, when stretched thread, now I use a pair of eyebrow tweezers or a pin) And quite a bit of distance between the top and bottom of the panel, to my unmusical hands and fingers really closely, and if fabric a lot-very uncomfortable. So, advise not going, like and not bad, but a lot of flaws, and the main – kind of the fragility and unreliability in everything. Let’s see what will tell the master…by the Way, the screwdriver kit is only suitable for changing needle, to remove the metal panel under the foot it not an assistant, too long, so I used the 5-penny coin.

Just a screwdriver to fit the screw

Better native screwdrivers normal coin.

Continued. Without wizard)) Today with a clear head and calm sat down again behind the typewriter, and empirically figured out that a bent needle. Just decided to flash to 00 position, where the needle goes from the edge before sewed on 01, where the needle goes in the middle hole in the foot, and immediately noticed that the needle clings to the mechanism of movement of the fabric. Perhaps, yesterday it was the car and not liked it, although at trial the soft tissue line 01 her sewing with a bent needle, and fabric harder to start fortest. Replaced the needle (the good, the kit was another one the same), the error disappeared and the machine began to sew. But today worked for minimum speed, adapt to the pedal and watched as the car will behave))) So, who already bought, keep in mind, the error E6 does not always mean the jam thread)) Continue. A couple of months later to the master’s still got… a Knock when sewing was amplified each time, went all to the master. No fault is found, oiled the mechanism , guide the needle. Knock is not gone, but became quiet. Master said that these machines are so loud punch fabric, thick fabrics and many layers they are not designed…So be prepared that if you do not sew the tulle, then a knock is likely to be, and very unpleasant…Continued 2 something still wrong with her needle fly only way, in less than a year, already five pieces had been changed, bent, and sewn, although not so much.

Advantages:great pedal, nice lines, a lot of legs in the kit, a lot of operations, the backlight is good

The Brother company offers users to check out SM-340E. The features of SM-340E, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SM-340E reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Brother SM-340E. Buy Brother SM-340E with benefits.
Display Yes
Bag platform Yes
Embroidery unit No
Needle threader Yes
Compartment for accessories Yes
Switch the needle position (top/bottom) Yes
Automatic needle stop in the upper position Yes
Additional information double-needle stitching; dual led light bulb
Legs for sewing the zipper, overlock, hemming foot for sewing on buttons
Sewing operations
Lines overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret
Maximum stitch length 5 mm
The maximum stitch width 7 mm
The execution of the loop automatic, 7 kinds of loops
The number of sewing operations 40
General characteristics
Lighting Yes
Control type electronic
Reverse button Yes
Speed control sewing smooth
Disabling feeder fabric Yes
System for measuring the size of the buttons Yes
Pressure adjustment the presser foot on the fabric Yes
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